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    El Leonard had a bad Hollywood experience in the mid 80s of working on a film adaptation of LaBrava with Dustin Hoffman Leonard did multiple unpaid rewrites at the actor s request, but then Hoffman bailed on the project after six months of meetings leaving Leonard with nothing to show for his time Leonard s revenge was Get Shorty and what sweet revenge it is.Chili Palmer is a small time loan shark in Miami who once got into a beef with another gangster, Ray Barboni, who has held a grudge against him Unfortunately, Chili ends up working for Ray who immediately demands that Chili shake down overdue payment from a dry cleaner A twisted trail eventually leads Chili to LA where he gets mixed up with Harry Zimm, a small time producer of horror movies who has a new script that flighty superstar actor Michael Weir has expressed an interest in Harry thinks he can use Michael s name to get a big studio deal to make something better than schlock for a change , but he s got a problem with a drug dealer name Bo Catlett who usually finances his movies to launder drug money.Chili is a big movie buff who thinks he might give up loan sharking for producing, and he sets out to help Harry get a deal with the help of Karen Flores, a former actress known for screaming in Harry s horror movies who just so happens to be Michael s ex Unfortunately, Bo Catlett has also been dreaming of breaking into the film industry and starts trying to drive Chili away from Harry with the idea of taking over the project The surface level of this is funny enough with its core idea of a gangster trying to get into the movie business, but where it achieves greatness is the twist it takes once Chili meets Michael When his pitch for Harry s movie isn t getting through, Chili starts talking about his recent adventures, and Michael is intrigued Without realizing it, Chili essentially begins pitching his story as it s happening to Michael, and the short actor pounces on the idea of playing a loan shark The problem is that Chili doesn t know how it s going to end yet.Leonard always had a great knack of playing off the way that people perceive themselves and each other This pays off even since so many Hollywood characters are involved that the story is being discussed and thought about as a movie even while it happens So when Chili confronts a thug of Catlett s and throws him down a flight of stairs while Karen watches, she s mentally breaking it down like a film scene instead of being shocked by what she saw When someone asks Chili who the protagonist is, Chili is shocked that it s not apparent that the loan shark is the good guy because to him it s obvious that he s the hero of this story While some writers might have let this idea of a story unfolding and being pitched as a movie at the same time get too clever for its own good and been tempted to push the idea into complete nonsense, Leonard s brevity and sharp plotting keep it grounded as a crime story with humor rather than letting it turn into some kind of meta fiction writing exercise As usual, you also get all the hallmarks of Leonard in his prime with great dialogue and memorable characters.Of course, the ultimate fitting end to Leonard s satirizing of Hollywood is that this was eventually turned into a hit film Dustin Hoffman was not involved.

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    This novel was so much fun It s only the second El Leonard book I ve read, but already I m a convert.The story is that Chili Palmer is a Miami loan shark who ends up in Los Angeles, trying to track down a guy who owes him money Chili has always loved movies, and while in LA he gets to know producer Harry Zimm and actress Karen Flores Chili has an idea for a movie based on his experiences as a shylock, and a major star likes the story.What was especially fun about this book was how meta it was about the movie industry El Leonard wrote the book based on his experiences with Hollywood, and there are some good jokes made about actors and producers Sorry, I was interrupted while working on this and some people saw this review only half written I wish Goodreads would add a save as draft option As I was saying, Leonard s writing is a joy to read He s funny, clever, has great insight into his characters, and his stories move so briskly that there isn t a wasted paragraph in the book Earlier this month I read Leonard s Out of Sight, which was also a delight, and I picked up Get Shorty because I had enjoyed the movie version Leonard was so prolific that I plan to relish his novels for months to come.Favorite QuotesThe trouble with this drug business, you had to rely on other people you couldn t do it alone Same thing in the movie business, from what Catlett had seen, studying how it worked The difference was, in the movie business, you didn t worry about somebody getting turned to save their ass and pointing at you in court You could get fucked over in the movie business all kinds of ways, but you didn t get sent to a correctional facility when you lost out The movie business, you could come right out and tell people what you did, make a name Instead of hanging out on the edge, supplying highs for dumbass movie stars, you could get to where you hire the ones you want and tell em what to do they don t like it, fire their ass It didn t make sense to live here if you weren t in the movie business What you don t understand, Catlett said, is what the movie is saying You live clean, the shit gets taken care of somehow or other That s what the movie s about You believe that In movies, yeah Movies haven t got nothing to do with real life.

