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    Possibly the best series of all time Truly charming and heartwarming, especially the scene where Gilbert and Anne are embracing on the bridge for further enjoyment this can also be seen in the movie, especially if you are helping with the KVIE Channel 6 fundraiser Seriously though, if you enjoyed the movies with the exception of the third movie which was horrible I spit on it , I urge you to read these books There is so much detail and other wonderful characters, like the twins Davey and Dora And if you are wondering what REALLY happened to Anne as she grew up since you KNOW that heinous third film could not have gotten it right , read these immediately and be satisfied When I originally wrote this review, I had basically one goodreads friend and no readers and so much of this review is an inside joke Now that so many people are appreciating my spitting on that horrible last joke of a movie , I feel I should explain One night, long ago, before the invention of DVR s, my best friend was spending the night and we were watching Anne of Avonlea on TV It was during one of those television drives for viewer support and every so often, they stopped the movie to ask for money But our love of Anne was great and we endured the periodic sales pitch until the very end, which as you know if you ve seen the movie, is a shot of Gilbert and Anne finally, FINALLY, kissing on that lovely bridge Well, we sighed in bliss as very na ve and romantic 15 years old are wont to do and then, the show cut back to the middle age woman who was spearheading the drive and out of her mouth and let me stop to tell you she sounded an awful lot like Julia Child, British accent and all, so imagine that voice when you read the next line , came this, Well, wasn t that a lovely scene, Gilbert and Anne, embracing on the bridge And again as 15 year olds are wont to do, especially ones who ve stayed up until after 1am watching Anne and consuming far too much garlic cheesy bread and Dr Pepper , we collapsed into hysterical laughter It s a wonder the rest of the family didn t wake up And to this day, we still repeat that line Oh, KVIE 6 television drive lady, have you any idea of the impact you ve had on our lives

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    1 Anne of Green Gables The original, the classic I feel like I know every word in this one but it was no less magical in its rereading.2 Anne of Avonlea It picks up nicely after the first one with Anne teaching school in Avonlea after Gilbert gives up his post for Anne so she may remain with Marilla and they might keep Green Gables The arrival of Davy and Dora brings welcome levity after the sad ending of the previous book.3 Anne of the Island Still rooting for Gilbert It was heartbreaking watching Anne with Roy I loved the moment before her graduation from Redmond when she decides to carry Gilbert s lillies instead of Roy s violets Gilbert s Christmas gift of a pink enamel heart was a sweet throwback to their childhood days.Ruby s death was just heartbreaking Diana s wedding was also heartbreaking in a different way It reminded me of how much growing up can hurt in all its exhileration.The ending, with Gilbert and Anne in Hester Gray s garden is beautiful and so fitting an end to their old chum days while being a beginning to their courtship.4 Anne of Windy Poplars My least favorite, as most of it is in letter form from Anne to Gilbert I love Anne and Gilbert and wished I could see of the courtship but Gilbert hardly appears here and doesn t even speak I wish LM Montgomery hadn t omitted Anne s love letter pages 5 Anne s House of Dreams Finally, Anne is Gilbert s bride A beautiful wedding and they re off to their beautiful house of dreams I love the new characters introduced Miss Cordelia, Leslie Moore, Owen Ford, Captain Jim The Dick George Moore sideplot is interesting.Anne s loss of her first baby is sobering but the joy of her second, successful pregnancy makes up for it I kind of wish Jem had been named Matthew James just because I m partial to dear, sweet Matthew I m so glad Marilla and Mrs Lynde come to visit the little house of dreams It wouldn t be the same without them It was especially heartwarming to see Marilla mothering Anne 6 Anne of Ingleside This one started to drag a bit because it s much focused on the kids than Anne When the last book closed she had one kid, now she has 5 and then 6 when Rilla is born I just don t like grown up Anne as much as growing up Anne, I guess.Aunt Mary Maria and Christine Stuart are two new characters, though we did meet Christine in passing in Anne of the Island but she s fleshed out here Fleshed out to be annoying, that is She flirts with Gilbert far too much I wanted to slap her for Anne The resolution of the book, with Gilbert reassuring Anne, made laugh because whenever my own husband gets quiet or distant I assume he s plotting how to leave me.Aunt Mary Maria is intolerable She s like the anti Aunt Josephine Aunt Josephine seemed to be cold and easily angered at first but she thawed quickly Mary Maria never does Poor Susan I don t know if I would have been able to hold back from telling her off and I m pretty non confrontational.7 Rainbow Valley Just when I was going to give up on the series because of all the kids, this one redeemed it Lovely.8 Rilla of Ingleside I picked this up again and I m glad I did Rilla reminded me so much of Anne I now want to get the other post series books.

