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  • Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • The Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1)
  • Mark Miller
  • English
  • 15 September 2017
  • 9781935361039

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    In this wonderful story, for children and adults alike, we are introduced to a captivating set of characters and a unique kingdom called Empyrean.The story is crafted carefully, with lots of suspense and build up of different storylines, creating a web of plots that must have taken careful planning to achieve There are enough surprises along the way, like unicorns and tigers, to keep even the most jaded of readers captivated and turning the pages The characters are all very amusing, from the three queens at the very beginning, to the two main characters Zandria and Olena, two sisters of royal blood Their relationship is well developed and complex, with all the mixture of love and competition that siblings experience, but with a healthy dose of fantasy to make it just a touch different The reader falls in love with the two of them as we follow them through their adventures The landscape itself is, in my opinion, a character all its own It is intricately made, with a multitude of details to keep the reader amused and with a smile on his or her face It s one of those stories that is hard to put down once it really gets started.This is a book perfect for a quick, fun, fantasy filled read Every lover of fantasy and fairytales would love to dive into Empyrean., and I for one, will be picking up the second in the series.

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    Mark Miller was nice enough to guest post here on Gelati s Scoop many moons ago I have been lucky enough to be invited to a Goodreads event Mark has going on at a Great Wolf Resort, here is the link for that Let s get right into the action shall we In the fairytale kingdom of Empyrean, time has moved on The princesses of once upon a time, like Snow White and Cinderella, have grown old and become great queens Now, their kingdom is in danger A Forgotten Evil has returned In a small village by the sea, two sisters, Zandria and Olena, begin a dangerous journey for Zandria to claim her birthright as a queen Along their journey, they meet some unique friends and terrifying enemies while trying to survive places like the Dead Forest and escape troll infested castles Will they make it to the Crystal Castle in time to save Empyrean or will the sisters lose each other forever One thing is certain, before their journey ends, Zandria will learn what it means to be The Fourth Queen Okay, Mr Miller seems to have a bit of stuff going on in and around his Empyrical World All fun and all good The thing I enjoy about his work is the genuine feel and the pleasant message he is trying to deliver with all this The work can be shared with the kids, the writing is good and is interesting, and there are no wasted pages in the mix I like that When I try to share something with my youngest daughter if there are too many slow pages, her interest wanes, she gives me that funny look and fidgets a bit There is none of that here The thing about this week of posting for me, the self pubbed and independent publisher thing , is amplified here today in Mark s work and later today in J Evan Johnson s novel, the heart, the soul of it remains intact We are getting the essence of the author without there being too much of it edited out The unique intended message is not filtered out but remains intact and it works on all levels Step into Mark Miller s world with your kids, have a good time, and feel good about it For those of you that have missed Mark Miller s guest post, here you go, enjoy, it has some good links in it First, let me say thank you to Giovanni It s great to be here and hopefully meet some new readers My name s Mark and as you can see from my own blog , I m only starting out as a blogger I still have a lot to learn, despite the upcoming release of my second novel Like my own blog, I wanted to do something different for the Scoop I have a Theory of Firsts the first sentence, first paragraph, first page and first chapter have to hook me Too many times, if I m not feeling it by the end of the first paragraph, then I may not enjoy the book or sometimes even finish it kind of like my eight minute rule for movies Try it with something like Great Expectations When I start reading that one, I can t stop I m not comparing anyone to Dickens, simply giving a good example of how the first page creates that needed hook for me I have a couple new books waiting for me on my shelf and randomly pulled down Knight Errant by John Jackson Miller no relation Haven t read it, haven t even creased the paperback spine What I thought might be interesting would be to do a review of the first page and only the first page Now, if you ll excuse me for a couple minutes, I m going to read the first page of Knight Errant Be right backSorry That took longer than I thought because it had a prologue So, yes, I m a Star Wars nerd and yes, I read the whole prologue Then I read the first page of the first chapter You can call a technical foul if you d like, but I m not going to count the prologue Interestingly though, both the prologue and the first chapter start in a similar way Both have a seemingly random character performing a seemingly random task I say seemingly because I have very little idea what may be in store I do know that good storytellers introduce their important characters early, so hopefully Narsk the Bothan doesn t get disintegrated on the next page The first sentence of the first chapter is In Sith space, everyone is a slave I know this story takes place about a thousand years before Luke Skywalker and I know the Sith are some bad dudes To me, this is a good first sentence Sets a tone that allows for change Slaves need to be freed or free themselves I would like to see this as the basis for the character arc, although we have yet to meet the main character, Jedi Kerra Holt The whole reason for any story is the character arc, the fundamental change of the character Arthur becomes a great king, Luke becomes a Jedi I anticipate that in some way Kerra frees herself from either literal or metaphorical slavery However, our focus is page one, Narsk, hanging upside down in a high security ventilation shaft Sounds like he s a slave doing Sith dirty work Except, he thinks he s special Then Miller lays on some heavy sci fi making SW Universe references and going techie with a special concealment suit These are the kinds of things that fans of this genre look for in a good read Then that s it for the first page Based on what I read, would I read the whole book Of course But remember, I m a nerd Star Wars aside though, Miller puts us right inside his character s head He puts us in an unusual predicament, literally a cliff hanger on the first page I have to wonder if Narsk is hanging upside down to clean the vents or is this how he is infiltrating a high security area Are you going to read this based on my opinion of the first page If you re a fan of Star Wars novels, then I expect this to be a good one Mark Miller is the author of The Empyrical Tales, a fantasy adventure series Book II The Lost Queen will be available May 1, 2011 Look for the upcoming review on Gelati s Scoop For info on the series and author visit www.MillerWords.com or Facebook What are you reading today Have you checked out our new blogtalk radio show The G ZONE Check us out and become our friend on Shelfari, The Novel Spot Twitter Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on Did you know you can shop directly on by clicking the Banner on our blog Thanks for stopping by today We will see you tomorrow Have a great day.

