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summary The Three Privileges, series The Three Privileges, book The Three Privileges, pdf The Three Privileges, The Three Privileges 7a8d5ac322 When They Finally Find His Trace, His Life And The World Order Change ForeverNahuel Is A Teenager The Most Wanted In The World But He Doesn T Know It, Because His Grandfather Has Managed To Hide His True Identity From HimThe United Nations Organization Sends Him An Invitation That He Cannot Refuse In The Mysterious Underground Floor, Nahuel Learns The Power Of Privileges And Its Sacred Connection To Nature Together With A Group Of Young People From All Over The World, He Will Be Trained To Discover And Work His Extraordinary Skills, Without Knowing That He Is A Key Player In An Ancient, Never Ending WarNahuel Must Fight Against The Devastating Forces That The Ignobles Bring With Them And, On The Way, Discover Who He Is And What The True Story Of His Family Is

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    The main characters are teenagers, so at the beginning it might seem it s a book for pre teen and teens only, but if you take a look, you will quickly appreciate that it s a book for any age I m 30 and I really enjoyed it.I was a bit tired of the future dystopias for YA, that s why I bought this book The privileged world, is a world where the real and the supernatural live together it reminds me of Harry Potter, as it is a parallel world, with its own laws, challenges, and terrible threats.I like fantasy books that have a touch of reality and The Three Privileges is one of those types of books The world of privileges, set in New York and the secret underground of the United Nations, is believable and it makes you wanna be part of the privileged society I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    The Three Privileges takes us on a very attractive and impossible to put down story.Here are three things I love about this book The unique plot The story has its own mythology, new and completely different superpowers, new dialact and different settings The connection the characters have with nature, animals and plants You don t see this very often in a teens books You cannot conceive humanity but as part of Nature In The Three Privileges, energy flows among characters and other living organisms, bringing them all together in one unified being This amidst action, twists of fate, tension, and double faced characters Privileges are superpowers but explained from natural frequencies and vibrations that all objects and beings in our planet have This was what I loved the most Privileges are a way to explain the legends of men and beasts and give them a common origin, by guiding us through this historical symbiosis between human beings and animals What is , through privileges, real phenomena, such as earthquakes or plagues, are explained.I absolutely recommend it

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    It is a great book It has a bit of everything adventure, fun, mystery, friendship, dramaI m a Harry Potter fan and the review of this book mentioned it so I got it About the book, I really liked it It catches your attention right away Some of the things I saw them coming, others not at allNarrative is attractive and easy to follow The part of the story that really shone for me was the worldbuilding around the privileges About the plot, I really don t want to say much to avoid spoilers but I would say it is a mix between Nahuel s personal life and the history and threats of the ancient society About the characters, they felt real to me and they matured through the book through the experiences they live which I appreciate I really loved the main characters specially Aremi, one of Nahuel s best friends Overall, it is a very good book and now I m waiting for the second one

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    The perfect book for a fantasy fanNahuel s monotonous life takes an unexpected turn when an agent from the United Nations can finally spot his hiding place at the edge of the world The strange man summons him to become part of the prestigious Organization where he will study at it s headquarters for 12 months Quite reluctantly, Nahuel s grandfather allows him to start the journey to New York, where he will discover his identity and what he s capable of This is the beginning of a great and unique story full of adventure, magic, dangers and friendship to keep readers of all ages engaged The characters will learn to develop their skills through individual and collective training They will also be taught on International security, serums, movement and transportation, botanical and animal communication among other They will get to realize the importance of bulas and talesmas, instrument with which the privileged can heighten their abilities and channel their energy They will be put to the test during the Hazn s, trials that will grow in complexity and which take place in several outdoor settings It s fresh and fun

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    Brilliant Story and excellent plot I thought this book was brilliant I loved how A.V Davina uses the connection humans have, or should have, with nature I loved the privileged society and how they are present in every major organization in history The existence of this privileged society has been kept from the rest of humans since the beginning of history, through the influence of international organizations, such as the United Nations But this time, the Council of Privileges is dramatically challenged by a group of rebels, called the Ignobles Nahuel, the protagonist, has to fight them and, on the way, figure out his true identity.Also, the way it is written is very grabbing The author gives perfect little descriptions without losing the attention of the reader.

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    Great book for fantasy lovers I was looking for a YA fantasy book that could impress me, with a fresh ad original story.The Three Privileges was just what i was looking for A new story, with different type of superpowers, something I have never read before.I recommend it to all, young and old

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