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    Sleeping Beauty a Little Golden Book La Belle au bois dormant Disney Princess , Michael Teitelbaum, Walt Disney Company Sleeping Beauty French La Belle au bois dormant The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood by Charles Perrault, or Little Briar Rose German Dornr schen by the Brothers Grimm, is a classic fairy tale which involves a beautiful princess, a sleeping enchantment, and a handsome prince The version collected by the Brothers Grimm was an orally transmitted version of the originally literary tale published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps pass in 1697 This in turn was based on Sun, Moon, and Talia by Italian poet Giambattista Basile published posthumously in 1634 , which was in turn based on one or folk tales The earliest known version of the story is found in the narrative Perceforest, composed between 1330 and 1344 and first printed in 1528 2005 1697 1890 1959

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    This book is an excellent summary of the classic Disney movie.

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    Ova knjiga obja njava kako i za to se ne treba hvaliti Nego biti pametan i samo re i to ima novo ili si dobila o to eli To je bonton tko to jo nezna

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    I seem to like Little Golden Books better than Tell A Tales I gave their 1959 rendition of Walt Disney s Sleeping Beauty two stars, because it caricaturized magic old ladies, who could not independently bake, nor dress make I liked its curtailment of ugly aspects because one wants adventure and possibilities, never meanness I have learned our version is morally tolerable, than the originals that emerged from 1344 to 1697 From Charles Perrault, Grimm Brothers adapted Dornr schen Little Briar Rose Today s version, kissing a dormant princess, is infinitely appropriate then the old story s act Alas, Norm McGary shortened his Tell A Tale so much, we were left with bumbling fairies as the tone.Michael Teitelbaum and Hawaiian, lifelong, Walt Disney artist, Ron Dias cranked up the suspense and filled out the details, in this Little Golden Book of 1986 I gave three stars, faulting the same pointless decisions basic story essentials with which I suppose Michael had to work I insist Aurora could live with her parents and leave before her sixteenth birthday or return after it The spell says she only need avoid the castle or a spindle that day Isn t it pointless for her and her parents to be separated Do the outcomes not seem easily circumvented In this storybook, Aurora is betrothed in infancy to Phillip, who met her then It was unwise not to have told her but it nicely explains Phillip s quick connection with her The witch is still petty but the full story makes an impact Merryweather saving Aurora is emotional and Fauna and Flora too, are graceful and powerful We know it is they who froze the castle and why Herein, the art and elaborated narrative flow much appreciably Ron was the background set artist for the unforgettable The Secret Of Nimh film

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    This story teaches a really good lesson about how not everyone is going to have your best interests in mind A couple of the fairies brought good things to Princess Aurora, but one of them cast a spell on her that could have ruined her life forever I can identify with this because there have been plenty of people who come into my life and I think that they are there for good reasons, but it turns out to be bad This story is also a story of love When Princess Aurora is kissed by Prince Phillip, the spell is lifted and she is finally awake This shows that even in the worst of times, love can conquer This story also brings back good memories of reading with my mom when I was a child, because we would read all of the Disney Princess books and Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite This book would work well for a read aloud in a preschool or kindergarten setting It would be used for a reading activity, possibly to learn about guessing what comes next predictions or inferences It can go along with other princess stories, similar in nature For the kindergarteners or even 1st grade, depending on the edition , it can be used to have the children come up with their own story to go along with it They can decide what Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip do once she s awake Do they get married The students can either draw or write their own story to go along with it.

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    The classic fairy tale with colourful drawings and the disney princess.

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    useful for all , read

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    I loved all these Disney books when I was a little kid and today I woke up and said to myself why not reread them I will always stand by my opinion that you re never too old for kid s books This whole thing just makes me wonder what would happen if Sleeping Beauty didn t fall i love with the prince then she would be damned not only because of the curse, but also because she would have to marry him anyway

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    3.7 5

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    This was the story of Sleeping Beauty In a far away land long ago lived a King Stephan and his Queen, and they had a daughter named Aurora Aurora who is Sleeping beauty, had a bunch of people come to the kingdom in honor of her birth The most honored guests were the three good fairies, Fona, Flora, and Merryweather Each of the fairies could give the princess one gift each FLora blest the child with beauty, Fona gave the gift of song, and before Merryweather could give her gift lightning struck and the evil witch appeared She cast a spell that sunset before Aurora s sixteenth birthday she would break her finger on a spindle and die There was a cry that rose from everyone and the witch vanished Merryweather raised her magic wound over the cradle and set another spell on her She set her in a deep sleep until true loved awoke her by kissing her, and saving her life Through a bunch of planning this ends up happening This was of a woman s book and didn t really interest me to much It was cleverly written though, and I know it is a popular story for young girls There are fairy s, witches, kingdoms, and the whole nine yards which makes it a fairy tale I would keep this book in my classroom for the girls The illustrations were 2D and pretty basic It was a good story, just not for me.

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