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pdf The Last Unicorn, ebook The Last Unicorn, epub The Last Unicorn, doc The Last Unicorn, e-pub The Last Unicorn, The Last Unicorn b60cbe7f11f She Was Magical, Beautiful Beyond Belief And Completely AloneThe Unicorn Had Lived Since Before Memory In A Forest Where Death Could Touch Nothing Maidens Who Caught A Glimpse Of Her Glory Were Blessed By Enchantment They Would Never Forget But Outside Her Wondrous Realm, Dark Whispers And Rumours Carried A Message She Could Not Ignore Unicorns Are Gone From The World Aided By A Bumbling Magician And An Indomitable Spinster, She Set Out To Learn The Truth But She Feared Even Her Immortal Wisdom Meant Nothing In A World Where A Mad King S Curse And Terror Incarnate Lived Only To Stalk The Last Unicorn To Her Doom

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    I shall write a real review but right now I can only think of one way this book could be any better.

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    All the stars Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature Peter S Beagle s classic The Last Unicorn turns fifty years old this year, and it s remained in the public eye and continues to capture hearts like very few fantasies of its age Like a fine tapestry, this gorgeous fairy tale weaves together unicorns and harpies, wizards and witches, dark hearted kings and brave heroes Its lyrical language is embellished with whimsical humor and given heft by bittersweet life lessons.A shy unicorn keeps to herself in her lilac wood, where time passes slowly, if at all, and leaves remain grain and never fall But one day overhears passing hunters grumbling that they must be in the forest of a unicorn Creatures that live in a unicorn s wood learn a little magic of their own in time, mainly concerned with disappearing and that this unicorn must be the last one in the world Unable to find peace after hearing this, the unicorn leaves her forest to try to find what has become of all the other unicorns, and to rescue them if they need it.Very few people recognize her for what she is as she travels mostly they see just a beautiful white mare, and try to capture her for all the wrong reasons A ditsy butterfly, who speaks mostly in quotes and bits of song, is one of the few that identifies her as a unicorn The butterfly in one of his few lucid moments tells her that her people have been herded away by a Red Bull.So the unicorn s quest continues and, despite her preference for solitude, she gathers a few devoted friends around her Schmendrick, a mediocre if not downright terrible magician with infrequent strokes of brilliant magic, enchanted to remain ageless until he can capture and control the magic hidden deep within him Molly Grue, a woman beaten down by her harsh life, whose heart and wisdom become indispensable to the quest A spoiled, soft prince who is inspired to become heroic by his love for the unicorn They have both adventures and trials And none of them will ever be the same again.The pages of The Last Unicorn practically turn themselves, as Beagle s imagination spins one memorable scene after another There s the shabby traveling Midnight Carnival of the witch Mommy Fortuna, who disguises ordinary animals to look like magical, mythic ones, but her caged beasts include one actual magical creature, the deadly harpy Celaeno The unicorn and her friends also pass through the cursed town of Hagsgate, where fruitful fields and financial prosperity are juxtaposed with the bleak hearts and faces of the townspeople, who know the curse will come home to roost at some point The Last Unicorn s pages are also filled with countless similes and metaphors You can t come with us We are on a quest His voice and eyes were as stern as he could make them, but he could feel his nose being bewildered He had never been able to discipline his nose.Molly s own face closed like a castle against him, trundling out the guns and slings and cauldrons of boiling lead And who are you to say we In the words of Dr Mardy Grothe, Beagle never metaphor he didn t like Occasionally it s a bit over the top, but overall I found his writing delightful Less engaging, at least for me, were the songs occasionally sung by the characters They weren t particularly inspired or inspiring, and I thought most of them were weaker links in the story But there are some delicious ironies, such as the prince trying and failing to win the heart of the lady he hopelessly loves by bringing her heads of ogres and dead bodies of dangerous beast, in classic conquering hero style And I was unexpectedly moved to tears by the ending.The setting is generally medieval, but Beagle throws in a few anachronisms, like the butterfly singing Won t you come home, Bill Bailey and saying I must take the A train, and a bored prince reading a magazine while his betrothed princess fruitlessly calls for a unicorn They re amusing touches, but they also serve to give the story a timeless feel The Last Unicorn is an inspired tale, a well deserved classic with unforgettable characters and profound themes The unicorn and her friends have enchanted readers for fifty years May they continue to do so for many, many .Initial comments I just finished reading Beagle s first draft of this book, The Last Unicorn The Lost Journey, and wrote a really great review for it but my FanLit editor has snookered me into rereading this book it s been probably 20 years since I last read it and writing a review of this one too And she s holding my Lost Journey review hostage until I cough up a review for this book J k but really this is kind of what s happening It s a tough job, but somebody s gotta do it.So I m on the road with a unicorn and an extremely mediocre magician named Schmendrick, and Molly Grue has just put in her first appearance It s like meeting a group of old friends I love it

