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summary Queen of Dreams, series Queen of Dreams, book Queen of Dreams, pdf Queen of Dreams, Queen of Dreams 001c6b4850 From The Bestselling Author Of Sister Of My Heart Comes A Spellbinding Tale Of Mothers And Daughters, Love And Cultural Identity Rakhi, A Young Painter And Single Mother, Is Struggling To Come To Terms With Her Relationship With Ex Husband Sonny, A Hip Bay Area DJ, And With Her Dream Teller Mother, Who Has Rarely Spoken About Her Past Or Her Native India Rakhi Has Her Hands Full, Juggling A Creative Dry Spell, Raising Her Daughter, And Trying To Save The Berkeley Teahouse She And Her Best Friend Belle Own But Greater Challenges Are To Come When A National Tragedy Turns Her World Upside Down And Rakhi Needs Her Mother S Strength And Wisdom Than Ever, She Loses Her In A Freak Car Accident But Uncovering Her Mother S Dream Journals Allows Rakhi To Discover Her Mother S Long Kept Secrets And Sacrifices And Ultimately To Confront Her Fears, Forge A New Relationship With Her Father, And Revisit Sonny S Place In Her Heart

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    Queen of Dreams another mystical creation from the magical pen of Divakaruni infact her name itself holds the mysticism, secrets wonderful traditions of India She is definitely a mistress of story telling and weaves fantasy reality so beautifully that you seamlessly flow into the waves of the story She has in her earlier works touched various aspects on Indian fantasy tales weaved them into the so different American world How the magical power bearers come looking for a different world in America, trying to make a difference without giving up their heritage make their own space in the new America How they maintain the so called AUTHENTIC Indian image which attracts the Americans most of them being confused about their own backgrounds or of mixed races How these NRIs are trying to prove to half the world that they are Indians and the other half that they are Americans Also there are so many stories, books, movies, articles written on 2001 WTC debacle that it sounds clich , the discrimination suffered by the Asians in Americans after this incident has also become so repetitive that it does not awoke any sympathy or sadness but boredom.But the book missed something maybe it was that the pillars of the story the two central characters were a little weak, which is quiet strange because according to me, it is generally the strength of Divakaruni s writing.The character of Rakhi was not strong enough to hold the weight of the story She was fickle, negative spoil sport always bringing the dullness to the story She had nothing to boast off other than her good luck that she had such an interesting mother, lovable parents friends and an understanding patient husband Not once in the story I felt that she laughed openly or enjoyed anything She was always angry tortured without a reason, she never helped anyone or supported her own family Infact everything she ever did was fake even her painting, her tea shop, her married life or her motherhood as she wanted to be perfect as her mother or content like her husband but didn t know what she actually wanted Or was it her mother, we don t know her name, but she was a closed character her journals throw some light but seem to be designed by her to create her image rather than showing her true self For what she wanted to go to America, for what she fell in love with a man whom she shuns later, for what she never could be a true mother, for what she always closed her doors to real happiness, for the powers of the dream, the power with which she got to control other s lives though she says she wanted to help them That is why Rakhi turned out to be just like her incomplete selfish My favirite part from the book describin beautifully the art of stories story telling Each thinking of the story differently, as teller and listener always must In the mind of each, different images swirl up and fall away, and each holds on to a different part of the story, thinking it the most important And if each were to speak what it meant, they would say things so different you would not know it wa sthe same story they were speaking of Finally a word on Chitra she is a marvellous story teller with amazing creativity strong character sketches and she should continue to write her gems because we long to read them I have finished almost all her books and waiting to grab the copy of her latest release Thanks Chitra. though I just found this book ok sorts but I will always be a fan because you have given me some wonderful times, beautiful stories and such dreams that they all seem real.

