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summary Progeny (The Children of the White Lions, #1) , series Progeny (The Children of the White Lions, #1) , book Progeny (The Children of the White Lions, #1) , pdf Progeny (The Children of the White Lions, #1) , Progeny (The Children of the White Lions, #1) ccae182430 Nikalys And His Sister Kenders Grew Up Living A Peaceful Life In The Quiet Farming Village Of Yellow Mud Until The Blistering Hot Day When They Go To The Nearby Lake For A Swim When They Reach The Lake, They Spy An Unknown Mage Conjure A Massive Water Creature Hundreds Of Feet Tall They Watch In Horror As The Water Creature Plunges Toward Their Home, Apparently Drowning All In Its Path, Including Their Parents And Older Brother, JakAs The Only Survivors, Brother And Sister Strike Out On Their Own, Hoping To Discover The Reason Their Home And Family Was Destroyed They Must Make Their Way Through A Countryside Where Magic Is Outlawed, Punishable By Imprisonment Or Even Death While Struggling With The Revelation That Kenders Has Magical Abilities HerselfAlthough Kenders Can Feel And Touch The Many Colored Strands Of Magic She Has No Idea How To Use Them Until She And Nikalys Are Attacked By A Pack Of Wolves And Kenders Instinctively Summons A Bolt Of Lightning, Immediately Collapsing When The Effort Drains Her Of All Her Energy From Nowhere A Giant Lynx Appears And Saves The Pair From Certain Death And Then Miraculously Morphs Into His Natural Self, A Seven Foot Tall Man The Shape Changer S Name Is Broedi And When The Time Is Right, He Reveals To The Siblings That He Is One Of The Original White Lions And He Recites To Them An Ancient Prophecy That Tells Of The Coming Of A New And Even Terrible War Than The One Centuries Ago The Evil Gods Of Chaos, Strife, And Sorrow And Pain Would Combine Efforts To Unite The Orcs, Gnolls And Razorfiends Normally Sworn Enemies The Forces Of Good Would Be Led By Two Children Of Other White Lions Those Children Are Nikalys And Kenders, The ProgenyAs Brother And Sister Struggle With The Revelation That The Only Parents They Could Remember Were Not Their Birth Parents, Some Of The Gods And Goddesses Were Busy Setting Other Events In Motion Others People Strangers At First Would Gather And Become Allies Of The Progeny Together, They Were About To Be Caught Up In The Greatest Conflict The World Had Ever SeenAncient, Powerful Forces Still Seek The Progeny On Their Travels, Some Intent To Eliminate The Threat They Pose, Some Hoping To Help Them Fulfill A Destiny Of Which They Are Unaware Myths And Legends Come To Life, Whisking The Pair Along A Journey They Never Could Have Imagined Possible

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    Progeny by R.T Kaelin Synopsis from the back cover Nikalys and his sister Kenders grew up living a peaceful life in the quiet farming village of Yellow Mud until one blistering hot summer day when they went to the nearby lake for a swim When they reached the lake, they saw and unknown mage conjure a massive water creature hundreds of feet tall They watched in horror as the monstrous creation plunged toward their home, apparently drowning all in its path, including their parents and older brother, Jak As the only survivors, brother and sister strike out on their own, hoping to discover the reason their home and family was destroyed They must make their way through a countryside where magic is outlawed, punishable by imprisonment or even death, while struggling with the revelation that Kenders has magical abilities herself Ancient, powerful forces seek them on their travels some intending to eliminate the threat they pose, and some hoping to help them fulfill a destiny of which they are unaware Myths and Legends come to life, whisking the pair along a journey they never could have imagined possible This book was the hardest book I have ever read Not in the good way either You may have read my review for Allon by Shawn Lamb, I mentioned that it had a unique style that would be most appreciated by experienced readers This is totally different To be blunt, this was a major waste of my time Tons of reviewers have given it good reviews haven t seen one below five stars yet I don t see where they get almost as good as the Chronicles of Narnia I suppose it s all up to opinion The syntax was muddled, and the content was constantly redundant I would sometimes have to re read ENTIRE paragraphs to understand what was going on Or, one of my favorite mishaps was learning that after four pages that the view had switched to a completely new character in a completely different place I almost felt physically exhausted after reading it I would stop after about twenty pages and do something else within the course of one hundred pages, I read four other books , it was sucking the energy right out of me I really do not like being a negative person, but I couldn t find anything positive Cussing was a medium amount and I would definitely not recommend this book After reading the book, I read the back synopsis and realized there are five grammatical errors, I corrected them in this review.