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    it s a real shame that as i was giving this book five stars i could hear in my head some of the many people whose opinions i don t ask for going oh, that tara, she s so spacey and mock able ha if they saw it, and then i think, well. let s be sweet anyway so last night my dad and i were watching the jimmy carter documentary and were all oh, he is so awesome then the dvd player started acting up i grabbed another disc and put it in to see where the problem lay, and the dvd was The Last Unicorn as soon as it began my dad said whoa, i love this movie and haven t seen it in years let s just watch this and finish jimmy carter another time and so we did, and high fived when it was over and talked about what a fantastic movie it is, and how Peter Beagle is a sorta lovely writer.so when i got home, i was thinking how i ve been reading another awful book by one of a cabal truly, a devious cabal of writers of whom I constantly swear I will never read anything by again until someone says no, tara, you are an idiot, they are so amazing and relevant and just because you hate everything or have ever written or recommended on book jackets, you are full of nonsense so read this and then i end up wanting to wring my own neck for not listening to my own judgment yet again so i was all, oh man how am i going to read another hundred pages of this tonight, i need a break thus i came to pick up the last unicorn again after many such agains and it s just fantastic and great and written by a man who i think i would actually like if i met him and he would have a really long droopy moustache and little glasses and give me a thumbs up and then shoot off to the moon on a rocket yeah, the book is spacey and it s whimsical, and probably serious and relevant than another hundred page description of families on too many prescription drugs and psychoanalyzing themselves it s funny how some not all good writers get closer to telling what life is like by taking a step in the seemingly opposite direction and telling a completely impossible story and a story which brings real joy is worth its weight in gold is this really a review i don t think so but the book stands for itself, so i ll just stand up for the book.

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    I ll get straight to the point on this, read it, read it now The Last Unicorn 1968 is a classic and not without reason.The third person narrative centers on a unicorn who, believing she is the last of her kind in the world, sets off on a journey to discover what has happened to the others She encounters a host of diverse characters as her journey progresses, each of them bringing her closer to her goal Wikipedia I thought I d do this review a bit different than my normal routine and just list the reasons for reading it I don t have any grand delusions of thinking that I can actually do the book justice Why You Should Read The Last Unicorn The prose flows beautifully, keeping the plot moving and your imagination enriched Along the same vein, the metaphors used are amazing and perfectly describe the situation giving it that quality that stays with you This is not your typical journey tale The characters are magical and can be hilarious at times, especially Schmendrick the Magician and Molly Grue Ever want to live in a fairy tale for at least a few minutes The Last Unicorn immerses you in a world of unicorns, harpies, witches, and magic This is a story of hope or maybe accurately of no hope I once heard that if you don t just accept that life sucks you re not an optimist, you re an idiot One theme in The Last Unicorn reminded me exactly of this quote that I think is ridiculous Life will throw things at you all the time no matter what you do If you don t learn to enjoy life through those hard times you ll always be miserable This is exactly the mistake that is commented upon in The Last Unicorn It s only 294 pages with large font You can hammer that out in a few hours right Did I mention The Last Unicorn is a classic If you don t like cats, The Last Unicorn has the answer for you there is no such thing as a cat it is just a shape that all manner of imps, hobs, and devilkins like to put on, to gain easy entrance into the homes of men If you don t read The Last Unicorn, the red bull will come get you.Why You Shouldn t Read The Last Unicorn I do have to warn that there are plenty of poems and songs interspersed throughout I know lots of people get turned off by that sort of thing, but I thought it only added to the fairy tale atmosphere But again, I realize that s not for everyone I guess if you re not a true fantasy fan tsk tsk do you really want me to go there Did I mention everybody s doing it Peer pressure usually works on me.