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    Once again i have built a nonsense relation with a book, that usually ends up with returning the book to the shelf before even finished it.Reading the early pages of Queen of Dreams, led me to the nuance of the dim early morning light in Harafish, and the intangible mysery that filled the air like in Sister of My Heart It s the feeling that always come over me everytime i read Mahfouz or Divakaruni But even so, each of them has their own beauty A different beauty in each reading.By reading the poetry like sentences that spread already from the first pages, i d suspected that it would be another book i would failed to finished Another Angela s Ashes or even another Sister of My Heart Books i failed to finished on fear of facing the implicit mysery.But Queen of Dreams is beautiful indeed As i went throught the first pages, i can already sensed the sadness pricking, and it was not a usual sadness It was something complicated Something that has to do with being mentally isolated while physically obliged to fight the world, just like everyone else that passes the street every morning, hurried in their duty to survive and earn life And yet it described in a swifting, daydreaming like, sentence.From my first encounter with the character of Rakhi, i could already tell what i d find in the next pages of her narrative It was a narrative of confusement, weary, and uneasy feeling about life Actually it was quite nice, i mean, the narrative was telling about the gloomy situation, in a cynical yet cheerful and optimistic way, an angry to life perfectionist but lousy young mother way.Just..my way it is I started to mirrored my self in Rakhi and surprised of the emotion mix It s a surprise to find so many mixtures and opposite emotions It s a surprise to see how things going in wrong direction How my life__just realized this__is like a traffic jam where everything is standing on each other s way and demanding and attention It s a topsy turny life And yet i also found how funny it is You can only realize it after seeing it in somebody else s life It s like your life has been perfect all this time and there s nothing to be laughed at While actually there was.Your life has been somewhat confusing A person you used to believed and you have gave your life to turned out to be not so much as what it seemed The storm is coming The sky is falling Your life is failing Hands are around but no one seems to fit your need There was always something behind You can t feel your hand nor your feet They were always seem to move in directions that you never planned They seemed to be no longer your hand and feet They don t like you and they won t obey you They betray you Just like your faith did.And there it is That s what would happen when you lost your faith You lost everything.You feel numb Your life goes on but it s not a life you used to know Things are turning their back on you Your job is silly, and money is away You are on the road, on the bus, on the train, on your desk, with the computer, with the friends, with hundreds of people in bus station, but you are not a part of the world.There were always something you can t see There were always something beyond your comprehension And that makes you feel lonely Your daughter is the only thing that kept you from giving up.Reading the book to me was like talking to a good friend Sharing the same thing and knowing that it is okay to be stupid sometimes That it is okay to get angry to life sometimes And the most important thing is to stand up again and it is also okay to choose any way you like in doing that Be selfish when it comes to you and your daughter s life Let the world just watch.So again, i have to admit that this lady Divakaruni is a very smart, and deep hearted writer She talked about mother daughter relationship in a way that would surprise you Revealing things you didn t realize all this time in your mother daughter s life.I guess it has touched me that far because of the similarity But i m sure that only a deep hearted person can dig that deep too.

