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chapter 1 The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, meaning The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, genre The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, book cover The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, flies The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts 59e91a3baa6fc An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found HereJim Qwilleran And His Cats Koko And Yum Yum Try To Solve A Haunting Mystery In A Historic Farmhouse In This New York Times Bestseller In The Cat Who SeriesWhen Mrs Cobb Heard Unearthly Noises In The Antique Filled Farmhouse, She Called Jim Qwilleran For Help But He Was Too Late It Looked As If His Kindly Ex Housekeeper Had Been Frightened To Death But By Whom Or What Now Qwilleran S Moved Into The Historic Farmhouse With His Two Cat Companions And Koko The Siamese Is Spooked Is It A Figment Of Feline Imagination Or The Clue To A Murder In Moose County And Does Qwilleran Have A Ghost Of A Chance Of Solving This Haunting Mystery

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    Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, the 10th book in the Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun Ugh this was such a sad one to read I loved the series and read a bunch all in a row This was mixed in the middle of the long read, towards the early middle part of the entire series but poor Iris Cobb is killed It s not a spoiler, as it says so in the book jacket cover But she was my favor transplant from Down Below when she came up with her antique business and kept Qwill company I was so happy for him I didn t want them to get together romantically, but I loved the friendship I think it was a huge series change, but also a big mistake, for this character to be murdered Don t you hate it when the author does something like that All in all, it was a good book I loved the concept of ghosts I liked the mystery I was happy with the emotions and sentiments around the funeral And it ended on a good note but I will always wonder what could have been, had Iris Cobb made it a few books About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    Read for March Mystery Madness challenge BlueRe read 2019In this story, Jim Qwilleran is trying to find out who frightened one of his friends to death I believe that this is the first story where Qwill is trying to solve a mystery involving the death of someone he considered a close friend When I first read this I remember being horrified that the author chose this secondary character to die, I absolutely loved them Re reading this after so many years, I still remembered the murderer but enjoyed the strange methods and reasons that the author chose to use It was something different compared to other mysteries I had read at the time Each book could technically be read as a standalone, but you will miss how the author builds the narrative around Qwill and his rags to riches story Even though these books are older they are still great reads.

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    Second Read In Mackintosh Qwilleran is a newspaper writer for the crime column of the Moose County Something He writes about crimes There are lots of crimes in Pickax, 400 miles north of everywhere Qwilleran is a very rich, kind hearted man, and when his landlady housekeeper calls, saying she hears weird noises, he is determined to go check But he is already too late Iris Cobb lies dead on the floor, not moving a muscle, nor breathing the air He is devastated The police come, and they pester him with questions Then he and the police plunge into the mystery.I think the author has such a suspenseful way of writing things, because she always says thing like, Qwilleran felt the same tingling sensation in his mustache He pounded his mustache gently with his knuckles, and thought, What murder was commited just now When Qwilleran feels his mustache tingle, is means that just now, a murder was being committed Same goes for his unusual Siamese cat, Koko Koko has 60 whiskers instead of the usual 48, and when he senses murder, his whiskers tingle I just love these books I have an 18 year old cat We and the vet are quite concerned he may not have that long to live I m having a really hard time of it He s my special little guy as I don t have children of my own It hits my heart to the depths of the love that I have for him Qwill doesn t believe in ghosts and suspects that the fatal fright was deliberate Now Koko is behaving oddly, talking to himself and staring off into empty space Is Qwill s cat communicating with ghosts Or has the intuitive feline solved this mystery I loved this book Thought it was one of the better ones Recommend.First Read My Mom and I used to read these books together It was a lot of fun as we enjoyed them so much First time I read it was in 1989 90 Been a long time, but I m having some fun going back and reading some of these again Qwill s former housekeeper, Iris Cobb, is frightened to death one evening at the Goodwinter Farm Museum, where she is the curator Qwill offers to live at the farm until a new curator can be found, and he investigates what could have happened to scare her Polly also adopts a Siamese kitten named Bootsie and Qwill doesn t like the kitten, just like he doesn t like the neighbour s little girl, Baby Koko displays odd behaviour and this eventually leads Qwill to the solution of the mystery A little different than some of her other books, but it is a good read.

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    I always enjoy these books, purely for their simplicity We learn a lot about Qwill s everyday life, but somehow, that just makes you get to know the character and doesn t get tiring as it does in other books He sure eats some nice sounding food Koko and Yum Yum were the reason I first read these books I love books about animals, and had never read any about animal detectives when I first read these I was pleasantly surprised, and despite reading others like them, Lillian Jackson Braun s will always be my favorite.In this one, we see the mysterious murder of Iris Cobb, a murder believed of course, to be a death of natural causes by the rest of the town Qwill and his all knowing cat get on the case, and through wriggling, burrowing and macabre dancing Koko lets Qwill in on the clues Polly also gets a new cat, much to the disgust of Qwill and to me, I ve never really enjoyed reading the Polly scenes Expect a nice dollop of Pickaxe and the surrounds history, and a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end

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    I m a big fan of the Cat Who series This is a cosy mystery series that is among the best in this genre, even before this genre became mainstream Despite a slow progress in the mystery and its resolution, I just cannot put down the book for long Koko is a genius and Qwilleran is a great journalist together they make an adorable pair The books are a great blend of the serious and the amusing It is not mandatory to read the series in the right order, but having a background of the setting Moose County and Pickax helps My only problem is how Qwilleran reacts to deaths he seems very clinical and unemotional, which prevents the reader from empathising with the other characters Maybe that s done intentionally by Braun to make sure we don t get caught up in the characters but remain with the story.