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    I estimate that I must have read this series at least fifteen or so times and that is probably a rather conservative estimate at best , and actually do tend to read it at least once a year sometimes even than once if or rather when I need cheering and comfort I love everything about the Anne of Green Gables series, and that actually tends to for the most part pertain to L.M Montgomery s fiction in general However, because her novels and short stories are such personal favourites, I have always found it than a bit difficult to pen a review or rather, what I personally would consider an adequate review I also have the AOGG books listed on my shelves singly , and will endeavour to write detailed reviews for all of them in the hopefully not too distant future but that being said, so far, this has only happened with the first two novels, with Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea However, I can and will say this about L.M Montgomery s Anne of Green Gables series, namely that it is one of my favourite all time fiction series, and that I highly recommend it to and for anyone and equally to and for both children and adults.

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    It s unfortunate I didn t discover this series when I was a young girl I was introduced to Anne with an e by the PBS Wonderworks series in the mid 80 s And NO, I was no longer a young girl then, but a married woman, I m THAT Old So what I m sayin is If you ve never read the series READ IT Anne is enjoyable at any age And if you haven t seen the PBS series SEE IT It s set in what s quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world, Prince Edward Island during a simpler time You can be quite sure Marilla never had to worry about Anne sending naked pictures to Gilbert via her cell phone Then again, Marilla had to hand wash her clothes and never had the opportunity to order up dinner using only a phone and the number for Pizza Hut

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    The greatest children s series of all time, in my opinion, and not just because she spells her name properly A N N E.The amazing thing about this series is that almost every girl who has read it so strongly identifies with the main character girls of completely different personalities Everyone seems to find something to love about Anne of Green Gables her love of reading, how he handles having red hair, her adventurous spirit, her constant muddling things And don t even get me started on Gilbert A beautiful story of an orphan girl who finds a home and an identity.A side note The made for TV miniseries version of these books surprisingly does them justice with the STRONG exception of The Continuing Story , that takes place during wartime, where the producers decided to abandon the storyline of the original books, and our beloved Anne for no apparent reason has the gaunt look of a heavy smoker and the theme seems to be disillusionment what were they thinking.

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    I dyed my hair red and went on a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island and cried standing in front of Green Gables I had deep discussions with one of the tour guides at one of the sites who had gotten her Ph.D in L.M Montgomery s works and could hold my own because I had read them so many times These are the books that started my plunge into love for the written word Anne of the Island is my favorite, Anne of Green Gables is next and then Anne s House of Dreams.

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    Okay, so all books in the series are not equal as time passed, Lucy Maud seemed to become and fond of ellipses and romantic descriptions but I cannot overstate the impact these books had on me as a kid Anne of Green Gables was even the inspiration for an independent study project I did in high school about the girl s story genre and its emphasis on orphans, self made women, the moralizing influence of chicks, and how the seemingly progressive virtues of intelligence, creativity, and education still earned women the ultimate reward of marriage in the end Even with all I know, I still love these books to death, read them almost annually especially when I am sick or depressed , and dream of someday visiting PEI and standing on the shore with the wind whipping through my long, flowing hair.

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    I don t know how I made it through my childhood without reading Anne of Green Gables But one winter while stuck indoors with my two young children during a very long Montreal winter, I read the whole series It was like sunshine to my soul, and the images of Anne jumping on the bed not knowing frail little granny was lying on the covers, the image of her getting goose down all over her black dress while she was trying so hard to clean a pillow or blanket and having her crush show upI laughed harder that winter than I did all year I might have some of the details mixed up, but Montgomery s inimitable wit and humor have stayed with me all these years.

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    Ok this is right now Of course I read every one of these years ago and loved them

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