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    Chitra Banerjee s book ,Queen of the dreams is deeply unsettling..There are no other words to describe the eerie feeling that shrouds me after i finish the book..I got hooked on to her writing after Palace of Illusions and picked this one up by chance The themes might be different,but the writing style is just the same.The same flowery language and the poetic narration with rich visual imagery that i found in Palace of Illusions is there in Queen of Dreams.Rakhi is a single mother,a struggling artist and a cafe owner living in Northern California, trying to make sense of her life.She has ambivalent feelings about most people in her life ,especially her ex husband and her mother Her mother is a dream interpreter who interprets dreams for other people and helps them face their fears.To Rakhi, her mother is an enigma.She craves to know about her and be an interpreter like her mother,but fate has other plans Rakhi isn t given the gift of seeing people s dreams.Chitra brilliantly chronicles the angst ridden thoughts that plague Rakhi and surprises us with observations on human emotions.The narrative switches between Rakhi s point of view,a third person s point of view and the dream journals written by Rakhi s mother.Rakhi s life gets complicated with the arrival of a new cafe opposite their shop.The manager of the cafe is out to obliterate them..Her mother passes away in a freak accident and everything changes around her.How Rakhi,her father and her friends save the cafe and Rakhi comes to terms with her life and her dysfunctional relationships with her ex husband and her father forms the rest of the plot.The backdrop of September 11 attacks and the persecution of Sikhs and Indians that followed after the attacks have been used to weave the story.Of course,the book has a happy ending.But somehow as i finished the book, a sense of incompleteness lingered on There were so many questions that i didn t find answers to.Like the significance of dream time and why Rakhi s mother decided to die.Queen of Dreams is immigrant fiction at it s best and i loved the way Chitra has woven stories within the main story line Fables about dreams and Indian kings lend to the effectiveness of the book In fact,i thought that was the best part of the book.It gave an almost other worldly feel to the story.Nothing about the book is luke warm.It elicits a strong reaction.Also,the narrative serenades and takes it s sweet little time to build up to a crescendo.The pace is languorous at the best times and let s you savor the lovely words Chitra conjures up for you.Every single paragraph is lush with beautiful poetic words and similes and metaphors.You wouldn t want to finish the book fast.You would want to read and re read every line to derive sensory pleasure from the exercise.Plot wise i didn t think it was path breaking ,but the execution is so masterful that only someone as talented as Chitra Banerjee could have pulled it off with such a panache and flourish.A beautiful book that get a 3.5 5 from me.I am not giving it a 4 only because i found Palace of Illusions better and i had given a 4 for that book A must read for all Chitra ji s fans.