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    The 28th novel by El Leonard is perhaps the one the author is best known Published in 1990, Get Shorty might be the book to turn the man on the street from asking, El who to nodding his head and saying, Oh, El wrote that Yeah, saw the movie He s good The movie is not only a stellar entertainment, but ended a forty odd year dry spell in which Hollywood seemed unable or unwilling to balance the explosiveness of Leonard s violence with the sweetness of his characters and their casual, often hilarious, dialogue A Leonard revival followed with Jackie Brown and Out of Sight on film and Karen Sisco and Justified on TV.The 1995 film version of Get Shorty hovers over the source material like an atmospheric disturbance in the Gulf and while far from reinventing the book most of the characters, much of the story, a lot of the dialogue and all of the spirit are the same screenwriter Scott Frank, producers Michael Shamberg, Stacy Sher Danny DeVito and director Barry Sonnenfeld definitely improved on it Fans of the movie might be disappointed, as I was.The story kicks off in Miami Beach, where Ernesto Chili Palmer is looking for his coat A loan shark nicknamed for his temper in the old days but lately for his cool demeanor, Chili was raised in Brooklyn as an Italian, but due to some Puerto Rican blood, can never become a made guy like the upper level Italians in the organization Chili is fine with this, dismissive of the respect demanded by certain guys who, in his view, haven t earned it This includes Ray Barboni, a guy with a barbell for a brain who works for the boss of the local operation Bones helps himself to a coat in a coatroom which not only belongs to Chili and contains Chili s car keys but was a gift from his wife, Debbie Chili discusses office politics with his bookkeeping partner Tommy Carlo, who drives Chili to visit Bones and pleads with him not to say anything Don t worry about it I won t say any than I have to, if that He put on his black leather gloves going up the stairs to the third floor, knocked on the door three times, waited, pulling his right hand glove on tight, and when Ray Bones opened the door Chili nailed him One punch, not seeing any need to throw the left He got his coat from a chair in the sitting room, looked at Ray Bones bent over holding his nose and mouth, blood all over his hands, his shirt, and walked out Didn t say one word to him.The coat incident earns Chili a visit from Bones, who takes a couple of shots at him before Chili creases the dumbbell s skull with a bullet from his.38 Thirty stitches later and a discussion between the men s bosses, the dispute is quashed, but has the undesired effect of Chili s wife discovering that he s still associating with those people She blames the loss of their baby three months previous on his behavior and leaves him Chili attracts a wide variety of waitresses, beauticians or sales clerks at Dadeland Mall with his confidence, but most of them play second fiddle to Chili s real love movies.If you re thinking, What a mensch you re probably alone More on that later.Twelve years later, Chili is phasing himself out of the loan shark business, doing collection work for local merchants and a couple of casinos in Las Vegas, as well as handling a few regular borrowers who only need an icy stare to pay up Ray Bones is promoted and upon inheriting Chili, hassles him over a miss in his books Leo Devoe, a drycleaner who s late on fifteen grand, plus twenty seven hundred in interest over six weeks Chili explains that Leo is late because he s dead, killed in a jet crash in the Everglades Leo s wife Fay identified her husband s luggage in the wreck and the newspapers listed him as a victim, but when Chili visits Fay to confirm it, he s told that Leo lives.Fay explains to Chili that her husband tried to duck out on his debt, but got nervous after his plane experienced mechanical problems Leo was at the airport bar when the plane crashed on the runway The airline awarded Fay a three hundred thousand dollar settlement, which Leo disappeared with, most likely to Las Vegas, his dream travel destination She offers Chili half of what s left of her money if he can get Leo The story jumps to Los Angeles, where Harry Zimm is doing some hiding of his own, crashing at the Westwood house of his ex girlfriend, scream queen Karen Flores She wakes Harry in the night when she hears the TV downstairs Harry finds Chili Palmer in his study, here as a favor to the Mesa Casino of Las Vegas, which Harry owes one hundred fifty thousand on a Lakers Pistons game Uncharacteristically, he also dropped a cashier s check he had on him for two hundred thousand Chili gets curious why I produce feature motion pictures, no TV You mentioned Grotesque, that happened to be Grotesque, Part Two Karen Flores was in She starred in all three of my Slime Creatures releases you might have seen The guy, Chili was nodding as he came forward to lean on the desk I think I got an idea for one, a movie And Harry said, Yeah What s it about Get Shorty has a thrilling conceit A loan shark from Miami chases a missing, presumed dead drycleaner in Los Angeles while associating with Hollywood people and trying to pitch a movie to a major star about a loan shark from Miami chasing a missing, presumed dead drycleaner in Los Angeles Chili s movie idea develops