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    This most Lovecraftian of Terry Pratchett s Discworld books this being number TEN and first published in 1990 and first of the Industrial Revolution books Moving Pictures, as a title of course makes me think of Rush s brilliant 1981 album of the same name Pratchett even makes droll word play just as in Rush s cover art.Like so many of Sir Terry s Discworld adventures, he liberally sprinkles popular and cultural references throughout and besides the ubiquitous Lovecraft allusions, he also turns The Camera Eye to a Philip K Dick reference if the reader is quick.A Discworld Tom Sawyer, protagonist Victor Tugelbend stage name Victor Maraschino is a perpetual student at Unseen University who is a practiced expert in doing nothing His Vital Signs are honed to being as lazy as possible, working at not working as hard as other people work at work.So when Red Barchetta Alchemists not to be confused with Wizards figure out a way to make motion pictures, Victor turns out to be a born actor Pratchett has fun aplenty making fun of Hollywood and he also introduces fantastic Discworld characters, the best being Cut me own throat Dibbler, Discworld s capitalistic icon Sadly there is little Witch Hunting in the Limelight of this fine novel, but still very good.I recommend reading this while listening to Rush s YYZ.

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    This is a re read and I m upping my rating because, well, let s face it this is the start of a brand new chapter in the Discworld and it follows the main style that I have grown to love over all the rest of the books I was slow to love them at first, but as I continued to see Progress raise its great lumbering head above the trash heaps of Ankh Morpork from inside the river, of course, I can t help but get all bubbly inside.Memorable moments, and there are a lot of them going well beyond this review, include a certain wild dash of the head magicians, a certain talking dog, Mr Cut Me Own Throat, and of course the clever use of the old Greek anamnesis And of course the lambasting of old time Holy Wood It s time has come Sounds rather ominous, right Quite funny through and through, too And of course, it only gets better from here The weight of the Discworld about to break the backs of a few elephants and a turtle.

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    Can you hear that It s the sound of a movie reel Discworld has it s first foray into the industrial revolution Here, in form of the last guardian of an old portal dying without anybody being there to take up his tasks Not long after, some alchemists in Ankh Morpork develop clicks, moving pictures painted by enslaved little demons Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler, the sausage dealer, isn t gonna miss out on a chance to get rich so he becomes the first agent film studio executive Soon, first people and then animals that can suddenly talk are drawn to where the portal used to be, Holy Wood, without knowing why they had the intense urge to be there and be in a picture or help make one Holy Wood soon is growing, moving pictures are created in colour even sound is still very complicated and the place is becoming stronger while at least some people start noticing that something s wrong Such as Victor, the male lead From then on, the crack between dimensions gets larger and larger and there is a mad dash for nothing less than saving the entire Discworld because that is what a male lead does, right Some old beloved characters such as the Librarian or Death as well as some new ones like Gaspode or the trolls spice up this story and it s a delight And let s not forget that the city of Ankh Morpork itself, technically, is a character, too just like the Unseen University s library Oh, and the current Arch Chancellor who will remain so for quite a while apparently now is Ridcully, a fantastically quirky addition to the whole bunch of wizzards.I burst out laughing several times while reading it and could quote over half of the book.Pratchett, in his usual deadpan humour, parodies product placements, the treatment of cast and crew on a film set, actors behavior, the making of movies historically and mechanically , the plot points in movies, fame, the media circus, the power of imagination and even serious topics such as discrimination and racism in the industry.There is also than one movie reference in this, such as for Gone with the Wind, King Kong, Ben Hur, and a few others with a Discworld twist, of course.Truth be told, I was reluctant to read this at first I d heard about the industrial revolution books, of course, that form a group much like the ones about the witches or the City Watch, but I didn t think I d like them too much because I want my Discworld to stay almost medieval in its atmosphere and feared the changes However, that fear was completely unfounded, at least in this book On the contrary especially because I feared a clash of the good old with the shiny new Discworld, it was all the funny to read about A Wild Idea arriving and trying to find a place Thus, it s no surprise this has fast become one of my facourite Discworld books Once again, I ve read this in the audio format once again, the narrator was Nigel Planner once again, he was brilliant From the sound effects like the movie reels to the accents especially of the trolls and CMOT , he nailed it

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    I m stingy with my 5 star ratings and considered going with a 4 here, but I really enjoyed this read It is hilarious From Trolls who don t want to get type cast I played a troll who runs out and hits him with a rock to a talking wonder dog who can t get noticed because he s too scruffy the cliches of the movies get very skewered Everyone is headed to the Holy Wood to be a star And of course as we all know, moving pictures or, the clicks can effect the fabric of reality Sir Terry has a gift and most of the Disc world books are worth their freightsome are better than others, and this is one of the better So, Grab yourself a sausage on a bun and some banged grains find a comfortable spot and enjoy.

