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quotes Just Go to Bed (A Golden Look-Look Book), litcharts Just Go to Bed (A Golden Look-Look Book), symbolism Just Go to Bed (A Golden Look-Look Book), summary shmoop Just Go to Bed (A Golden Look-Look Book), Just Go to Bed (A Golden Look-Look Book) 28b6d6b9 Mercer Mayer S Little Critter Is Not Looking Forward To Bedtime In This Classic, Funny, And Heartwarming Book Whether It S Time For Him To Stop Playing And Take A Bath, Or When He Puts Up A Fuss Getting Into Is Jammies, Both Parents And Children Alike Will Relate To This Beloved Story A Great Way To Introduce Children To Their Very Own Bedtime Routine

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    My nephew and my niece both have a talent for finding excuses not to go to bed and there is always one thing they have to do before getting in bed, or a reason to get out of bed This story is the story of our lives Critter does not want to go to bed and he does everything he can to delay bedtime It s like scenes from our house The nephew got excited at the fancy robot Critter was playing with.We are also now Critter fans in this house as well The nephew gave this 5 stars again and the niece gave this 3 stars This was a hit.

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    Going to best is one of the toughest tasks The Little Critter seems to agree here The illustrations are eye catching and dialog, humorous.

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    Oh Mercer Mayer, your Little Critter books made my childhood so much enjoyable.

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    Fantastic illustrations and dialogs

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    First sentence I m a cowboy and I round up cows I can lasso anything Dad says It s time for the cowboy to come inside and get ready for bed Premise plot Will Little Critter go to bed willingly Or will his dad have to get super creative and match the wits of his son My thoughts I love, love, love, love, SUPER love Little Critter I grew up on Little Critter books I m not sure if I love Little Critter because I grew up with him, or if regardless of when I met him I would see myself Quotes I m a space cadet and I zoom to the moon I capture a robot with my ray gun Dad says This giant robot has captured the space cadet and is going to put him in the bathtub right now I m a sea monster attacking a ship Dad says, It s time for the sea monster to have a snack I m a zookeeper feeding my hungry animals Dad says Feeding time is over Here are the zookeeper s pajamas Text 5 out of 5Illustrations 4 out of 5Total 9 out of 10

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    Mercer Mayer takes us on an imaginative journey as Little Critter prepares for a good night s rest Bed time is one of the hardest times for kids, and this book offers an opportunity for young readers to relate From make believe of being a cowboy lassoing up cows to becoming a sea monster attacking a ship during bath time , this little guy uses imaginative optimism all throughout Dad is ever so patient and guides Little Critter through each step of preparing for bed By the last page of the book, Little Critter s imagination made him become a bunny, a tired little bunny, who falls asleep This is a great book for early readers

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    Just Go to Bed little critter by Mercer Mayer is in the genre of fantasy It is recommended for kids aged 4 8 years old The book is about a little who doesn t want to go to bed when his father tells him to He wants to round up cows and stop the enemy tank in war The books shows him outside his house playing and in his room The whole time, his dad keeps saying come take a bath And time for bed The little critter eventually is tired and gives in to going to bed I love this book and it is excellent to read to children before bed time.

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    I read the book Just Go to Bed to my cousin Overall, she liked the book I had a good reason to read this book to her My cousin always finds excuses at night to stall her bedtime She wondered why I chose such a childish book My mom read this book to me when I was younger The child in the book is a little critter and he pretends to be different people, to delay going to sleep My cousin thought it was funny, because the father played along, until the point where the dad got upset.The book is about a little boy who has a vivid imagination and pretends to be different characters His father plays along with him to get him to take a bath, eat a snack and go to bed His father loses his patience with him when he will not go to bed and stay there The little critter finally gives up and stays in bed since he is so tired.The main character in this book is the little critter, a little boy He is creative and smart He also does not want to go to sleep His father is caring and has a lot of patience He does get mad at the end of the night when the little critter will not stay in his bed and go to sleep.The story takes place in the present time Since the characters are not people, the setting is in an imaginary place The story starts outside and then goes into the house.I think the theme of the book is to instruct kids to listen to their parents The father tried all night to get his son to go to bed He played along with him The father redirected the boy a few times and tried to be nice, by playing in his games The boy needed to know that no matter what he tried, he was going to have to go to bed.I would recommend this book It is a good book for young children and can help them understand about bedtime It is also helpful to older kids to remind them about bedtime.

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    Just go to Bed is a book about exactly what the title says A little critter wants to continue playing and using his imagination to create different personas all while the dad is continuing to try to get him ready for bed The critter starts off as a cowboy, then it s time for a bath and he turns into a general, then a space cadet, and a few others after that But, each time he changes his persona, his dad is giving him the next step that s needed for him to get ready to go to bed Finally, he becomes a bunny and decides that tired bunnies can sleep in bed, and he finally falls asleep This is a good book to read to young children because it teaches them to use their imagination and become anything they want, while also explaining the importance of why we all need to go to bed.Learning Experience In small groups we can discuss each child s ritual that they do before getting into bed, and see if any students have similar things they do and then have them draw themselves in a pre cutout bed on construction paper Afterwards discuss why we need to go to bed when told to.

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