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    Selalu ada nuansa magis dalam cerita cerita Chitra, spesialis tema imigran India di Amerika Seolah melalui tulisannya, dia ingin memperlihatkan bahwa di tengah kemodernan Amerika yang serba individual dan terburu buru, ada sebuah oase berupa kenangan tentang India India yang bijak dan dewasa dalam kekunoannya, India yang berwarna warni, berbau tajam dan hiruk pikuk India yang dirindukan namun pada saat yang sama berusaha dilupakan.Kali ini dia berkisah tentang Rakhi, wanita muda keturunan India yang setengah mati berusaha memahami budaya leluhurnya, namun selalu terbentur oleh keengganan orangtuanya, terutama ibunya, untuk berbagi tentang masa lalu mereka di negara yang berjarak ribuan kilometer dari Amerika itu Ibu Rakhi adalah seorang penafsir mimpi, tugas yang begitu misterius dan memukau di mata Rakhi, tapi tidak pernah dia pahami sepenuhnya karena sang ibu menolak bercerita tentang hal itu, sampai akhir hayatnya Rakhi merasa tersisih dari kehidupan ibunya, yang sibuk menolong banyak orang menafsirkan mimpi mereka, namun tidak pernah benar benar hadir dalam hidup putrinya Rakhi tidak tahu bahwa sang ibu sebenarnya menyimpan kepahitan sendiri akan cintanya yang harus terbelah antara panggilan jiwa dan orang orang terkasih Yang paling kaucintai justru paling sedikit akan kautolong Kau akan dikalahkan oleh kesatuan darahmu hal 71 Kepergian ibunya yang mendadak membuat Rakhi marah kepada semua orang di dekatnya Kepada ayah yang dia anggap bertanggung jawab atas kepergian sang ibu, kepada Sonny, mantan suami yang dia anggap selalu berusaha membuat hidupnya menderita, bahkan kepada putrinya sendiri, Jona, yang dia anggap lebih memihak Sonny.Melalui jurnal ibunya yang ditemukan Rakhi beberapa waktu setelah ibunya meninggal, dia mulai memahami berbagai hal tentang wanita itu, tentang ayahnya yang seolah selalu berada di latar belakang, juga tentang dirinya sendiri yang selalu gelisah dan menyimpan kecewa serta dendam Alam semesta selalu mengirimkan pesan pesan Sulitnya, kebanyakan dari kita tidak tahu bagaimana membacanya hal 242 Kisah sang ibu saat dididik menjadi penafsir mimpi dalam gua gua tersembunyi di India mengingatkan saya pada kisah Tilo dalam novel Chitra sebelumnya, Penguasa Rempah Rempah, seorang wanita muda yang juga terpilih untuk menolong orang orang di sekitarnya, tapi melalui rempah rempah Seperti halnya, Tilo, ibu Rakhi juga melanggar peraturan para tetua karena dia memilih pergi meninggalkan saudari saudarinya sesama penafsir mimpi untuk menikah dengan pria yang dia cintai setelah hanya dia temui satu kali Bagaimana mungkin kau mencintai seseorang yang tidak kaukenal Bukankah ketidaktahuan justru cara satu satunya untuk mencintai hal 201 Nampaknya Chitra percaya bahwa ada konsekuensi yang mesti ditanggung saat kau memutuskan untuk melepas ikatan dengan leluhurmu Konsekuensi yang terkadang setimpal dengan kebahagiaan lain yang kaudapat, karena memilih untuk mengikuti kata hatimu.Seperti banyak karya penulis AS yang dibuat setelah tahun 2000, peristiwa 9 11 juga memegang peranan dalam kisah ini Tanpa mengecilkan arti peristiwa tersebut, maupun dampak yang ditimbulkan berbulan bulan bahkan bertahun tahun sesudahnya, mau tak mau saya bertanya tanya penyelesaian seperti apa yang akan dipilih Chitra andai 9 11 tidak pernah terjadi Karena kadang saya merasa peristiwa tersebut menjadi penyelesaian yang mudah saat hidup tokoh tokoh dalam sebuah novel berubah drastis setelah mengalami kejadian yang teramat mengguncang itu Sangat mudah untuk berubah ketika kau dihadapkan pada kenyataan antara hidup dan mati Dan dari sana, cerita bisa meluncur mulus ke mana pun, bahkan ke arah yang benar benar berlawanan Tentu saja, itu hanya kesinisan saya sebagai orang yang tidak mengalami langsung Terlepas dari sedikit hanya sedikit kekecewaan saya karena lagi lagi 9 11 menjadi komoditas dalam sebuah cerita mungkin ini pandangan yang tidak adil karena semua penulis Amerika tentu terdorong untuk merekam peristiwa tersebut dalam tulisan mereka, tidak mungkin tidak, dan kebetulan saja novel ini saya baca belakangan, setelah membaca beberapa novel lain yang memasukkan 9 11 dalam ceritanya , saya tetap memberi tiga setengah bintang untuk kepiawaian Chitra bercerita, sesuatu yang membuat saya jatuh cinta kepada penulis ini sejak pertama kali membaca karyanya Untuk kefasihan Chitra menggambarkan tokoh tokohnya sehingga berhasil membuat saya jengkel kepada Rakhi yang egois, atau bersimpati kepada ayah Rakhi yang mencintai tanpa syarat Dalam dunia yang gila ini, kadang bermimpi menjadi pelarian yang menyenangkan, pergi dari kenyataan yang tidak selalu indah kita semua senang mimpi Mimpi seperti layang layang yang dilepaskan dari asalnya, bebas dari benang kaca perasaan bersalah hal 95 review terakhir di tahun 2011

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    This the the first book I ve read by Divakaruni, but I assure you it won t be the last I think I have found a new favorite author The Queen of Dreams is so poetically, eloquently written that I literally drifted through one page after another I floated through the lives of Rakhi, Indian American artist, and her mother, a Bengali dream teller Both characters are beautifully and breathtakingly written They each exist in a sort of limbo Rakhi born in America but always longing for the mysterious magic of India her mother existing both in her skin and in the world of dreams I was so drawn to these characters and their emotions that I felt an intimate connection to them The descriptions, even of events that are typical in any life like cooking, picking up a child from school, etc have an ethereal quality that made me feel that my act of reading was a dream that Divakaruni is a dream teller Towards the end of the book, a tremendous rift brings us back to reality, though, as the author explores the impact of 9 11 on Indian Americans As a reader you wonder is the beauty of the dream world gone forever Read the book to find out I highly recommend this book.

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    Initially I was disappointed in this book and was not too fond of the main character However about half way through the book, the different areas of her life start coming together and suddenly it becomes clear This is a great book that asks a great deal about the role of family, destiny and dreams It s also a wonderful illustration of what it means to be American and that an American does not necessarily have to be white.