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    Bought the book on my nook app on IPadfelt like I couldn t put the book down, had free time at work and then the next morning almost read the book..yes.all 747 pages that were in it, in less then 13 hours.Not entirely sure what people were talking about that gave the book low ratings, thought the chapters were well thought out and hardly noticed any errors in the book, and IMO I m glad the book was longer.lately, I ve been disappointed with books that are to short to fill in all the gaps in a storyHere s to hoping the story continues with another great book soon

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    This book knocked my socks off I highly recommend it this review is also on my blog.The cover on this symbolizes the essence of the story, the White Lions, a select few originally chosen by the gods to defend and maintain balance, fighting evil in its many guises, including those that incarnate e.g God of Deception , among many From the first chapter I was completely hooked I was drawn into a community where magic is outlawed, and had just met Nikalys and his sister Kenders, before being immersed into an utterly devastating event for their community, which sees their village being destroyed and the probability of their family having died as a result Nikalys and Kenders are hurtled into an unknown fate, as they put distance between themselves and the incredibly powerful but outlawed magic which they were the witnesses and survivors of.This novel is a fantasy about family, legacies, strengths, coming of age and also magical powers the strands Anyone who enjoys adventure stories or magical and paranormal I would suggest you give this a try For me, Progeny is in league with both The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings and far better than Harry Potter Progeny has a wealth of depth to it that I haven t seen in many books.Progeny has many layers of stories within its pages, and I found it totally awe inspiring as a read, with each character that is developed really coming to life and adding weight to the story telling It s hard for me to pick a favorite character to be honest, as they were all of a fantastic quality We get to see flaws, weaknesses and the loathsomeness in the most evil characters of the plot The Sun Elf is exceptionally evil and self centered, leaving both chaos and death in his wake, I loved some of his creations which added to his dastardly deeds Broedi is a strong, relaxed and fairly easy going character who oozes control with a mindset of a protector and true friend Nundle the Halfling is a joy to read about I loved the way a character of such small stature could make such a big difference not only do we get to see him as he rises from being under the thumb of a horrible teacher, we see him in a setting which he deserves to be part of with his magical talents The progressions of both Nikalys and Kenders if fascinating, alongside that of their friends.There s also a wealth of villages and backdrops which characters are either from, pass through or end up at, all of which have their own story which we also see and become part of as the story continues Progeny is well paced, and seamlessly weaves lots of stories and characters without effort or flaw My favorite quote from Progeny I feel like an arrow For thirty six years, I remained inside a quiver Now suddenly, I ve been shot and am flying through the air, trying to glimpse and grasp everything as it all rushes past I thoroughly enjoyed the build up to the last couple of chapters We are left knowing that there is to come, so I hope Sabine makes her mind up, and that it s clarified in the next book if Eliza and Aryn Atticus are no longer living this was hinted at, but not confirmed I loved the idea of the gods aiding and making pacts behind closed doors on either sides, and I also loved the use of the strands the use of magicfor me reminiscent of a dvd which I adore for its use of T ai Chi energy working The Last Airbender.For all of its 650 pages, Progeny is the biggest book I ve read for a while however it is also substantial in content and storyline I ve enjoyed it immensely from start to finish and am really looking forward to whatever happens next it s sure to be good after the high bar R.T Kaelin has made with Progeny A highly recommended read, this is a great story of epic proportions, which I would love to see this as a film My only question now iswhen can we expect the next one

