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    Literally years after people began suggesting that I do this, I finally got around to reading the damn play So in the words of Bette Davis fasten your seatbelts, it s going to be a bumpy night Because here s TITUS ANDRONICUS, ABRIDGED TITUS Man, it s great to be me I m an awesome general, all my super handsome sons are awesome, I have a hot daughter who s engaged to a great guy, and even though the emperor just married my enemy Queen Tamora I m sure that can never backfire on me Yessireee, everything s coming up Titus MARCUS Hey, brother So, umgot some bad news I was walking in the woods, and first I found your daughter s husband s dead body And thenwell, I ran into Lavinia TITUS JESUS H TAPDANCING CHRIST GROUNDLING 1 Holy shit, where are her hands GROUNDLING 2 Oh my GOD that is a lot of blood.SHAKESPEARE That s right, this is all happening Cannot change the channel, people AARON Hey Titus, your sons have been framed for murdering Bassianus, but the emperor will let them go if you cut off your hand.TITUS Sure thing, here ya go AARON JK Here are their heads, later sucker TITUS Okay, it s on now, motherfuckers.AARON Mwahaha In case anyone in the audience hasn t caught on, I m the bad guy because I m black Othello isn t for a few years, folks Enjoy this Hey guys How was raping and mutilating Titus daughter DEMETRIUS Pretty awesome, actually Good thing Mom let us do that instead of just killing her like Lavinia asked.CHIRON Good thing the audience has conveniently forgotten that Lavinia s husband already raped her at the beginning of the play Seriously though, why isn t that a bigger deal DEMETRIUS He married her afterwards, so it s okay Also we made her ugly, which is way worse.NURSE Good news, Aaron Tamora just had a baby The bad news is, he s brown.CHIRON Wait, if my mom s white, and her husband s white, and you re the only black character in the play, thenACTUAL LINES FROM THE PLAY CHIRON Thou hast undone our mother.AARON Villain, I have done thy mother GROUNDLING 1 OH SNAP SATURNINUS Mmm, great dinner, Titus TITUS Thanks But I didn t do it alone, I had a great assistant Come in here, Lavinia You ve sure had a rough couple of days, but it s all going to be okay soon Also, since you were raped and dishonored, I have to kill you Sorry LAVINIA God, I hate this play.GROUNDLING 1 WHAT THE FUCK SATURNINUS That was odd Hey Tamora, why didn t your sons come to dinner TITUS Well, one might say THEY RE ALREADY HERE BWAHAHAHA YOU TOTALLY ATE THEM I MURDERED AND KILLED YOUR SONS FOR WHAT THEY DID TAMORA Waitso, I just ate TITUS I KEEL YOU SATURNINUS Kill my wife I KEEL YOU LUCIUS NO, I KEEL YOU GROUNDLING 2 Holy shit so much blood.LUCIUS Well, guess that makes me emperor Going somewhere, Aaron AARON Augh Okay, here s the deal don t kill my mixed race bastard baby and I ll tell you how I planned the whole thing.LUCIUS Thanks for your cooperation Now I m just going to throw your girlfriend s body to the dogs and bury you chest deep in the ground to starve to death slowly Cause you re the black guy GROUNDLING 1 Dude.GROUNDLING 2 And you wanted to see Romeo and JulietTHE END.

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    Like A Comedy of Errors, Titus Andronicus is part of a grammar school educated Shakespeare s crash course substitute for a university education In Errors, he imitated Plautine comedy s plot structure and stock characters, and in an experiment to see just how much fun the form could hold doubled the number of comic misunderstandings by doubling the number of identical twins In Titus, he imitates the violent plots and magisterial rhetoric of Senecan tragedy, and again as an experiment doubles the horrors In the process, Shakespeare produces for the first time some highly rhetorical, mythology laden blank verse which flows with a new musical subtlety, and also succeeds in creating over the top language and grisly tableaux as outrageous and overwrought as a blood spattered baroque ceiling in other words, exactly the sort of excess that would appeal to an Elizabethan audience Is the play intentionally funny Except for an occasional line here and there, I doubt it At any rate, if it is supposed to be, it fails Shakespeare lacked the anarchic temperament necessary to exult in evil for its own sake as Marlowe so effectively did in the Jew of Malta On the contrary, his early villains are the most convincing when they reveal their vulnerability La Pucelle s terror at her auto da fe, the deformed Gloster s fear of courtly dalliance not when they revel in their nihilism Without at least a little love for chaos, there can be no real black comedy, and, if such a love can be deemed an artistic virtue, it is a virtue not found in Shakespeare s character Eventually, he would depict the cold manipulative rage of Iago, but it would take ten years of life and craft to give him the tools to do so Although I like this play, I don t believe it is successful The plot is too mechanical and the horrors too insincere The Moor s passionate defense of his newborn son a villain displaying his vulnerability is the only part of this elaborate bloodbath that touches the human heart.