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    Words are tricky.My mother had tried to teach me this Once when I was persteringly insistent with my questions, she said, Everyone breathes in air, but it s a wise person who knows when to use that air to speak and when to exhale in silence Queen of Dreams by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is about a young, rudderless woman raising a smart and innately aware young girl a young woman clinging to her bitterness and to the fable that her ex husband is the bad guy in every scenario and a young woman finding her way as a painter and making a go of a tea shop partnering with her best friend in the swells of Berkeley, California.An older woman, born in India, into poverty, is seen to have the gift and is taken by a loving aunt to the caves to be instructed in the ways of dream tellers This same woman abandons that inheritance and gift to enjoy the love of a man and migrates with him to America This is a woman who despairs upon realizing the cost of losing her gift, then becomes desperate and manages to reclaim a portion of her gift, only to be reminded on a daily basis of the consequences of that choice for her husband and her daughter.The young woman is Rakhi, the older woman her mother We hear Rakhi s story from her first person perspective as well as 3rd person, and we learn about her mother, who s always been a frustrating enigma to her, through her journals, which provides the history of dream tellers, the education, the learning process and we read about the dreams themselves, sometimes just as stories, sometimes with interpretation The journals also become personal over time as Rakhi s mother understands and sees clearly the effects of her decisions.The old world and the new The life and difficulties of an immigrant Old cultures,, ways, foods, and ancient beliefs alongside a world only 200 years old The children of said immigrants Rakhi, Belle, Jespal finding their way as natives, the first generation born in this new world, the only world they know, caught between respecting, learning, and embracing the ways of the old world and discarding it entirely, or walking the tightrope between the two.Queen of Dreams is also a story of Rakhi as a fearful, impatient, controlling girl a young woman in love a new wife then new mother and as an ex Her lashing out at the ex Sonny , her father, her mother, and even her daughter how she does, then regrets it, yet can t change her pattern is part of the learning and growth of Rakhi s story, though it can be tiresome and takes a leap of faith that Sonny s undying love for her is founded on something genuine.Divakaruni does very well creating the life of Rakhi as a child, how it was for her growing up with an elusive mother who she also adores and toward whom she is desperate for attention, love, and understanding The author equally succeeds at unraveling the mother s story, creating a real, multi layered, 3 dimensional woman who s life was a series of lucky strokes until she struck out on her own, and because of her own will and desires must live with the repercussions Yet, she maintains her humanity and compassion despite her regrets and the weight of her failures.The ending is a combination of well done ambivalence and uncertainty no clear cookie cutter, happy ending alongside story lines the reader is certain of, regarding their outcome, and perhaps a too quick fix, eye opening, revelatory experience for Rakhi But for the most part, Queen of Dreams is a big story, with lots of stories, about stories, and the human beings who inhabit them, share them, and tell them And, the surprise when people turn out to be not what you for a lifetime have thought them to be.Queen of Dreams is grounded in the real world with a veil of the other as one finds with Toni Morrison s novels There are other realms, real magic that touches our world for those few with the gift to see it , and also a real world type magic in those around us, through the people we can touch, hug, aid, comfort, welcome, listen to, and love.