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    One of my favorite mysteries of all time A well written mystery filled with funny antics of Jim Qwilleran and his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum Yum A good friend of Jim s is hearing noises and calls on Jim for help one late night By the time Jim arrives, she is lying dead and appears to have been scared to death Jim decides to move into her place and figure out what happened A really great mystery and one that had me in stitches I highly recommend this mystery and the whole series, in fact I received this book as a Christmas gift years ago My Rating 5 starsThis review first appeared

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    I love the earlier Cat Who books, like this one.

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    Mild Spoilers The 10th entry in the series has Qwill once again moving temporarily He seems to be settling back into the vagabond ways that characterized his life in the first few books This time he and the cats move into the caretaker s apartment at the Goodwinter museum formerly occupied by Iris Cobb after she sadly passes away from an apparent heart attack Unsurprisingly, Qwill soon suspects foul play His main squeeze, Polly Duncan, has returned from her sabbatical in London and they have the following hilarious exchange It s my theory, he said, that Iris Cobb s death was a case of murder When Polly heard the word murder she was aghast In Moose County homicide was traditionally considered the exclusive property of the cities Down Below My reaction to this wait, are you KIDDING I don t know if Polly is just not the most observant person on the planet or maybe that she s in denial because she enjoys being romanced by a multi millionaire But I ve been keeping track literally, if you check my previous reviews and the body count just since Qwill moved to Moose County is TWENTY NINE That s right, 29 people have been murdered or died under mysterious circumstances since he showed up I think if I lived there, I would carry around a crucifix and a bottle of holy water to hurl at Qwill in case I ever accidentally crossed his path That guy is the freaking Angel of Death.While I m besmirching Qwill s character, I might as well point out that while I found him mildly annoying in the last installment, here he graduates to full fledged jackass He s rude to everyone He is too selfish to let the little neighbor girl meet Koko and YumYum even though she loves cats Supposedly he s all about Polly, but he regresses to Old Lecher mode when he meets Kristi, a pretty young woman who lives down the street from the museum and raises doomed goats But the crowning offense in my opinion was how snotty he was about Polly s joyful love for her newly acquired kitten, Bootsie He actually refused to cat sit for her But finally he relented, which led to one of the funniest scenes so far in the series, where Bootsie basically kicked Qwill s ass I enjoyed it immensely.So even though I didn t like Qwill so much, I enjoyed the book It was quick and breezy, with the usual cast of Moose County characters and some new ones We learn nothing further about Qwill s past life but there is a surprising development in the recurring story of old Ephraim Goodwinter original owner of the farm who either committed suicide or was lynched back in 1904 Koko provides his psychic assistance to the best of his ability and the mystery of Mrs Cobb s murder is eventually solved Originally published 1990Body Count 2 view spoiler Iris Cobb murder suffocation Brent Waffle bludgeoned plus if you count the poor poisoned goats hide spoiler

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    This book is a wonderful cozy mystery the mystery seems complete, the characters are wonderful, some of them are new to the series, as Qwill goes to a different but nearby town for a while, and of course, the cats are wonderful

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    OMG, was The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts written by Ms Braun or George R R Martin Mrs Cobb, a well loved and important character in many previous Cat Who novels, is found dead before the story is barely even started Ms Braun does make some daring moves with her characters from time to time, but this one quite honestly shocked me I can imagine that she angered quite a few loyal fans with her decision.Still, I can think of few other characters whose murders Jim Qwilleran Qwill and his ingenious cat Koko would be keen to solve Though subdued, the show of grief Qwill felt at her passing was surprising and so sharp that I could feel the knife passing through my own heart at its description Right away, the two of them, along with Yum Yum, move into the small apartment adjacent to the Goodwinter museum, where poor Mrs Cobb s body was found, and begin their investigations.I was surprised at Ms Braun s depiction of Qwill when he came face to face with the 2 year old, Baby Though it doesn t surprise me that Qwill would be the type of adult who is un fond of young children, I would not have though he would behave so rudely toward one, at least initially he does warm up to her toward the end In previous novels, he was quite keen to note when someone around him was being rude and Qwill didn t strike me as the kind of person who wouldn t practice what he preached I found myself sympathizing with Baby , wanting her to give Qwill the Mr Wilson treatment.But in the end, it became obvious that the death of Mrs Cobb affected him quite deeply because he behaved a little out of character at other points as well He was much touchy He became too easily annoyed with Mr Bosworth view spoiler though that didn t turn out to be a bad thing hide spoiler

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