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chapter 1 Cannibal Killers , meaning Cannibal Killers , genre Cannibal Killers , book cover Cannibal Killers , flies Cannibal Killers , Cannibal Killers 5f84a50969c91 Cannibalism Is Perhaps The Most Repugnant Of All Crimes Against Human Beings It Has Long Been A Taboo Subject, With Even The Tabloid Press Shying Away From Publishing Precise Details Of Cannibal Crimes When Albert Fish Kidnapped, Killed, And Consumed Ten Year Old Grace Budd In New York In , He Went To Great Pains To Assure Her Parents, In A Letter He Wrote Six Years Later That Brought About His Arrest, That He Had Not Sexually Assaulted Her But At The Time, The Court Portrayed Fish As A Sexually Motivated Criminal Rather Than As A Cannibal Yet, Sexual Depravity And Cannibalism Are Far From Being Mutually Exclusive Andrei Chikatilo, The Butcher Of Rostov, Is Proof Of That, Having Eaten Parts Of The Sexual Organs Of Some Of His Fifty Six Victims Tsutomu Miyazaki, The Japanese Dracula, Murdered Little Girls, Molested Their Corpses, And Drank Their Blood These And Many Other Cases, Including Those Of Jeffrey Dahmer, Edmund Kemper, Joachim Kroll The Duisburg Man Eater , And Daniel Rakowitz Who Murdered His Roommate And Made Soup From Her Brains Are Studied In Chilling Detail

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    While portions of this book are informative, the majority of it focuses on already well documented cannibal serial killers and barely gives mention to those less known to the public There are a vast amount of grammatical errors throughout the book So many that I was almost tempted to pull out a red pen, edit, and send it back to Chloe Castleden for a re edit.All this said, it was quite an easy read because, like earlier mentioned, I was familiar with the majority of what was written.

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    It s quite a horrifying read It give details of how these cannibals prepare their feasts I think there should put in some photos, at leasr show me how these cannibals look like.

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    The book was actually a little good Took a while to finish but it worth reading sort of lol.

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    A very good book, including a wide variety of different cannibals The author researched into their lives thoroughly, including information about their childhoods and also the end of their lives obviously apart from those still alive However, I have lowered my rating, as some stories were a lot detailed then others and there were no female cannibals I don t know whether this is just because there are genuinely no female cannibals or the male ones have famous stories.

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    I just couldn t put it down Well written and great facts It s crazy how many sick people there are in this world It also gives you a good look in how serial killers think But no matter what anyone says I don t understand how anyone could do such horrifying things There were just born different I guess

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    It s amazing to read through this book and imagine the scenes described I would say this book is not for the faint of heart These are real cannibals and real victims It s amazing to read their thought process during their moments of killing and eating other people I could only imagine how investigators felt while interrogating individuals such as these.

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    Gruesome read, I had to pause a numerous times ponder why did I read this in the first place.Could be categorised as light reading , it s like reading a compiled crime reports.However, do not let your imagination run wild.I had to think of happy thoughts, just to let it out of system.Noticed a couple of spelling errors.I guess the title caught me.

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    Love this book but could have been better if the book double check their typo before publishing Nonetheless, still a great read.

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    I found a few spelling and grammar mistakes in this book and felt that it wasn t written well however it was easy enough to follow and I didn t feel too bogged down with facts and dates.

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