as the real life intrigue he s basing it on develops Harry gushes to Chili that he s stumbled onto a goldmine, a script titled Mr Lovejoy, a labor of love by the writer of Slime Creatures The project has attracted the interest of Karen s ex husband Michael Weir, a fickle talent whose commitment can make Harry a legit player.Weir s agent has demanded half a million dollars in an escrow account before they ll meet with Harry, who lit out for Vegas and lost two hundred thousand he d stolen from investors for a schlockfest to be titled Freaks The investors are Ronnie Wingate, a Santa Barbara rich kid who owns a limo company, and Bo Catlett, the hustler who runs the company After rubbing elbows with enough Hollywood types, Catlett dreams of being a film producer In exchange for seeing how a movie is put together, Chili agrees to sit in on a meeting with the limo guys to back them off Harry for a while, but Harry proves a lot dumber and Bo Catlett a lot smarter than Chili hoped for things to be that easy.The novel is missing a couple of key features from the movie Ray Bones learns that Leo is alive and tracks Chili down to L.A., but as played by the late, great Dennis Farina in the film, is of a loose string in the book He never threatens Chili that much on the page, making him a weak bad guy In the film, Bones not only beats Harry Zimm to a living pulp and shoots Ronnie Wingate both great scenes invented by the filmmakers that feel El Leonard than El Leonard but threatens to derail Chili s film project far viciously The limo guys have stashed one hundred seventy five thousand in an airport locker that the DEA is watching, but after Catlett shoots a Colombian mule who refuses to accept this as payment for cocaine Catlett bought, there aren t any consequences In the movie, the mule s uncle and henchman arrive in L.A., applying pressure to Catlett to make good for what he owes and accelerating the story to even delightful speeds Michael Weir, played by Danny DeVito as Martin Weir, is far less interesting on the page, a flaky talent in the mold of Dustin Hoffman The problem is that Weir was nowhere near as fun to read about as he might have been for Leonard to write Also, the novel ends without any indication of whether Weir is going to commit to Chili s loan shark project or not Chili, Karen and Harry just walk off the studio lot after meeting with him The coda in the movie might be the best thing in it.To Leonard s credit, when Michael Weir comments that Chili s pitch is the best he s ever heard, I m inclined to agree In the book, Chili meets Weir not through Karen but through Weir s girlfriend, a rock musician who remembers Chili from when she worked in Miami She introduces Chili to her boyfriend, who has to stop the conversation when Weir realizes Chili is trying to pitch Mr Lovejoy to him The dialogue is golden El Leonard, with each character s voice so distinct that Leonard rarely needs to modify it with the names of characters You think I m talking about wiseguy money, Chili said No way This one s gonna be made by a studio It brought the movie star partway back I m not connected to those people any Not since I walked out of a loan shark operation in Miami That brought the movie star all the way back with questions in his eyes, sitting up, interested in the real stuff What happened The pressure got to you Pressure I m the one who applied the pressure That s what I mean, the effect it must ve had on you What you had to do sometimes to collect Like have some asshole s legs broken That, yeah, or some form of intimidation Whatever it takes, Chili said You re an actor, you like to pretend Imagine you re the shylock A guy owes you fifteen grand and he skips, leaves town Yeah What do you do All right, so I m interested in Weir a bit than I thought I was This scene is wrought with terrific tension because Leonard has laid out how much Chili loves movies, how much he wants to get out of the loan shark business and how much his life would change if this movie star finds Chili s hustle compelling What I didn t like, and was surprised by, is how the female characters in the book are portrayed El Leonard typically writes such resilient, laser sharp women and while Karen Flores is no dummy, she and almost every woman Chili lays eyes on is appraised by her looks first, her looks second, her mettle third and her looks fourth Other than Karen mentioning that her father was a rocket scientist, I never felt she had much to offer beyond the image Chili had of her They had no chemistry whatsoever I love the way Leonard usually introduces a character, keying in on some unusual facet of their personality, but I can tell when I m not with a novel when I feel no compulsion to update my Goodreads status feed with a paragraph and I didn t here Get Shorty is an old neon sign with five stars, the one in the middle blinking and threatening to leave two stars at any time I m giving it the benefit of the doubt because I m sure if I hadn t seen the movie already, I would ve enjoyed the novel a bit , and it s El Leonard It doesn t come together in a compelling way, stranding certain characters and letting ideas buzz away, but it s an old neon sign and still completely enchanting to watch.Here s my list of El Leonard novels ranked from favorite to least favorite 1 Stick 1983 2 Killshot 1989 3 Pronto 1993 4 Get Shorty 1990 5 LaBrava 1983

