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    I love Jilly Cooper Her books are just glorious, full of the most joyful prose and splendid similies and I love anything that s written using the words glorious, splendid and joyful Her characters are entertaining, compelling and so real, despite for the most part being horrendous charactatures and stereotypes, and weave in and out throughout her Rutshire Chronicles series, either stepping forward to take their turn in the limelight or dropping in like old friends or to reveal their redeemed ways.Rannaldini makes his tyrannical debut in The Man Who Made Husband s Jealous, fully reveals his devious, villinous nature in Apassionata and finally gets his comeuppance in Score He s such a great character that killing him off is still a shock, despite it being the entire premise of the book.This has all the hallmarks of Cooper s other boooks the family rivalries, hidden secrets and lots of saucyness And it is a proper murder mystery, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing right to the end and you ll keep turning pages just to see who survives.

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    Famous conductor Ranaldini a man so ostentatiously wicked he might as well be wearing a hat with Villain on it is making a film of Verdi s opera Don Carlos , with his godson Tristan as director Ranaldini is soon joyously trying to make everyone hate him, and succceeding Soon all cast members and film crew are busy having affairs with each other, falling in love, out of love etc Tabitha Campbell Black manages to be in love with four different men in succession in the course of the book, before they ve even finished making the film halfway through the book someone is murdered no prizes for guessing who , and a mass of detectives descend on the film set, adding further confusion to the already overloaded cast of characters Somewhat unnecessary too, since the identity of the murderer is fairly obvious As is the explanation for the other mystery that of tristan s parentage.This book has far too many characters, and very few who are at all likeable Characters from earlier books have their personalities changed with no convicning explanation helen, who was quite a nice person, if a bit uptight, in Riders, has by the time we get to Score , been transformed into an egotistical monster with no interest in anyone other than herself And I flatly refuse to believe in rupert Campbell black as a devoted faithful husband isa lovell remains an enigma, with no satisfactory explanation given as to his motives for doing anything As for Lucy, she is so dull i simply can t believe in anyone falling in love with her This book makes Riders look like War and peace by comparison.

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    This is seriously the most boring, convoluted book I have ever tried to read It is the first and last Jilly Cooper I will ever read The story is totally unbelievable and childish with ridiculous character names, there are so many characters and I didn t care about any of them, in fact if they d all been murdered I would have cheered

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    Tristan, a young French director shows up to film a movie version of Don Carlos the opera but the usual sleeping around backstabbing cast hijinks take a break when there is an actual murder There is a love story that is late but welcome Tristan Lucy , a pairing I never thought would be cool but ended up awesome Tabitha Wolf and it s always great to revisit the Campbell Blacks but there is a lot that is wrooooooong OK, not as much of a dud as Apassionata, but some of the plot developments break even my suspension of disbelief Tabitha s whole storyline, view spoiler though I am happy how and with whom she ended up I mean, she starts the novel falling for Tristan, then falling in lust an marrying Isa Lovell, becoming an alcoholic, losing a baby, getting raped by Rannaldini and then ending up with Wolf, Rannaldini s son which ick, however lovely and Daddy hating Wolf is Plus, honestly, I don t see Rupert being OK with anyone with the last name Rannaldini near his daughter, especially since he knows she was raped and was only prevented from committing murder by the fact that someone else got there first hide spoiler

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    I think this is one of the best Jilly Cooper books a murder mystery surrounded by her usual mix of beautiful people, unfaithful lovers and gorgeous settings.Tristan de le Montiguy is in the process of filming the opera, Don Carlos His father s great friend, Roberto Rannaldini, is directing the music and causing mayhem, as the cast and crew gather at Valhalla to sing and act Rannaldini has plans to seduce his step daughter, Tabitha Campbell Black, but not before he has ruined her life by setting up a marriage with Isa Lovell two things that he knows will anger his rival, Rupert Campbell Black When Tristan falls for Tabby too, Rannaldini tells him an awful secret At the same time, he devastates the crew and cast, revealing things said in private, outing secrets and setting up lovers, caught in the act When he is murdered and his watch tower burnt to the ground, there is no end of potential suspects, most people glad that he has gone As murders follow and strange things begin to happen on set, it is up to Tristan, Lucy the make up artist and Gablecross the detective to put the pieces together.This is such a good read It starts off as the normal romp through Rutshire life and ends up as a tense thriller The revelation of the actual killer is still a surprise on the second reading and the ending is brilliant Well worth reading again and again.

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    What is the French for arsenic and strychnine murmured Granny, who was pointedly ignoring both of them Arsenic and strychnine, said Oscar, walking up to slot Gauloise into him jade cigarette holder Malevolence is universal The book was long, 789 pages, which is good for a novel I like long books, because I read so quickly all though, lately I haven t been reading as much But there were SO MANY characters In fact, at the beginning of her books, Cooper does a character list In this, there is 82 characters listed Honestly No book needs to many people in it It makes it so that you don t actually like or care about any of them because it s skipping around so often.Also, a murder mystery, the victim didn t get killed until over halfway through the book So for some 450 pages, there was just a mass of people doing fuck knows what because I couldn t be asked to actually follow because I didn t care The end was decent, made me want to read instead of keep putting it down as I had been.

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    If you enjoy broad satire, have a bit of a clue about the British class system and are open to novels that lead you on goose trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful ending, you can t do better than Jilly Cooper Her books are, to use the English expression, a lark , filled with high comedy, pretentious snobs, salt of the earth types, love stories, romps, successes and rightful devastation of the villains in the plot The plot, however, is always so serpentine that the reader is usually kept guessing until the end Farcical fun

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    I read this as part of my Jilly Cooper phase I am not sure if I would have liked it if I had not read Riders, Rivals and Polo before this one I just didn t get involved with the characters the way I had in the other books I do believe that Riders etc are the best 3 books she s written and the others I have read of hers are always benchmarked against these There weren t stand out characters like Rupert C B but the book was an ok read.

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    To be honest during the first couple of hundres pages it was usual he likes her, she bitches about her, she is a spoilt brat, etc, whilst Cooper introduces us to all the characters, but then once you are just starting to get to know them or at least think you are, it isnt just the usual Jilly Cooper everyone romping around with each other but it turns into a whodunnit as well I really enjoyed reading this It was a good couple of weeks light entertainment for me.

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    I just couldn t get into this one, after over 100 pages I m sadly DNFing I will try Wicked and Jump, may skip over Pandora entirely as it doesn t really sound like it fits in with the Rutshire books anyways.

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