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    Another heartwarming, animal friendly mystery for younger readers in the series featuring the Noble Dog Walking service, staffed by Stephen Noble and his bestie Renee, and Stephen s dad, who gave up a stressful career as an air control traffic manager to keep house while Mrs Noble flies all over the world Mr Noble makes delicious dog treats, and has recently begun knitting dog sweaters, as well as boarding and walking dogs.It s a great service, scrupulously worked on by Stephen, who works hard on controlling his anxiety and OCD, and Renee, who ends up in the guest room at least as much as she s home, as her teenage artist brother Attila seems to spark constant arguments between her parents.The service is going fine until two homes are burglarized, one after the other, and only Mr Noble has the keys to the homes As happens in human nature, rumor spreads fast, and clients quit left and right because things go missing around the neighborhood including a ball python named King.Stephen, our first person narrator, who is always watching for tiny clues to how people think and behave, and who counts up his and others mistakes in order not to make them again , starts putting together not just social clues for clues to the sinister burglaries.Like in the best mysteries, all the suspects come together for the endgame In this case, a Cat astrophe at the local pound, which needs to find homes for its cat population With everybody on stage, Stephen and Renee are able to unravel the mysteries These are delightful stories, just the ticket for fourth grade and up Especially for those readers who feel not quite in step with the rest of the world, and are eager for clues in how to be a friend, how to be part of a family, how to be part of a community, and how to be a responsible pet owner That s a hefty set of goals, but McNicoll keeps the action so brisk, and the comical moments well integrated with the exciting ones, so that the story never feels preachy I love Stephen, Renee, Mr Noble, and the rest of the neighbors even the prickly ones, who have their good sides, too.Copy courtesy of NetGalley

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    Stephen and Ren e with their canine sidekicks, Ping and Pong are back for another Mistake Mystery Stephen is still counting mistakes, although in this story, it seems that most of the mistakes being made are by adults rather than Stephen Although, you would have to say that not checking whether Brian was a dog and what size or not before rushing off to feed him, with two small pooches in tow, probably was a very big and potentially catastrophic mistake Mistake number three of the day is pet identity confusion First we assumed King was a dog, then a rodent This mouse isn t King, I tell Ren e This mouse is King s dinner no spoiler look at the title There seem to be so many crimes in this book, that you have the horrible feeling that these Mistake Mysteries have suddenly gone dark As in the past, Attila is the number one suspect for at least some of the crimes But, like Ren e, you cannot believe that he is really that bad or is he This time suspicions don t just fall on Attila, but on Noble Dog Walking too Soon Stephen and Ren e are fighting not just to save Attila though Stephen is not too sure about that and the cats at the local pet sanctuary, but also Stephen s father s business They may never get to walk Ping and Pong again The story and characters, as always are captivating The writing style is also superbly evocative Storm s coming in, he says as the bruises close over the sky and the bright part shrinks and The sea of wet rats rushes in, barking Suddenly, the room fills with that certain smell, musty yet sweet, with a tang of dirt to it Wet dog I love it.This series is for children of all ages, especially those who like animals.I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I loved mysteries as a child and this is one to love for kids today I loved it too It is fun but still a who dun it Who stole the missing snake The detectives are believable and their assistants are great fun until they disappear too Very refreshing to read a children s book that is not all about feelings or another dystopian book The story is fast paced and will hold a child s interestboth boys and girls The writing is well done and the illustrations are great I would recommend this for fifth grade and up Thanks to NetGalley for this book in exchange for a review.

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    Sylvia McNicoll has done it again Her characters are both quirky and funny, while at the same time being well rounded and believable This is true of the main characters Stephen and Rene, right down to the zany lady who works at the animal shelter I laughed out loud in parts, like when Mr Ron tries to walk five dogs at once, while other parts are poignant and down right tear jerking, such as Rene dealing with her parents separation The mystery kept we wanting to read on As a snake lover, I must say there weren t enough snakes for a book entitled The Snake Mistake Mystery but that s a minor beef I just love these characters and really feel that The Great Mistake Mystery series is one of McNicoll s best works to date.

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    I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the first two Animal and mystery lovers will adore these books The books are entertaining and a delight to read I received a copy of this ebook from NetGalley for my honest review.

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    Irrepressible pooches Ping and Pong return in this fun mystery series Each outing is better than the last, so keep the liver treats coming

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    This book is the conclusion to the Great Mistakes Mysteries series by Sylvia McNicoll But I hope it will not be the last Mistake Mystery, my children and I really hope there will be books in this incredible series I have read each of the three books first by myself and then with one or of my children I might have even enjoyed the books the second time through, reading them at a slower pace with my children and their interactions with the story and characters It is an excellent book in a great series In my review of volume 1 The Best Mistake Mystery I stated that in some ways it reads like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon but written for kids And after reading the whole trilogy I can stat that even emphatically In this volume Stephen Nobel and Ren e Kobai are both working for Stephen s fathers pet walking business, the Noble Dog Walking Agency But this time it is not one crime or mystery that is taking the focus of their attention, it is a crime spree And unfortunately, all fingers are pointing at either Atilla or Noble And things do not look good As and crime come to light and each seems to have a link to the dog walkers, they start losing customers like hotcakes It all starts during a story and a phone conversation with poor reception This book involves missing items, a ring, a python snake, money, electronics But things are not always as they appear.And in this case, even though Stephen counts his days by his number of mistakes In this case it was all the mistakes that adults made that led to the problems But Stephen witnessing an adult make a mistake gives him insight into some of the missing items As mentioned Stephen counts mistakes each day, and the chapters of the books are days It is hard to believe that all the action in this book took place over three days.Day 1 11 MistakesDay 2 10 MistakesDay 3 10 MistakesAnd as Stephen thinks Too Many Mistakes to Count those would be the ones made by adults either directly or by assumptions being made I truly love these books And my children ages 7, 10, and 11 love them also The books are great reads, and are also really fun to read out loud in a group My older children are at a point where we were alternating pages as we read this book together As a family we can highly recommend this book, and this series We hope there will be to read soon This book is entertaining for readers of all ages And I am not even a pet guy Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Sylvia mcNicoll As well as an author profile and interview with Sylvia.

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    Start with characters who are flawed, real and relatable Add a dollop of humour and another of mystery Stir in a couple of rescue dogs named Ping and Pong, and what do you have Another wonderful Mistake Mystery that is guaranteed to keep you turning the pages No one spins a yarn quite like Sylvia McNicoll.

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    Enjoyed this book immensely Felt I really got to know the characters well.

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download The Snake Mistake Mystery (The Great Mistake Mysteries #3) , read online The Snake Mistake Mystery (The Great Mistake Mysteries #3) , kindle ebook The Snake Mistake Mystery (The Great Mistake Mysteries #3) , The Snake Mistake Mystery (The Great Mistake Mysteries #3) c7967b9dfc7d Noble Dog Walking Takes Care Of Pets, Even If They SlitherWhen A Ball Python They Re Looking After Disappears, Stephen Noble And Ren E Kobai Join Forces With Their Favourite Clients, Jack Russell Ping And Greyhound Pong, To Find That Snake The Local Animal Shelter Proves No Help At All The Only Thing They Care About Is Their Annual Cat Sale It S Starting To Look Like The Ball Python May Have Been Stolen, When Stephen And Ren E Get Word That Homes Have Been Broken Into, All Of Them Clients Of Noble Dog Walking The Case Turns Desperate As One By One, Their Clients Leave After Losing Ping And Pong As Clients, Too, Stephen And Ren E Pin Their Last Hope On Gathering All The Suspects At The Animal Shelter, And A Real Cat Astrophe Ensues