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    The plot is both simplish absurd the showcase in this baby is truly its array of characters Without so much description of their personas as actual lines of dialogue that exposes them richly, Leonard pretty much knew this one had Hollywood adaptation written all over it Heck, the novel is all about Hollywood adaptations So, although plenty of the circumstances that ricochet all over the thematic fabric seem laughable flighty in the book, the inhabitants and their zippy, sarcastic, semiShakespearean lines make it an undoubted and resounding success Also, I must mention that not in a long while in my most recent memory had I thought Damn it if this novel couldn t ve been several a good deal several pages longer

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    Week before last I took a trip by myself It s one of my favorite things to do, to disappear off the grid, to land up someplace in a slightly sketchy always slightly sketchy motel It s not so much a vacation from anything as it is just a change of scenery.One of the rules, and it hasn t failed yet, is to make as many new friends as possible I can do this on trips, because there s so much wide open space of solitude that it s hardly an intrusion I ll talk to anyone I ll talk to a lamppost.This time, it was the beach I made friends with the staff at this cheap old motel to the point where they were letting me have late breakfasts and a free suite I paid for a double and they gave me a king and the run of the pool after closing, where I could swim all night if I wanted I knew their kids names and grandkids names I knew everyone in housekeeping I was honey and sweetheart in the inviolable rule of southern hospitality.So yes, this book was covered in sand from the hot salt ocean, it was read in the pool at 1 a.m One night it rained A night swim alone near the ocean in the rain how could you want that to end But to the point I m making, I pick the books I read on these trips with a purpose They have to fit the mood but they have to be friends too, they have to sit by my plate at meals to show it s okay I m eating alone but never read through the meals because they ve started too many conversations.And the whole trip, I didn t eat a meal alone My favorite spot is this bar on the dock, the best burgers and shrimp on the beach, the local joint for all the retirees and fishermen They d tie up their boats right there on the dock and four out of every five meals, there I d be Whatch you reading is like whatch you fishing The best starter kit for conversation there is.I say all this not to say how many people went El Leonard or Get Shawty or That s the one with Danny Devito I say it because I m not convinced yet there s a soul on the earth, asshole or saint, that can t be won over with a good joke or a good story or someone just being an interesting, real human person Where that isn t enough to break all the rules and get away with anything and make family out of strangers I m sure those people exist I m saying I haven t met one yet And since that seems to be the basic law of El s universe too, well It makes me feel like I m not naive It makes me feel like maybe that s the basic law everywhere And maybe, the who believe that it just might be Plus, my room number was 325 Chili Palmer s with the guns and the money and newfound friends was 325 How s that for kicks What you don t understand, Catlett said, is what the movie is saying You live clean, the shit gets taken care of somehow or other That s what the movie s about You believe that In movies, yeah Movies haven t got nothing to do with real life

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahem Ok, I have myself under control I can do this Get Shorty by El Leonard could be arguably the author s finest work Not only is it very meta being a fictional story written about a fictional story about writing a fictional story, it has an amusing plot full of amusing and stereotypical classic characters It is about various people, modeled probably on real people Leonard had met in Hollywood, who are wanting to break into the inner circle of those who make Hollywood movies, AND the novel Leonard wrote WAS made into a real movie for reals Guffaw Excuse me I keep dropping and rolling on the floor in helpless laughter Excuse me.Youtube link to the movie trailer Ernesto Chili Palmer is a character right out of mobster central casting except he is the real deal, that is, a character in Get Shorty who is a fictional real loan shark living in Florida He can t be completely part of the Mafia because he is Puerto Rican on his father s side, but on his mother s side he has uncles connected to a Brooklyn crew Chili does not really enjoy having to show respect to those fully connected because he often saw them be and talk idiotic, but he is content with his permanent lower status with the mafia He and his ex wife Debbie liked the benefits that came with the respect locals and business people had for him when they were aware of who Chili worked for at least until Debbie got pregnant She gave him an ultimatum get out of the business so he lied and said he had when they moved to Florida from Brooklyn As far as she knew, he sold restaurant supplies in their new home.Debbie learned the truth when Ray Barboni, another mafioso, stole Chili s jacket Chili got the jacket back after breaking Barboni s nose, but there was a slight kerfuffle after that a shootout Barboni s boss talked it over with Chili s boss, and they decided to forget it However, Debbie overheard and decided her miscarriage happened because Chili was still working for the Brooklyn crew She walked away from the marriage, and Chili continued to be a quick loan shylock for his boss.Twelve years later, Chili s boss was killed and Barboni s boss put Barboni in charge of the loan racket Chili was almost out of it anyway by this time, doing only occasional car repossessions and collection work He no longer could show respect, and it was noticed When Barboni checked Chili s collection book, he noticed a debt left open It turned out it was Leo Devoe, a dry cleaner, who had died in a plane crash Barboni decided if the widow, Fay, had received insurance he was going to collect the debt So Barboni sends Chili to see Fay Unexpectedly Chili discovers Leo is alive and living in Las Vegas, with the insurance money, having deserted Fay.Well The story moves forward, and so do Chili and Leo, to Los Angeles where after many amusing and amazing turns of plot later, Chili ends up getting into the movie business He meets a few interesting people, among them criminals, a movie star, several producers and agents and a gorgeous ex scream queen Barboni follows Chili to California and also tries to deal himself into the various cons and plans which have popped up when he learns there is a lot of money 400,000, possibly still floating around, maybe.Hollywood movie people are known as being cutthroat, and so are Chili s former associates Will Chili survive If he does end up dead, it will certainly be with a considerable amount of fun beforehand Fucking endings, man, they weren t as easy as they looked snort