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    When I discovered author Mark Miller at an author showcase I knew immediately I wanted to read his books His personality and willingness to talk to his fans, both established and new, was so appreciated My eyes popped with sparkling excitement when he handed me my very own autographed copy I m a fan of fairy tale fantasy regardless of the age for which the novels are written, and I m a sucker for autographs and handshakes.The Fourth Queen brings you into the story from the first line You are introduced to Zandria and Olena, two young sisters who embark on a journey to Empyrean One of them is the fourth queen, and it is important that when the signs of the times begin to manifest these two girls reach the castle before it is too late It is a race against time that will keep you holding the book and turning the pages.From trials and victories, battles and moments of heartwarming scenarios, The Fourth Queen is a novel the entire family will find enjoyable.I enjoyed meeting the characters along the way I have several favorites Olena, being the younger sister was someone I could relate to I also have another who is my favorite, his name is Sylvan but I won t ruin the story by telling you about him When it comes to the animals, Apis was my hero I enjoy talking animals in fairy tales, but I still want to hear what people have to say as well Mark s outstanding blend of talking animals and people worked well for me The pacing was spot on, and the dialogue kept me wondering just what would happen next.Mark s amazing talent at bringing the reader into the action had me going from the onset His vivid and descriptive narratives portray him as a mastery of the craft Instantly I would be where Zandria and Olena were I would be hearing every sound, seeing the scenery, feeling the emotion, and even smelling the aromas that surrounded the characters.I am glad to know there are books in the series, and I am anticipating reading book 2, The Lost Queen and moving on to book 3, The Secret Queen.I give this book 5 stars for a fantastic story line, being entertaining, well written, and boasting a book cover design that caught my attention.