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    What in the Nine Hells made me check out this book, after I groaned out loud when I read the mechanical plot synopsis on the back This was like a DD campaign turned into a book That is not a compliment.The story itself was a bit too generic and formulaic, like one gigantic stereotype if you read about it in any other fantasy fiction book ever, you ll read it here too , and the plot was extremely predictable The one unique element I enjoyed was the weaving of the strands and the history surrounding the magic That was the only time I felt like the author wasn t plagiarizing from the genre, and I felt his own voice come through He has the beginnings of a great storyteller if he could only stray a little from the cliches of this genre The writing was a bit weak as well I didn t want to be overwhelmed in grandiloquent flowery prose, but 658 pages of matter of fact straightforward descriptions of fantastic places made the writing flat and dry I didn t feel the awe or grandeur, because simply stating, His face was full of awe does little to translate that awe to the reader.The repetition of What in the Nine Hells got really old, really fast Yes, I get it There is a different theism here Nearly every character thought or spoke the above when startled It was like reading a book where the characters are constantly saying, OMG WTF dude That repetition also assisted in making the already bland stereotypical characters bleed together and overlap Even the main characters were remarkably interchangeable, as their purported quirks really didn t manifest themselves frequently, in spite of the author s constant way of trying to point it out through remarks from the Hillman She s so rash, just like her mother , in reaction to something I would barely call rash The character dialogue seemed so manufactured and contrived, lacking aspect or flavor, and revealed how little character they actually had with the exception of Nundle Even the foremost villain, Jhaell, was incredibly static and lacked any believable dimension He was such a generic bad guy Here is an excerpt to demonstrate what I mean He had only observed the village for part of the morning, but what he had seen disgusted him The lessers here had happily gone about their daily lives, working hard to tend the land around them They seemed strangely content with what little they had It had sickened Jhaell The main villain simply hated happiness, because he was THAT evil you can t see it, but I m rolling my eyes.You can probably imagine what the heroes of the story were like.Simply put, the characters were BORING I was really hoping the actual storytelling would redeem the book, but the writing was so conventional and ordinary I actually caught several writing errors mostly in the form of omitted words You know a story is dull when you catch yourself proof reading.The story was so intentionally truncated at the end, and that last battle was merely a speed bump in the road that we traveled hundreds of miles to get to, at 2 mph, thinking it was going to be some cosmic fate altering ordeal Predictably, the author is planning on writing a series, so not only did I trudge through 658 pages of mechanical writing and tired plot devices, but I also don t have the satisfaction of getting to the real ending The reason I gave this book 2 stars instead of 1 is because I did feel compelled enough to FINISH reading the book, so there must have been something in the writing or the story that drew me in, even if it was only false hope.

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    Original review posted here.I don t normally read and review self published books, but when Mr Kaelin contacted me with the pitch for Progeny and after seeing numerous five star reviews and a few one star I decided to give this one a go My package arrived complete with Progeny bookmark and business cards and a bright, shiny, HUGE book.Overall, I was not disappointed by Progeny On a scale of 1 5 I d give it a solid 3 1 2 stars There were things that needed fixing, but there were some masterful parts of the story as well and, let s face it, it s hard work writing a high fantasy novel the size and length of this one.In a way, Kaelin s magic system reminded me of Brandon Sanderson It was thrilling, unique and very interesting and came across as well thought out A thorough explanation provided in the story, as well as an Appendix, helped with grasping its intricacies as well as made certain parts of the story even astounding I think that the magic system was the best part of this book and will be enough to keep me reading to see if Kaelin has made improvements to the style of the story in Book 2.So what needed improvements The length It was much too long, and much of that was travel time, endless repeating of the background of the characters we know most of it, we don t need to hear it retold , some editing errors here and there pg 627, second to last paragraph for example , and the pace was just too slow It is possible to give the illusion of time passing without spelling out the endless meals, talks and flirting of the characters with one another I felt as if there was this huge story just simmering beneath, this massive conflict, but the book gave me 500 pages of set up with very little actual action that fit with the storyline.And I don t even want to talk about the history that came with the introduction of the character Nundle whom I loved, the history lesson. I did not That soon into the story, when the reader is so overwhelmed with everything, it just induces yawns and made me want to skip over the whole thing.But I did love the characters I found Nundle to be perfectly cast, given that he s a halfling I found Broedi to be intimidating and comforting at the same time I m harboring a bit of a crush on Sargeant Trell, and I loved seeing Zecus come into his own Sabine was a bit of an annoying distraction, I have to admit, but the addition of Helene made for some great comedic moments.And most of all, the siblings I found the bond between Jak, Nik and Kenders to be tightly woven and I admit to even shedding a tear now and then when circumstances and fate seemed to want to play with them than was necessary.Overall, Progeny is a promising beginning for R.T Kaelin, and I ll be looking for his second book, with the hopes that some of the things I ve talked about here will be addressed I m sure he s heard them from than me and as this was his first venture, it shows great promise

