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    This book was mediocre The author has some good ideas but the execution is terrible His writing is amateurish and frustrating to read None of the main characters are likable Still though, I find myself wanting to know what will happen next, strange as that seems I didn t hate this book but I m glad I didn t spend money on it Seth and Kendra s parents are going on a cruise and they need to dump their kids off at their grandparents house Of course, Seth and Kendra are grumpy for being left behind while their parents get to enjoy a vacation, and they prepare themselves for two weeks of boredom spent with grandparents they don t even really know Once there though, they realize that their grandparents home and the land it sits on is not at all ordinary and proceed to get themselves in all kinds of trouble with fairies, witches, and even a few satyrs.My single biggest problem with this story is every main character is either unlikable, irresponsible, or both First off, I wanted to smack Seth on than one occasion He s selfish, stupid, and a horrible brat Seth is the type of kid that takes out a magnifying glass to fry ants Even when he does something wrong he barely gets reprimanded And no matter how many times he s told not to do something he does it anyway, getting himself and others into trouble Many of the problems that the characters encountered could have been avoided if Seth wasn t such an idiot.Kendra isn t much better though Her main personality trait is not getting into trouble She s a flat character that comes off as bossy and know it all She also avoids trouble by making her brother do dangerous things that she doesn t want to do Kendra uses Seth as a guinea pig for things that could kill him, for real, and she barely thinks twice about harming her younger brother.I think the main thing that bothered me about this book was the relationship between Kendra and Seth I don t know if my younger brother and I just got along better than most siblings, but a lot of the things that Kendra and Seth say and do to each other are downright mean It really made me like both of them that much less.The kids grandpa is the most irresponsible one of the them all, considering some of the minor and a few of the major problems could have been avoided if he had been upfront and honest with Seth and Kendra He either doesn t trust them or thinks they re on a need to know basis, but whatever the reason he keeps them in the dark throughout the novel which results in plenty of mishaps He even says that what you don t know can hurt you but still doesn t tell them the whole truth most of the time This was very frustrating.The mythologies and legends told throughout the story are convoluted at best The author tries to blend these things together and it just ends up a mess with naiads, fairies, witches, demons, and ogres running around Nothing gets developed really well and it just seems like the author through in creatures that he liked or wanted to write about, not ones that would necessarily make sense.I was surprised about the amount of violence, death, and nudity in this book Not to mention giant teats Kendra even drinks blood at one point I honestly don t care, but I can imagine some parents wouldn t be happy about it I plan on trying the next book against my better judgment I ll be getting that one from the library as well though, I can t justify spending money on this series I want to know what s going to happen with some of unresolved storylines enough to pick up the second book Here s hoping the series improves.

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    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comIt s very rare, in this day and age of Harry Potter mania and yes, I admit I m a very devoted victim to find a fantasy story that can actually hold your attention With FABLEHAVEN, though, new author Brandon Mull manages to do just that from the very first page to the last Not to mention, thank the fairies, that there s already another book planned in the series The premise is simple enough two siblings, thirteen year old Kendra and her eleven year old brother, Seth, are relegated to spending time with their paternal grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson, while their parents enjoy a seventeen day Scandinavian cruise At first glance, that might not seem so strange, but you have to understand that their family s relationship with the grandparents Sorenson is sort of an odd one They don t visit much, they don t call in fact, Kendra and Seth don t really know their grandparents that well at all This is a forced, mandatory vacation though, so the kids don t have much choice in the matter And when they finally reach Fablehaven, where, unbeknown to them, their Grandfather is the caretaker, they re a little overwhelmed First, there were the No Trespassing and Private Property signs that gave way to one that said Certain Death Awaits Now, they find out that however pretty and secluded Fablehaven may be, there s no television, no radio, and a ton of rules not all of which make sense What follows is two weeks of adventure, trouble, suspense, and magic than the kids could have ever dreamed of When their rash actions, and disobedience to some important rules, leads to retribution from the magical world of Fablehaven, Kendra, Seth, Grandpa Sorenson, and even Grandma, who seems to be missing, are in for a ride FABLEHAVEN is a great fantasy novel perfect for everyone, from young adults to those young at heart With a cast of characters ranging from witches to fairies, satyrs to imps, strange chickens and conniving trolls, there s definitely something for everyone I plan to give my copy of FABLEHAVEN to my ten year old son to read next, and I m pretty sure he ll enjoy it as much as I did not to mention my mom, who gets it when he s done Kudos to Mr Mull for such a great debut fantasy novel, and for giving me something absolutely wonderful to read during my Harry Potter deprived winter I can t wait for the next book in the series