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    so i set the mood for rereading The Last Unicorn by putting together a nifty mix of woodstock era classics, heavily featuring the likes of jethro tull canned heat richie havens a lot of early pink floyd i put on my comfy clothes i brewed some tea i picked my sunniest room and my cat sensing my mood snuggled in close however, i did not smoke any weed perhaps this was my mistake nonetheless, the mood was definitely set and the enjoyment swiftly commenced.this is a nice little book it s sweet and cheeky and full of a kind of idealistic purity it is very counter culture in its quiet way i was reminded constantly of things like Harold Maude and King of Hearts and the Yellow Submarine and Jonathan Livingston Seagull and of laying out on the grass with my friends during college in the 90s, happily on drugs and talking about life it made me think of flowers and sunshine and animals that i like this is certainly not a trippy book, but it is a pleasantly mellow one in tone and outlook the writing is similarly warm and fuzzy characterization is relaxed living metaphors for freedom authority purity greed experience are mixed and matched in a loose, breathable fashion the entire endeavor is what one would call a warm and human experience i can see why this book has so many admirers and why it has apparently never been out of print reading it is like reading a modern fable it feels instantly classic, automatically timeless and hopefully its beautiful messages about life and how to live it will never go out of style.my favorite parts came early and then at the very end the final standoff between our heroes and the Red Bull was very well done and genuinely gripping even better was the time spent in Mommy Fortuna s horrible caravan that was awesome the descriptions of the different ensorcelled beasts, the dreaming spider, Schmendrick s introduction, Mommy Fortuna herself such a poisonous yet rather sad pathetic character , Mommy Fortuna as Old Age, and of course the terrifying, brilliantly rendered harpy all quite delectable.it s interesting to me to think about my two different reactions to the book now and then then was back in junior high, i think i LOVED Schmendrick and found Molly Grue to be an annoying, tedious character despite her, i loved the book from beginning to end the beauty of its ultimate meaning whatever that may have been to my 14 year old self had me thinking about life and how to live it many, many years later yesterday i found Schmendrick to be distinctly annoying and Molly Grue to be the secret hero of the novel this grouchy, critical, often overbearing middle aged lady is also brave, honest, decent, completely down to earth and such an unusual character to find as a lead in a fantasy novel go, Molly, go unfortunately, i also found myself to be positively un charmed by all the anachronisms and whimsy all that stuff just felt dated, goofy, sorta cheap like that fookin butterfly for chrissakes so unfunny and judo and last of the red hot swamis and much ugh still, a lovely book with a timeless message although i found those whimsical anachronisms to be obnoxiously precious cutesypoo, overall they didn t end up being too dire and my experience was not remotely ruined hell, i roll my eyes at my closest friends and i still enjoy their company this may only be a 3 star book for me, but i did like it a lot it remains sweetly appealing and genuinely charming maybe if i was stoned now, i would give it 4 stars but nowadays i only get stoned to reality tv.

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    We are not always what we seem, and hardly ever what we dream In my mind, the movie The Last Unicorn will forever be known as the first and so far only book, movie or TV show to ever give me nightmares I think I saw the film for the first time when I was about 5 or 6 and I remember being completely entranced by it It immediately became one of my favourite movies, despite the fact that I couldn t sleep for a week after seeing it for the first time I never realised it was originally a novel, not until now.Having read the book and re watched the film after finishing it, I now know why it gave me nightmares This story is not for children My grandmother who gifted me the film must have fallen into the trap that so many do these days, namely that any cartoon is for kids, just because it s animated Anime lovers will know the struggle But there is nothing childish about this novel or movie Yes, it s about a unicorn Yes, it s about a wizard and an evil king and a heroic prince It still isn t for children Clich , you ask Predictable, you say You couldn t be wrong The story centres on a unicorn who believes she is the last of her kind She decides to leave the safety of her forest behind in order to discover what happened to all the others On her journey she encounters a variety of unique and memorable characters who support her in achieving her goal.The Last Unicorn is a classic for a reason Although the movie follows the storyline of the book very closely, they are completely different in tone The movie is very serious and somewhat tragic, whilst the book is a lot of a satire with many funny moments in between And it is those satire elements, which truly make this book a masterpiece Peter S Beagle takes fantasy tropes and puts them on their head And he does it well, very well The novel reads like a fairy tale, and perhaps it is to a certain extent, but it s ironic to the point of being hilarious A parody The author goes so far as to make his characters acknowledge that they are in fairy tale Robin Hood is a myth, Captain Cully said nervously, a classic example of the heroic folk figures synthesized out of need John Henry is another Men have to have heroes, and so a legend grows around a grain of truth, like a pearl Not that it isn t a remarkable trick, of course The book has stunning prose, yet is easy to get into It flows and keeps the plot moving at a steady pace I never felt bored or discontent, the story was calm and suspenseful at the same time The characters were phenomenal Are you sick of seeing the same recycled types of people in classic fantasy literature Well, this book will give you something else entirely We have these typical fairy tale characters that are placed in very atypical roles They provide comic relief while also delivering subtle social commentary They were incredibly self aware Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed It is all part of the fairy tale Additionally, every single character in this story is fundamentally flawed The unicorn is proud to the point of being vain, Schmendrick overconfident, Molly Grue deeply regrets her lost youth, King Haggard is selfish and depressed, rather than one dimensionally evil, and Prince Lir fails to see the difference between real heroism and posturing My last point is perhaps the biggest reason why I say that this novel is for adults or at least young adults The themes The mood is very melancholy at times Death is clearly depicted and discussed and the element of time and growing old plays a big part Dreams do not come true I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet I am full of tears and hunger and the fear of death, although I cannot weep, and I want nothing, and I cannot die I am not like the others now, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I do I regret The ending is bittersweet Definitely not your classic fairy tale ending Ultimately, it s not a very hopeful story, and I admit that this may be why I enjoyed it so much I m such a cynic, aren t I Overall, I highly recommend both the book and the movie They are completely worth it.