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    I first heard about this book when it was listed as a first reads giveaway As an avid devourer of fantasy books I signed up to win and didn t think much of it beyond that I was surprised when the author contacted me a few days later and invited me to join a sub forumn about the group where we could ask questions and discuss the book I could tell that this was an autor who was passionate about his story and wanted it to succeed This piqued my curiosity and I went and read the intro to the story I could tell then that he author had good reason to be enthusiastic, this was not your run of the mill fantasy I crossed my fingers to win a first reads copy but knew that if I didn t, I would purchase one on my own, which I ended up doing.The world presented in Progeny is an evocative mix of the normal and the supernatural I found myself easily slipping into the world and capable of seeing it as they did The settings are imaginative yet grounded in the possible The people of this world are people instead of falling into racial stereotypes The characters are visibly but not fatally flawed in a good way , giving them depth and evoking emotion All this combines to present a recognizable world in an extraordinary setting.A couple of the things I like most in the book are the magic system and the sense of history The magic is understandable but also invisible You see people using it but your imagination must fill in the details While parts of the language may remind of other books, the use is obviously original The history and interplay between nationalities and nations is also rich and well executed Part of me can t decide wether I would rather see the next book or a prequel The sense of history is not only apparent in exposition but also in the settings and interplay The book is well written The first couple of chapters are the roughest but then it falls into an easy rythem It was a pleasure to read I won t give any spoilers here but he plot does twist at times The development of the characters is obvious and real as are their relationships I hope we do not need to wait long to see another installment in this series.

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    This book was filled with three dimensional characters there are no perfect good guys or one dimensional bad guys, just people with strengths and flaws like any person you would meet on the street Over the course of the book, they started to feel like friends The world felt similarly real too The history of the world could be seen in the current political climate and events The system of magic was original and well thought out.Add to that a plot that sucks you in and keeps you reading far into the night, and you have a book that is a real pleasure to read.I m already looking forward to the next installment in the story of the Progeny and their friends and family.

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    Reading the book reminded me of Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time books in the fact that it was a large world, there were similar, but different races, and it wasn t a simple hack and slash novel, but rather an interesting story line There were certain events in the book that were predictable, and others that I hadn t expected I really found how magic worked in Progeny to be different but interesting I found the reading to be easy, it flowed well, and kept my attention There are few authors who will eat up the majority of my time 15 minute break at work, while waiting in line at the store, etc , and R.T Kaelin is one of them.