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    Fablehaven Fablehaven 1 , Brandon MullFablehaven is The New York Times best selling children s literature fantasy series written by Brandon Mull The book series, which includes Fablehaven, Fablehaven Rise of the Evening Star, Fablehaven Grip of the Shadow Plague, Fablehaven Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and Fablehaven Keys to the Demon Prison, is published by Shadow Mountain in hardcover and Simon Schuster in paperback Fablehaven is a secret nature preserve protecting beings of myth and legend from the outside world The current caretaker, Stan Sorenson, describes it as a refuge for mystical creatures Those who live in this large sanctuary, mortal and magical, must abide by a treaty of rules The most common rules are focused upon the law of the harvest or the law of retribution meaning, you reap what you sow It is described in the book as, mischief for mischief, trouble for trouble, magic for magic If this law in the treaty is broken, you lose the magical protection it provides, allowing for retaliation, which is essentially what drives the plot through the first book There also exist magical borders that keep most mystical creatures within the preserve, but out of certain domains The caretaker s house and grounds are within one of these protective boundaries However, some of these borders dissolve on certain nights, allowing frightening creatures to roam free on the grounds, one of which Midsummer Eve occurs in the first book 2012 1389 374 9789645668639 1391 21

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    It was hard to determine what rating to give this book I think 2.5 is my verdict For interesting concept I d give it four stars but for execution delivery only two stars On fulfilling expectations I d give it one star This is one of the most disappointing reads I ve come across Thankfully the final few chapters were decent, so that saved the book from being a dismal failure in my mind Without giving away too much of the plot, I must say that this book is NOT really about caring for magical creatures on some sort of enchanted preserve It is rather about all the stupid things the kids staying there do that messes things up, gets other people in trouble, unleashes terrible creatures, and makes things pretty crummy And, yes, I felt that most of the characters were pretty dumb certainly not very likable Even the Grandpa I think he was supposed to be wise, as he is in charge of the whole preserve doesn t really have a clue what to do half the time And his half truths and lack of confidence in the children leads to many problems that could have been avoided had he been open and also if the kids had been less obnoxious, selfish and stupid Alas, I really didn t care if an evil beast ate up the little brother after he went wandering through parts of the preserve that he had been warned not to go Unlike the kids in Harry Potter, who usually have very good reasons for disobeying rules, Seth is just being a troublesome little boy Many of the deep issues of the tale are never resolved, like how only immortal creatures have no morals The writing style was also not that great A few of the scenes were quite good, but most of the story lagged Also, a few parts just seemed a bit creepy weird and I wondered at the appropriateness for children That is SPOILER ALERT The children see their grandmother naked at another point, she teaches them how to give a massage to a troll in order to send him into a state of ecstasy In another part, the kids have to slide down the utters tips of a giant cow Was this supposed to be funny It just seemed a bit icky to me All in all, it was a decent enough story for me to finish but I really wished the writing and character development had been good enough to really deliver what promised to be such a neat story There are much better fantasy books out there

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    why can t i stop re reading this series no matter how many times i re read this i still love itand i have got the boxset, a b day present from my mom i love the whole series so much, i must buy myself the boxset.

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    4.5 Stars

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    At first I was thinking, Oh great, not another story about fairies But after a while I realized that Mull puts some very interesting twists in his version of fantastical creatures His adds some great morals and gives the reader a chance to see how great kids can be, as if we somehow lose sight of their potential when we become adults A great read

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    I don t know why I don t have an official review for this book, but suffice to say I ve lost count of the number of times I ve read it, and it will always have a special place in my heart and on my shelf.

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    This is one of the best kept secrets out there This series is amazing and it s my favorite series after Harry Potter It s surprising and twisting and you are just cheering by the end Divergent and Hunger Games are great, but this is better Check it outThis is about a magical creatures reserve run by an elder couple Their grandkids have to come live with them in the summer and the fun is the kids discovering the magic surrounding them Each step is wonderful and each book gets better and better There are fairies all over the yard and the world and so this book is so dear to me I love it.

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summary pdf Fablehaven, summary chapter 2 Fablehaven, sparknotes Fablehaven, Fablehaven e1b4e93 For Centuries Mystical Creatures Of All Description Were Gathered Into A Hidden Refuge Called Fablehaven To Prevent Their Extinction The Sanctuary Survives Today As One Of The Last Strongholds Of True Magic Enchanting Absolutely Exciting You Bet Safe Well, Actually, Quite The OppositeKendra And Her Brother, Seth, Have No Idea That Their Grandfather Is The Current Caretaker Of Fablehaven Inside The Gated Woods, Ancient Laws Keep Relative Order Among Greedy Trolls, Mischievous Satyrs, Plotting Witches, Spiteful Imps, And Jealous Fairies However, When The Rules Get Broken Seth Is A Bit Too Curious And Reckless For His Own Good Powerful Forces Of Evil Are Unleashed, And Kendra And Her Brother Face The Greatest Challenge Of Their Lives To Save Their Family, Fablehaven, And Perhaps Even The World, Kendra And Seth Must Find The Courage To Do What They Fear Most

  • Hardcover
  • 351 pages
  • Fablehaven
  • Brandon Mull
  • English
  • 14 April 2019
  • 9781590385814

About the Author: Brandon Mull

Brandon Mull resides in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon with his wife and three children He spent two years living in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile where he learned Spanish and juggling He once won a pudding eating contest in the park behind his grandma s house, earning a gold medal Brandon is the author of the New York Times bestselling Fablehaven series and The Candy S