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    This Unicorn, along with Ende s Neverending Story and Zindell s Requiem for Homo Sapiens , has made me what I am.It has been there for me to shine and shiver with its seashell light even in the deepest night It has been there to remind me that great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, otherwise half their greatness goes unnoticed That you can t make real magic by offering up someone else s liver you must tear out your own And not expect to get it back, aye It s been a song and a companion, a parent and a child.I ve tried to tell here in the end, it s only words For real magic, you would need a Unicorn Peter how did you make her

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    Who has choices need not choose.We must, who have none.We can love but what we lose What is gone is gone The main problem with mythical beasts is that they are so mythical they become their own cliches Dragons have been their own ultimate victims The same can be said about mermaids, elves, and, of course, unicorns And yet, Mr Beagle, offers us a unicorn that is unlike anything you could expect alluring yet strange, beautiful enough to make you cry but at the same time beautiful so much that you will not even think of cuddles, intimate like the beat of your own heart and yet remote like a shining star The last unicorn She can never belong to anything mortal enough to want her Do you hear me What have I done here The sing song language, the allegories, the metaphors, the poetry This is also Mr Beagle s doing The Last Unicorn is written beautifully, it flows, it flutters, it weaves around you like an amorous kitten I love this kind of writing style, and it is one of the reasons why Mr Beagle is on the list of my favourite authors Even, or maybe especially when he writes a fairy tale I did not know that I was so empty, to be so full What exactly are fairy tales Nice stories we tell young children before they go to sleep Tales about the love of a beautiful princess and a noble knight who is fully devoted to her Yes, there is a grain of truth in this, but one should not belittle the role of fairy tales because if you are receptive, they are something than simple stories for kids They have their own backdoors and extra layers of meanings that render them with moralising and educative functions Also in the Last Unicorn the characters and their adventures can often be associated with existing heroes in other stories or myths Finding such analogies was an amazing fun and interesting addition to the lovely story that Mr Beagle has presented us with Things must happen when it is time for them to happen Quests may not simply be abandoned prophecies may not be left to rot like unpicked fruit unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever Ultimately, The Last Unicorn is a beautiful story about love, discovering your own self, and filled with valiant absurdity The author offers us lessons how to be what we are so that we could become what we d like to be, like Shmendrick, the magician without magic He also gives us a warning in the form of the story of King Haggard, a king whose grief was not for what he did not have, but for what he could not give and who along with his next fulfilled dream became increasingly bitter and unhappy But most importantly, the story shows us that human life as opposed to immortal unicorns is fragile and too short to change something important in the mechanism on which the world is constructed You can laugh and grieve over the fate and paths of the protagonists You can smile as you cry This is the main magic of the Last Unicorn Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed It is all part of the fairy tale Within the boundaries of a very specific narrative style and form that the fairy tale is, Mr Beagle reached perfection In order to bring the reader closer to the feelings of his protagonists, the Author very often uses songs and chants It is them, together with the aforementioned elements, that make up the amazing atmosphere of The Last Unicorn I think it is a must read for fantasy fans of all ages.

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    This was one of the first satisfying fantasy reads that I found after The Lord of the Rings I read it when I came home from my first year of college, in 1970 For a long time, I felt like I was the only person who had read this book Then, slowly, slowly, the recognition for it began to grow The movie came out, so wondrously tied to the book and well it should be the author wrote the screenplay and I loved it almost as much as the book.All these years later, it is a pleasure to see it gaining the sort of acclaim it has always deserved Recommended for a read and a re read, and a read out loud Yes, it s that good.

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