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    What a read It s so funny I thought my pants would never dry.The main character, Chili Palmer is just so cool Chili, a small time loan shark get by by impling violence to non paying customers The threats are always delivered with Chili s own brand of dry humor.Did you know it was Chili who first said these immortal words look at me This is about Hollywood meets the Mob Chili goes to Hollywood chasing a guy who owes him money Along the way Chili meets some low level movie types and decides the movie life might be the go for him Before long Chili goes into the movie business and the film producers all want to be mobsters It s a farce but what an entertaining farce it is.During his life El Leonard was long associated with the movie industry and had some serious run ins with the moguls of the industry Get Shorty is Leonard s tongue in cheek finger poke at Hollywood.Highly recommended.

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    George Higgins might have been an influence on the late, great El Leonard but, for me at least, there is no one who nails dialogue quite like Duke It s a great regret that I never got to meet the man because he s a hero But it s than dialogue, isn t it Opening lines, pacing, plotting he could do all of it, and it seemed to be completely effortless I think he s written better books than this, but it s the one that brought me to him and so I still have a soft spot for it Chilli Palmer is a superb character, perhaps a little unfortunately associated with Travolta now, because, for me, he has a little hardness and a little less smarm But that s quibbling His Ten Rules are in full effect here and they contribute to a rollicking, roller coastering read that completely blew me away when I read it for the first time and the second time, and the third As an entree to the great man s work, this is a good choice And if it is your first, I envy you Luckily for us, he was prolific and there s plenty to enjoy.

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    I would call this spoof noir It has all the noir elements you d find in a Raymond Chandler novel, but not only none of the darkness, but humor enough for smiles throughout Chili Palmer is not your stereotypical loan shark Collecting is just business Hurting people who don t pay shouldn t be necessary when all you have to do is look at them with that certain look.Neither is this any sort of stereotypical crime novel Which are the good guys and which the bad isn t as obvious as it should be Or at least it isn t as obvious when they are introduced, and, then, well, maybe But then, maybe being a shylock isn t the only job in the world.This was just too fun Pulp fiction that is so much better than pulp fiction It s a 4 plus or a 5 minus Because of its genre, I can t quite bring myself to give it 5 stars I think others might, though, because yes, it s fun

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    I love just about all the books this guy has ever written His characters are quirky and colorful, his plots always a bit offbeat And this story of a small time hood trying to break into the movie business as a producer is no exception El leonard is considered a crime writer, yet his characters are rarely if ever detectives, policemen, or private eyes Now that s a challenge He is definitely a one of a kind author.It s no wonder that Hollywood has made so many movies out of his books

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download Get Shorty, read online Get Shorty, kindle ebook Get Shorty, Get Shorty 1b6bd732334f Mob Connected Loan Shark Chili Palmer Is Sick Of The Miami Grind Plus His Friends Have A Bad Habit Of Dying There So When He Chases A Deadbeat Client Out To Hollywood, Chili Figures He Might Like To Stay This Town, With Its Dream Makers, Glitter, Hucksters, And Liars Plus Gorgeous, Partially Clad Would Be Starlets Everywhere You Look Seems Ideal For An Enterprising Criminal With A Taste For The Cinematic Besides, Chili S Got An Idea For A Killer Movie, Though It Could Very Possibly Kill Him To Get It Made