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    I would be incredibly surprised if I read a play worse than Titus Andronicus in this challenge Titus was Shakespeare s first attempt at staging a classical tragedy something which he will eventually go on to get so right in works such as Julius Caesar The basic plot follows a Roman general our Titus who is victorious in a battle against the Goths As a reward Titus brings the queen of the Goths and her sons back to Rome Titus is a silly billy however because he kills one of the queen s sons and then the queen plots revenge on Titus Nobody cares about the plot of Titus however Any piece of criticism you read about this play will mention the same thing its bloodiness and its violence Titus is such a violent play that during the Victorian era it was practically banished Shakespeare s oeuvre because the Victorians couldn t handle the play s unrelenting gore This might sound enticing to some but believe me, it isn t as fun as it sounds.Titus Andronicus reads like Charlie Manson s rejected screenplays The word gratuitous doesn t even begin to describe utter violence of this play Macbeth is bloody and violent but it is also a perfectly constructed narrative in which every drop of blood has a clear motive and consequence There s a character in Titus who is raped and then her hands and tongue are cut off She doesn t die however, she sticks around for two acts just fumbling and making garbled noises like Brendan Behan at an open bar I lost count of how many amputations take place in Titus by Act 3.Poet and cat enthusiast, T.S Eliot, once wrote that Titus was one of the stupidest and most uninspired plays ever written Whilst Eliot might have been fond of the odd hyperbole I cannot help but agree with his sentiment Titus, as far as I can see, has absolutely no redeeming qualities It s the Elizabethan equivalent of Viva Forever The Spice Girls Musical In fact, the history of criticism on Titus seems to just be a duel of insults as each critic attempts to formulate the ultimate put down or the sickest burn One of my favourites is from token white critic Harold Bloom who suggests that the violence and tragedy of Titus is so comically absurd that the best director to tackle the play would be Mel Brooks I am biased toward loving anything Harold Bloom writes because he once called slam poetry the death of art At least I now have an answer for when someone asks me what Shakespeare s worst play is I didn t even tell you about how two guys literally get baked into a pie Oh Titus Andronicus, you precious mess.

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    Wherein Shakespeare beats Quentin Tarantino at being Quentin Tarantino.

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    I saw this at Shakespeare s Globe in London last summer, and was absolutely amazed at the brutal brilliance of the production The actor who played Titus was superb he captured Titus s decent into madness perfectly by evoking a character that started out as strong and fearless to one who ended up unhinged and brutal It is no wonder though that Titus fell into depravity because his house, and name, has been torn apart by revenge Consequently, he embraces revenge, causing his madness, because his daughter was brutalised upon to inflict wounds upon him Lots of bloody violenceNow this is a play that would have appealed to both the masses and the gentry of the Renaissance era The play is violent, and I mean violent There is something like fifteen deaths, a whole bunch of decapitations and one incredibly cruel rape For theatre this is a very high toll Thus, the Renaissance common folk would have been entertained because they had a taste for bloody spectacle Moreover, the play retains the popular revenge theme through the sophistication of its plot, which would have appealed to educated audience In addition, it was delivered in the most eloquent of styles Shakespearean Iambic Pentameter Thus, the gentry too would have been entertained This is quite a feat in itself to write a play to appeal to audiences both high and low However, in spite of this, this is commonly regarded as Shakespeare s worse play Some people even go as far to argue that because it is so poor, in their opinion, that he couldn t of wrote it I disagree with this assessment I really enjoyed the play, but I must say it is a play that is performed better than it is read This was written for the stage not the page Brutal revenge plotThe plot begins with Titus returning to Rome as a victor of a successful campaign over the barbarous Goths He has brought back their royalty, in chains, as his prize He executes the eldest prince to appease the citizens of Rome The Queen of the Goths, Tamora, swears revenge she later seduces the new Emperor and embarks upon a quest that seeks the ruination of the house of Andronicus, which breeds revenge This time it is the hearts of the remaining members of the house of Andronicus.Whilst Renaissance Tragedy was not meant to be didactical used as a learning tool like Greek Tragedy, I think a lot can be taken from revenge Tragedy This may have been only staged to entertain, but it demonstrates the detrimental effects of revenge If you revenge the death of a love one, whether justly or unjustly, it creates revenge in the hearts of those you have revenged upon This creates a vicious cycle that will only end with everyone dead Indeed, revenge is something to be considered most carefully.Overall, this is a great play I don t care what the critics say because this play is both entertaining and intellectual The revenge theme keeps the reader audience entertained whilst the creation of Titus s fall from grace keeps the play sophisticated enough to merit the study of it I do think if you re a reader that hates Shakespeare, god forbid, then this is a play that may peak your interest.