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    Every once in a while you read a book that makes you sit back in your chair when you are finished reading and grin The 1st book in Mark Miller s Empyrical Tales, The Fourth Queen did that to me In fact, I grinned most of the way through it Mark Miller gives us a piece of literary art with his completely wonderous and fresh take on the whole fairy tale idea Written for his children, this book was as entertaining, lively and engrossing, for me, an adult, as it would be for a child.The Fourth Queen is not an Epic novel of civil war heroism and history, or a swoon worthy romance It is a fairy tale within a fairy tale What would happen if you took the Brother s Grimm s Tales, mixed in a little C.S Lewis, Aeosop s Fables and a bit of The Neverending Story This is what you would have A book filled with creatures of funny names and funny habits A fable of lessons and teachings of love, bravery, teamwork and above all the meaning of family.I seriously cannot understand why The Fourth Queen has not been made into a movie, but, perhaps that is in the future Im eager to read the 2nd and 3rd books in The Empyrical Tales and Ill be looking for print copies of these books to keep for my daughter to have when she gets older I wish they had been around when I was a kid Kudos to Mark Miller for creating a whole new world of fairy tales A Solid 5 Stars Reviewed by Carolyn Seiver for YA Book Addict

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    When the fairytale kingdom of Empyrean suddenly finds itself threatened by the return of a long forgotten evil, it s up to the sister team of Zandria and Olena to come to its rescue Determined to save her beloved kingdom, Zandria is forced to undergo a series of increasingly difficult challenges in her quest to claim her birthright as queen knowing full well that if she falters, not only will sheleave Empyrean in peril, but she may also lose her sister forever Imaginatively well crafted, The Fourth Queen is an engaging fantasy tale In it, author Mark Miller introduces the reader to a host of unique characters, each of which fits quite well within the overall scope of his expansive storyline Further, Miller does an impressive job of sustaining the suspense of his narrative, ensuring that the reader remains rapt at attention through each new development in the unfolding of Zandria s daunting journey With such a combination of engrossing elements, The Fourth Queen shines as a standout example of the best that quality fantasy fiction has to offer An entertaining and ultimately rewarding read, The Fourth Queen is strongly recommended for readers of all ages Chelsea Perry, ApexReviews.net

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    I found this book in a little bookstore here in Eustis Florida.I love Fairy Tales and this one just continues where they left off when I was child Having fun with it It seems to be an easy read.

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    I was given this book to review and found it to be well written, its roots within fairytales that rekindle well known characters.It was an interesting take on what could happen in the lives of these characters, alongside new, equally fairytale like ones It is a fantasy that is recognisable in its plot, but that familiarity gives a feeling of coming home fantasy fans should enjoy it.The world building painted atmosphere and the characters sat well within it.Overall, a good read.Worth a look.

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    I will read this book because of Goodreads First Reads I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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characters The Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1), audiobook The Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1), files book The Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1), today The Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1), The Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1) 199d6 In The Fairytale Kingdom Of Empyrean, Time Has Moved On The Princesses Of Once Upon A Time, Like Snow White And Cinderella, Have Grown Old And Become Great Queens Now, Their Kingdom Is In Danger A Forgotten Evil Has Returned In A Small Village By The Sea, Two Sisters, Zandria And Olena, Begin A Dangerous Journey For Zandria To Claim Her Birthright As A Queen Along Their Journey, They Meet Some Unique Friends And Terrifying Enemies While Trying To Survive Places Like The Dead Forest And Escape Troll Infested Castles Will They Make It To The Crystal Castle In Time To Save Empyrean Or Will The Sisters Lose Each Other Forever One Thing Is Certain, Before Their Journey Ends, Zandria Will Learn What It Means To Be The Fourth Queen

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After spending almost 15 years in Florida, Mark has returned home to Kansas He has achieved some success as a Kindle Best Seller and having one of his short stories selected as a winner in the Florida Writer s Association Short Story Collection.Growing up in Kansas, Mark graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences and received his Bachelor s in Film from the University of Kansas.Mark has