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    Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, cartoonist and animator, best known to us for his children s books More than sixty of them were published under his pen name of Dr Seuss , some of them the most popular children s books of all time They have sold over 600 million copies and been translated into than 20 languages Dr Seuss was indeed a phenomenon Although he devoted most of his life to writing children s books, Dr Seuss had no children of his own, saying, You have em I ll entertain em He certainly did that Children everywhere pounce on these little books with their rhymes and humour As shared or bedtime reading they are a popular choice for American children As a way of teaching reading they seem rather limited, although great for fun, and reinforcement in reading My only experience of Dr Seuss s books was listening to reluctant readers enjoying reading a few pages from Green Eggs and Ham to me occasionally, if it was their choice.It was time to read one from cover to cover, and I chose I am Not Going to Get Up Today for its challenging title, which is bound to appeal Although Dr Seuss usually illustrated his books himself, this one is illustrated by James Stevenson, in a similar cartoonish style, using line drawings filled in with bright water colours Please let me be.Please go away.I am NOT going to get up today This first page indicates the template for the entire book A little boy lays in bed in the morning, happily oblivious to all attempts to get him up out of bed His mum tries to get him up with a tempting breakfast tray, then his sister and brother try, and as we follow the story through, the attempts to get him out of bed become increasingly ludicrous and surreal, with braying donkeys, honking geese and even marching bands Let them try to wake me.Let them scream and yowl and yelp.They can yelp from now till Christmasbut it isn t going to help The little boy imagines all the children all over the world who might be getting up, and this enables the reader to look at some attractive illustrations, as do the humorous scenarios However, the book is aimed squarely at American children, with mentions of the very difficult to spell Memphis, Tennessee Massachusetts and Connecticut and Maine Elsewhere we have the possibly unfamiliar United States Marines, and a very American cop.The story line is amusing, and children will love the repetitiveness, cheeky humour and bright illustrations The ratio of pictures to text is tempting too there s not too much to read I did feel that the book was a little too long though It might have had appeal as a shorter book to be read over again The joke was extended just that little bit too far The ending too, was a bit of a damp squib, I guess he really means it view spoiler So you can have the egg hide spoiler

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    This lesser known story has to be one of my favorite books by Dr Seuss I was thrilled when my son grabbed it from the shelf today It is a silly story that my children actually quote snippets of from time to time Who can resist a story about a boy who is adamant about sleeping in I live vicariously through that kid every time I read this book I suspect I always will.

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    I can very well imagine my kids reading this book to me and making it their favorites Because it involves a boy who doesn t like to get up, no matter what As usual, Dr Seuss books are a delight to read and re read

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    Come what may I am not going to get up today

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    I created four fun reading themes for my book choices, without limitations and proudly mention borrowing I Am Not Going To Get Up Today from friends Readers agree they did not know this 1987 story, about a boy bent on sleeping in Ridiculous interruptions testing his mettle do not work I support his resolve and strike a three star balance admonishing stupid interference no passerby would impose, nor give a flying fig about but smiling at cacaphonous, zany exaggeration demonstrating the author s point Instead of Theodor Seuss Geisel s drawings, these are by James Stevenson who lived until 2017, last year.Imagery is informed by stories I only take issue with two It should not be possible for anyone to dangle distractions over you through a window, nor does the boy s short bed or blanket look comfortable especially after flung water The sequence would be realistic with fresh bedding A funny constant is a policeman wanting the egg the boy declined and the Mom giving it to him in closing This story did not make an emotional connection but I love the commitment about it not mattering what other kids do This is his day It was apparently Theodor s technique to transport readers by not naming protagonists.A technique of mine is that I research authors I read especially of children s books too brief to summarize We could presume Theodor started in humour magazines but it was a pleasure to read that he tackled major company logos and even wartime artwork A funny misadventure started his Seuss moniker getting booted from a university s magazine for having gin during prohibition An astonishing discovery is that he was Captain Geisel in a WWII art department and what s won two Academy Awards for war films I cannot fathom winning Oscars as anyone s least known accolade

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    Once again a top notch book by Dr Seuss and this time with superb illustrations by James Stevenson.It reminded me of my summer holidays in Calcutta when I used to sleep until 10 am or 10 30 am and it used to drive my eldest sibling mad But the boy in I am NOT Going to Get Up Today beat me at my game by totally refusing to get up.His mother makes his favourite breakfast comprising of a large boiled egg and takes it to his room on a tray like hotel room service However, it is no use His siblings try every trick in the trade to make him get up, including throwing a bucket of cold water filled with ice cubes But Big Brother doesn t budge an inch His pet dog appears shocked too The neighbours raise a din, a big brass band plays all around the house and, in fact, the Marines too come marching in Will the boy wake up now Will he be able to eat the egg before the story ends Read the story to find out and read it to your child as s he will love it.

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    Honestly, same.10 10 Would stay in bed again.

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    Just a cute, funny book No deeper message, no made up Seuss ian words Just silly.

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    Please let me be.Please go away.I am NOT going to get up today You can tickle my feet.You can shake my bed.You can put cold water on my head.But you re wasting your time.So go away I am NOT going to get up today This is still cute As you get older, wanting to stay in bed every Monday morning turns into an act of hostile rebellion And it doesn t rhyme In bed is where I m going to stay.And I don t care what the neighbors say I never liked them anyway Aw, you re already one of us, kid.Feb 16, 19 Later on my blog.

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    Having fun revisiting Dr Seuss books I started out by just listening to the audiobook Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr Seuss which is an audio collection of nine stories narrated by Jason Alexander, Michael McKean and David Hyde Pearce Most of them are fun enough to listen to without even the visual support of the wonderful illustrations, but I have to say I found this story disappointing Funny enough because you d think I would set this one to music and make it my personal anthem since I spend so much of my time sleeping or napping But the prose is so much less imaginative and lacking the rhymes and tongue twisters I ve come to associate with Dr Seuss, and the book is illustrated by James Stevenson and has a completely different look and feel, so that the whole thing all put together doesn t have much to do with the Dr Seuss of old I grew up with and came to love so much as a kid I suppose this can be explained by the publication date the book was released in 1987, when Ted Geisel was into his 80s and possibly having health problems he died of cancer only a few years later in 1991.

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