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    mike mullin recommended this book to me, i think because he s on to me and my gingerbread trap house etc it is how i maintain my youthful glow i ordered it into the store, and then i felt obligated to buy it, even though it was a silly book for kids with pictures of witches and what have you.so i bought it, cursing my stupid self the whole time, and then i actually sat down with it, and guess what it s pretty great i have to admire the author s commitment to detail there is a way to write this book that is lazy and half assed just draw some witches and make some cutesy rhymes about eating kids maybe a poop joke and blah blah done but this is a much thoughtful book each witch hails from a different region, and has their own method of kid cuisine, and borderline offensive dialect and tone i particularly like the beginning instructions for making bratwurst and upset cabbage weiner the whiner pictured below the first thing to do is make your upset cabbage it is not difficult, they are shy creatures and easy to frighten i sneak up from behind and then throw myself on it screaming achtung green swine after weiner the whiner does his business on it i poke it with a stick this makes a very upset cabbage now hold weiner the whiner over a large saucepan until he does his toilet again and throw in the chopped cabbage put the lid on and boil for six hours until the cabbage is furious.i am not going to try this, obviously i have a cat, not a dog, but i like knowing that cabbage has got a quick temper does this make the irish cannibals see borderline offensive i am learning it is a much fun and detailed book than the cover and similar books on the market would lead you to expect, and it includes three pages of advertising for the restaurants of the featured witches, which is pretty cute it is a very well thought out book,with appeal for both kids and adults, and i am sorry i underestimated it also looking at the illustrator s website, i found another book of his i want even The Poison Diariesi will order it tomorrow and buy it without regrets thanks, mike mullin

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    This was much longer than it needed to be It was kind of a one joke idea turned into 80 pages I think a standard 32 page picture book would have been sufficient I also think the text itself was way too long I ended up skimming it There were cute plays on words, but it just went on too long The recipes, too, weren t written recipe style, which I think would have been funnier, easier to read, and made sense Instead there was and text.The illustrations, however, were amazing They were very beautiful,funny, and I enjoyed leafing through them However, there was one stereotyped image that was offensive While many cultural stereotypes were portrayed, a german with long blond braids, a Cajun Voodoo witch, the drawing of the Japanese witch, with squinting slanted eyes, was the only one that used genetic physical traits in a comic manner ala Little Black Sambo The book would have been three stars but I docked it one for that particular image.

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    This wonderful enigma of a book came to me by accident I found myself unexpectedly baby sitting my sister s children and this was their current bed time story book of choice I read one recipe to them then snuck downstairs to read the rest on my own It tickled me so much that the next day I went to buy it for myself Never before has a children s book reduced me to tears of laughter It would not surprise me at all if this became popular with adults as well as children I heartily recommend this book to everyone who loves to laugh so hard that things fly our of their nose If you are unsure then I have found a great blog online which is written by the head witch Esmelia Sniff Find it on esmeliasniff.typepad.com the_ghastly_An absolute joy for young and old.

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    Similar to another recently read children s book loved the illustrations, didn t like the text I m not the right age to like recipes with snot and bunions However, the illustrations are detailed, and imaginative, and funny I m trying to decide to keep the book for the pictures or give it away to someone who will enjoy the recipes.

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    This was only 80 pages a kids book with lots of pictures I don t know that I would read this to an especially small child, but the 7 10 set would probably enjoy it Obviously, depends on the kid There is an impressive number of name food puns Pamcakes, Seared Tina, etc.The illustrated witches are pure caricature The Asian one is culturally insensitive as is the way they portray her speech , so that was disappointing I thought this book would be a lot of fun, but it other than the puns, it was disappointing.

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    Many famous culinary witches have contributed recipes that range from such tangy delights as Seared Tina in Boy Sauce on a Bed of Fragrant Lice to the filling Bratwurst and Upset Cabbage to sweet Flat Jacks 6 14 2018

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    Very cute Not sure what age range this is for but I loved it as an adult.

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    This is not your typical childrens book I m still trying to figure out if this truly should be an adult book I admit I found the humor quite good and the illustrations are wonderful, but I do believe it s too grisly for very young children Done as a cookbook for fellow witches, varies witches give ingredients and the instructions for hilarious meals that use children as the main course The illustrations for this book are great and really do make the book The humor is grisly, but it s not gross I believe preteen is the beginning age of readers that would appreciate this book You won t find many books like this one, but you should have it in your collection just for it s amusement factor.

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    If there s any greater happiness than smelling a small child gently simmering in the pot then I m sure I don t know what it is, unless of course it s the sound of the oven door clanging shut on another one of the nasty little creaturesThis brilliant book, written mostly by me, is probably the best, and funniest cook book ever Even that Gordon Ramsay says so, look what he wrote Quite simply the best book for cooking with children ever written The recipes are mouth watering and Esmelia Sniff is a laugh out loud kitchen nightmare There are very few chefs who can change the way we think about food, but thanks to Esmelia and her pointy hatted friends I ll be putting youngsters on the menu in all my restaurants from now on Flippin excellent Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay

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    Traditional witch Esmelia Sniff takes us on a tour of the world, visiting other witches and collecting scrumtious recipes such as Kate and Sidney Pie , Pie Ella , and Cajun Cherub Gumbo Lavishly illustrated this cookbook is not for the faint of heart or stomach Could be fun to take on summer reading visits unless you have a teacher who will object to sentences like If there s any greater happiness than smelling a small child gently simmering in the pot then I m sure I don t know what it is, unless of course it s the sound of the oven door clanging shut on another one of the nasty little creatures I mostly liked it but after awhile it got a little too ewwww even for me.

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download How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book, read online How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book, kindle ebook How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book, How to Cook Children: A Grisly Recipe Book 85de57565056 Every Dish In This Very Unique Cookbook Has One Thing In Common The Main Ingredient Is Children Many Famous Culinary Witches Have Contributed From Barfa Stew Wart To India S Favorite Kideeta Skingh And Janie Groviller From Britain And Each Of Their Recipes Is Introduced By The General Editor Esmelia Sniff Recipes Range From Such Tangy Delights As Seared Tina In Boy Sauce On A Bed Of Fragrant Lice To The Filling Bratwurst And Upset Cabbage To Sweet Flat Jacks Featuring A Dark Subject Matter But Laugh Out Loud Jokes, Absurd Characters, And Beautiful Illustrations, This Is The Perfect Cookbook For Parents And Children Alike