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    Titus Andronicus, William ShakespeareTitus Andronicus is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1588 and 1593, probably in collaboration with George Peele It is thought to be Shakespeare s first tragedy and is often seen as his attempt to emulate the violent and bloody revenge plays of his contemporaries, which were extremely popular with audiences throughout the 16th century The play is set during the latter days of the Roman Empire and tells the fictional story of Titus, a general in the Roman army, who is engaged in a cycle of revenge with Tamora, Queen of the Goths It is Shakespeare s bloodiest and most violent work, and traditionally was one of his least respected plays although it was extremely popular in its day, by the later 17th century it had fallen out of favour Titus Andronicus Jules C sar Antoine et Cl opatre Coriolan, William Shakespeare traduction de Francois Victor Hugo preface et notices de Germaine Landre Paris Garnier Flammarion , 1965 1344 438 Pages 2016 1588 1593 .

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    Pulp fiction for the 1600s, Quentin Tarantino in lace collar and puffy pants.If anyone thinks that Shakespeare is dry and timid, flowery and antiquated, they need to see this, but beware this is a bloody mess One critic, complaining that it was such a caricature that only Mel Brooks should direct, may be close, but I would have Tarantino direct Another critic wrote that this was the ultimate revenge story and I agree with that as well Is it too brutal, too graphically violent for the stage Maybe, but then again perhaps that was Shakespeare s intent, to create such an outrageous show that the audience would be drawn into his message of bloody revenge and be left with difficult images afterwards.

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    General IntroductionThe Chronology of Shakespeare s WorksIntroduction, by Jacques BerthoudThe Play in PerformanceFurther Reading The Most Lamentable Roman Tragedy of Titus Andronicus CommentaryAn Account of the Text

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    BEST REVENGE STORY EVER PERIOD.The only piece of advice I can give is Prepare yourself, you are about to enter into a world that knows no bounds when it comes to the old saying enough is enough Billy saw the line, spit on the line, and then crossed the line If reading Shakespeare isn t high on your list, there is an excellent movie called Titus, starring Anthony Hopkins Just try not to read watch it before supperit may spoil your appetite VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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    And let me say, that never wept before,My tears are now prevailing orators William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus, Act III.1Shakespeare s first Tragedy is not perfect It is bloody, predictable, racist, and gratuitous to the extreme However, it probably deserves better attention than it usually gets well there is the Julie Taymor film I think this early Shakespeare s villain Aaron the Moor is diabolical and fantastic Yes, I m not a fan of the easy way the moor or often the Jew becomes the bad guy in Shakespeare s plays, but I m also not a fan at all of judging Shakespeare by a morality that the 21st century only so far corrects We have plenty of racist motes in our own eyes, thank you very much I love the wickedness of the Goth Queen Tamora I love Titus and his brother Marcus Again, the poetry is not fully mature The plot is still a bit overripe and overwrought But ye gads, Shakespeare s pen can still pull some dangerous couplets out of the air.I can, however, also see how this horror opera Bloom followed those two words with Stephen King turned loose among the Romans and the Goths , with its nasty power could unsettle most readers Especially if taken straight Bloom thinks without Aaron, this play would be unendurable Again, I m not as critical of this violent, surrealist, bloody farce as Bloom Perhaps, that has less to do with the actual text and to do with our own experiences I was raised watching Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch movies I think Bloom had a bit higher brow experience.One SPECIFIC, indirect, aspect does give me pause A real pause I recently heard that Titus Andronicus was Stephen Bannon s favorite Shakespeare play Yes, that Bannon Trump s Bannon While that probably says about Stephen K Bannon co executive producer than it does about the play But, IT still says something about the play, methinks There were also several nice lines, specifically For shame, be friends, and join for that you jar Tis policy and stratagem must doThat you affect and so you must resolve,That what you cannot as you would achieve,You must perforce accomplish as you may Do not draw back, for we will mourn with thee,O, could our mourning ease thy misery Let fools do good, and fair me call for grace,Aaron will have his should black like his face Now is the time to storm why art thou still Can the son s eye behold his father bleed There s meed for meed, death for a deadly deed For when no friends are by, men praise themselves If one good deed in all my life I did,I do repent it from my very soul.

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