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    Without a doubt, R T Kaelin s Progeny goes on my list of high fantasy to be re read With the number of books currently competing for my attention, that is saying a lot.At first glance, it seems that Kaelin has written a formulaic quest type fantasy story He has elves, mages, orcs and Halflings, a sword and magic I ve seen all of these elements appear in stories before The thing is, I still read many of them, because I m always looking for one thing I want above all else when I read fantasy That one thing is story and without a doubt, Kaelin delivers.Teenagers Nikalys and his sister Kenders live in a country where magic is outlawed and viewed as something to be feared When they witness an act of magic that ultimately destroys their tiny village, along with their parents and all the people they know and love, they are forced to leave the only home they ve ever known Along with their older brother Jak, they undertake a journey that begins with the intention of finding the elf responsible for the destruction of their home Meetings with several different persons, almost from the start cause Nikalys and Kenders to find out about a destiny that had been hidden from them Much is at stake than they could ever have believed Progeny is the story of the first step to them becoming who they were meant to be.Let me backtrack a little however I have actually read two different versions of this book The first version which I received from the author was longer, but had fewer chapters There was setup before the action, and a somewhat slower pacing The second version I read is the one that s now available for purchase It has an entirely different prologue, almost twice as many chapters but is actually a shorter book I was so impressed with the level of storytelling in the original version that I simply had to have the new version, even if it meant that I was basically reading the same book again I wanted not only to see what had changed, but to know whether Kaelin actually did a better job on the story than the first time around The changes made the story move along much quickly The shorter chapters in particular added a welcome level of tension that resulted in a tighter, exciting book.I became quickly caught up in the characters lives not only Nikalys and Kenders, but also Broedi, Zecus and especially Nundle and with each page, wanted to know what was happening with them next By the ending, I was satisfied with where the story had gone and how the first level of resolution had taken place This is an excellent fantasy that you will find yourself wanting to share when you re done Like me, I think you ll be anxiously awaiting the second book in the series In the meantime, however, Kaelin also has a series of four collections of short stories which expand on the world created in Progeny These are also an excellent read, and helped feed the addiction just a little.

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    Source Received from author Many thanks goes to R.T Kaelin for sending me a copy of his book for review I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review My rating 5 5 Nikalys and Kenders have a monumental destiny thrust on them when they find themselves watching a water monster, created by magic, ravage and destroy their small town With everyone and everything they had ever known wiped out on one sunny, hazy afternoon, they are left desperate and alone Past consoling, they move on, as they try to figure out why this happened, and how they can avenge the deaths of so many innocent people What they don t realize, is that this is the first step to unveiling their legacy, and destiny, and they will meet many who will stand with them, and partake of the journey ahead I don t think I can do this book justice Honestly, Progeny is right up my alley It is one of those reads that just sucked me in and wouldn t let me go Progeny is an exceptional read The characters are well defined, and I immediately found myself invested in their story Kenders, Nikalys, and Jak, as well as their parents are so approachable, and credible I found myself connecting to them almost immediately I rooted for them throughout the story, and hoped that things would turn out for them, even in the face of tragedy The world building is absolutely amazing, and from the beginning the read is intense We re thrown into a world where magic is outlawed and feared, yet it is still practiced behind closed doors Along the way we meet a host of colourful characters, including Broedi, and Nundle They all add to the read, as does the villainous Preceptor, Jhaell Myrr Fantasy is one of my favourite genres to read, and when it is done right, it will keep me coming back for Progeny is absolutely done right Between the world building, and the character building, I was thoroughly enthralled I found myself reading and re reading every page, devouring the words, all the while savouring them as I did not want to miss a single thing Even within reading the first few pages, I knew this one would be a favourite read and re read of mine It is an absolutely phenomenal, and prolific read I want the next book now R.T Kaelin has penned an exceptionally exquisite first novel, and I ll be waiting with bated breath for the rest of this series, as well as any of his future works not tied to the series All in all, this is certainly a read you will want to savour Between the characters, and the world enticing you in, you won t want to put Progeny down It has crossover appeal for both teens and adults alike Kaelin has a way with words that fully immerses the reader, demanding they invest themselves in the world he has created much like Terry Goodkind and Christopher Paolini It is such an explosively amazing book and has made my top reads list for 2011 with ease I ll be re visiting it shortly, because it is just that good.

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