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    I read this after seeing Mistress of Spices, and for a while it looked like another tale where realities of India are dressed up in extraordinarily exotic garb hiding the reality that is far complex and beautiful, because the readership in west is unable to take in the latter and is going to think the former anyway And then came the scenes describing those racist attacks, phenomena that was heard all the way in India not in main news, even though it concerned India s own people, but in private tales and general muted stories that were told in a way that was indisputable in US post 911 One read, now fully awake, horrified, and while the scenes rang true one realised that it was a reality that had been never far from the surface We had lived in US in a parallel universe believing in justice of the system, in fairness, in rewards for merit And yet when the slumbering beast awakes it does not discriminate between Chinese and Japanese or innocent citizens and would be terrorists, it only knows the difference of colour and features Technicolour is acceptable, sepia is suspect, must have gone the reckoning Later happened the accelerated migration of expats returning home to India, and their mother country had wanted them back anyway, all those years, always So it was vaguely ascribed to the prosperity accelerating back in India which was true, but not to that extent, not the way they were used to back there in their adopted home and no one questioned if they had come back running due to the terror, of not being dealt with in fairness and being denied justice, all becuase they were sepia tone and not technicolour people After all Indians still have a nation, a place to return, Indians own country, and there is no reason why any of those from India should have to suffer a holocaust out there after working hard to make it sheer on merit and fighting the biases that are racist and and certainly those biases are neither limited to another time nor to the geography of another continent, look at the klan and its neo nazi active versions reported through their own media other than mainstream news so the mother country had welcomed them en masse, though their return looked like a preference for cultural and other home comforts that now was undeterred by the previous era of economic difference on a much huge scale The difference still does exist, but there is a lot to be said for being close to your own people, eating your own food, went the comments The scenes described here and their truth were all brushed under the rug for sake of economic expediency of the hour.

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    This is the second book I read by Chitra Banerjee After the first book, I bought all of Chitra s books This one drew me in, and kept me engaged by the mystery of the man wearing white, who shows up at unexpected times, one time when the dreamer is killed in a car accident as she chases a man wearing white in a black carI was fascinated by the mother, the dreamer who dreams the troubles that people have, and the horrific events that are about to occur, and she reaches out to warn themHer dreams take over her life The dreamer s daughter is fascinated by her mother s life, and craves stories about her mom s life in India, before she came to America Mom does not share anything about her Indian life Dad and Mom do not sleep together Dad is a binge drinker, not respected by mom or by the daughter.When the wife is killed in a car crash, and the father remains alive, father and daughter build a new relationship together by reading the journals mom has left for them to unravel her secrets about her previous life, her wants, her desires, and her ability to be clairvoyant Dad becomes the friend, the confidante, and the ideal father the daughter did not know she had.The daughter has also been coping with a separation from her husband, and the tea shop she owns with a friend is failing There is a mystery of a manager who opens the fancy new coffee shop that takes away all of the daughter s customers There is the mystery of the man in white I was disappointed not to really learn what those mysteries meant Maybe I missed it Or maybe those mysteries were no longer important as the daughter finally finds herself Still, there was so much mystery surrounding these two people, that it did not make sense to me that one just vanishes and the man in white finally meets the daughter in a grove where she first sees him and is drawn to him, and he spends a few moments with her doing Tai Chi I will continue to read Chitra s books, and hope that this dream like story with unattainable answers is singular to this book.

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    A fascinating read about immigrant daughters, mother daughter relationships that are strained, and the life of an artist struggling to be fresh, new, and pulled in too many different directions The book is written from two different viewpoints the daughter s and mother s Spoiler alert After the mother dies, the daughter asks her father to translate her mother s journals She discovers that her mother was a dream teller, an exalted position of oracle in India Here in the US, she has built a coterie of followers, most of them South Asian The daughter, a talented artist, is pulled in different directions Like many first generation women, she wants to be free of the old, confining ways, but also finds them comforting She is having problems with her art, because she paints scenes from India, but catches flashes of so much .Rikki, the daughter, wanted to be a dream teller, too, but did not have the gift Or perhaps her mother bought it from her early in life to prevent her from suffering the dreams of others The open ended portions of the story don t feel unfinished, they feel mystical Appropriate.Rikki also owns a restaurant with a friend, and the restaurant is under attack from competition both for their patrons and for the heart of what a restaurant should be a third place different from work and home, where we can be ourselves The story of the restaurant is another facet of Rikki s life.Of course, there is Rikki is newly divorced and negotiating bringing up a daughter, who may have inherited the dream teller status of her mother, as well as the painting talent of her mother The next generation of mother daughter tension is in the works.Rikki s mother s story is also explained the training of a dream teller, how she struggled with the talent, what she chose in life when choices to be made all are fascinatingThe book covers a lot of cultural ground, mystical ideas, and wonderful story telling I enjoyed it fully.

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