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    I wasn t under the weather this time, and again, I enjoyed, but didn t love it Maybe I should just save the Terry Pratchetts for times when I m sick It s a weird quirk Or maybe it s just that I love the Watch books, but haven t fallen for the rest of the universe quite so hard.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

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    This is Holy Wood To pass the time quickly, you just film the clock hands moving fast but when it s being written by Terry Pratchett why would you want to Moving Pictures, Pratchett s Discworld parody of Hollywood, appeals to me a great deal purely as a cinephile and wannabe film maker but as it s Pratchett it s also brilliant and brilliantly funny filled with wicked caricatures and wonderful characters, and of course evil puns aplenty.In this must read episode you get to know about the Del Boy like trader Cut me own throat Dibbler who is possessed by the ghost of Cecil B De Mille and is determined to rule all of Holy Wood whilst creating the greatest epic moving picture the multiverse has ever known, featuring no less than a thousand elephants Pratchett further investigates the world of the trolls with a bulked up part for previous supporting player Detritus the Doorsplatter from The Broken Drum and several interesting smaller parts for less important but just as interesting moving rocks At Unseen University there s a new Arch chancellor as Ridcully finally arrives to solve the riddle of how to make the wizards recurring characters not just pointy hatted caricatures invited in to plots to solve a problem AND young Ponder Stibbons sits the easiest wizarding exam the Disc has ever seen All of this is background stuff however as Victor Tuglebend, perpetual student, Heinleinesque hero, laziest man in Ankh Morpork, not too bad with a sword, must rescue a swooning dame from the clutches of evil creatures from the Dungeon Dimensions intent on using the new Moving Pictures invention as a device to help destroy the Disc With the help of Gaspode the Wonder Dog of course.Pratchett packs it in tight, makes his plot sing and dance and doesn t let any plates drop to the floor as they spin for hours He makes you laugh and makes you think, Moving Pictures is just another in a decades long parade of classic Discworld novels that transcend the boundaries of humourous fantasy and once demonstrates an author at his playful best as he comes in to his own as a writer of great human insight.

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    I love Pratchett and the Discworld but there are few DW books I didn t enjoy as much Don t get me wrong this is funny book but nothing than that and I come to expect lot from Discworld Simply there there is no that brilliance, sharp wit and excellent quotable dialogues that best of the books in the series seem to have in abundance.

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    Who d want to spend their time moving pictures Most of them looked alright where they were.A shady sausage vendor and a student of wizardry head to Holy Wood for fame and fortune in the early days of the Discworld film industry Hey, kids Let s put on a show Sounds like wholesome family entertainment, does it not Wellsince this sprang from the mind of Terry Pratchett, expect chaos and devastation, licentious landladies, mass hysteria, dogs and cats sharing conversationsS o o o oin a world gone mad a thousand elephants will cross a mountain, wizards will don fake beards over their real beards, a dog will advise some budding mammalian thespians, Who s going to pay good money to see cats and mice chasing one another , and the world may just end as a giant woman climbs a tall building while clutching a screaming ape.Of course, there will also be a few useful tidbits of information, like why it takes exactly SIX imps to make a moving picture.And then there s my new favorite expression, though I don t really know what it actually means Don t come the raw trilobite with me Can t wait to use that one on one of the kids.

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    This is my least favorite Discworld book so far I think this is mainly because I didn t find the story appealing at all The characters were ok, and I really liked Gaspode the talking dog, but I was bored by the story.At the beginning of the book, an old man living alone in a remote area called Holy Wood dies After his death, strange things start happening and some alchemists develop the concept of moving pictures which become hugely popular People travel en masse to Holy Wood I trust you see the joke here , where the moving pictures are being made, in hopes of getting in on the action Moving pictures don t work in quite the same manner as real world moving pictures Recording a moving picture involves a box with a handle, some enslaved demons who can paint really fast, and some salamanders Most of the jokes and satire centers around movies, TV, cartoons, and Hollywood now do you see the joke life These are things that just don t interest me that much If they did, I might have appreciated the story I did think the Laddie i.e Lassie stuff was funny I don t know if Gaspode has any real world film equivalent, but he was the best part of the book.This is the first book in the Industrial Revolution subseries of Discworld I m feeling a little skeptical about this subseries now, but maybe I ll like the other books better The next book is the 29th Discworld book on my list, though, so it will be a while before I find out Since I m reading in publication order, this is the last book flagged as a starter novel on the chart and I ve now had a taste of all the major subseries Except for Rincewind, though, I don t feel like I ve read enough books in any one subseries to choose any favorites I m particularly interested to read from the Witches and Death subseries, though Fortunately, the next two full length books on my list are from those two subseries I m giving this 2.5 stars on BookLikes, but rounding up to 3 stars here.

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    Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group This is my second time reading this book, with my first when it first came out I didn t particularly like it much back then and I didn t realize at the time how many ongoing Discworld characters were introduced here.In an area near the city of Ankh Morpork the last follower of an ancient religion dies without passing on his knowledge.In Ankh Morpork itself a group of alchemists discover the secret of a nearly not explosive new technology for making moving pictures, and those moving pictures are strangely compelling.Soon, there s a new area just outside Ankh Morpork called Holy Wood that s inexplicably attracting huge numbers of people who want to work there and get into moving pictures And the young student wizard Victor and the milkmaid Ginger are right at the center of things along with Discworld regulars Cut me own throat Dibbler and Detritus the troll This book also sees the introduction of Gaspode the Wonder Dog and the whole cast of Ridcully s Unseen University minus Hex.As I said, I didn t love this the first time around I think I was aware of all the nods to classic Hollywood movies and stories but didn t really appreciate the parody This time around I appreciated it all a lot , although I m still fairly sure I missed some of the references In fact, I would put this as my second biggest surprise of the series so far in terms of how much I enjoyed it The Light Fantastic still takes that prize.

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