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quotes Stone of Farewell, litcharts Stone of Farewell, symbolism Stone of Farewell, summary shmoop Stone of Farewell, Stone of Farewell 60eea7f6 The Second Book In The Trilogy That Launched One Of The Most Important Fantasy Writers Of Our TimeIt Is A Time Of Darkness, Dread, And Ultimate Testing For The Realm Of Osten Ard, For The Wild Magic And Terrifying Minions Of The Undead Sithi Ruler, Ineluki The Storm King, Are Spreading Their Seemingly Undefeatable Evil Across The Kingdom With The Very Land Blighted By The Power Of Ineluki S Wrath, The Tattered Remnants Of A Once Proud Human Army Flee In Search Of A Last Sanctuary And Rallying Point The Stone Of Farewell, A Place Shrouded In Mystery And Ancient Sorrow And Even As Prince Josua Seeks To Rally His Scattered Forces, Simon And The Surviving Members Of The League Of The Scroll Are Desperately Struggling To Discover The Truth Behind An Almost Forgotten Legend, Which Will Take Them From The Fallen Citadels Of Humans To The Secret Heartland Of The Sithi Where Near Immortals Must At Last Decide Whether To Ally With The Race Of Men In A Final War Against Those Of Their Own Blood

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    My review of The Dragonbone Chair did not do the novel justice It was written in haste, a few quickly typed lines before I launched into The Stone of Farewell See, The Dragonbone Chair ended on such a note that I just did.not.have.the.time to think about a decent review I simply had to know what happened next.The first novel went to great pains to establish the world, so there wasn t such a lot of exposition required for The Stone of Farewell This freed the author up to do what he apparently does best write awesome, and remarkably cinematic, fantasy There is an epic sweep to Memory, Sorrow and Thorn that does both Tolkien and David Lean proud George R.R Martin is on record saying that this series inspired him to write A Song of Ice and Fire Simon is a great reluctant hero type He is often resentful and bitter as he is swept along in the story He rarely comprehends the significance of events and he never volunteers, but is unable to remove himself from the forefront of the stage He often alternates between self pity and self loathing, which makes him pretty believable given the circumstances And yet, ever so slowly, the reader starts perceiving the subtle changes, because among all the other things this novel aspires to, it is also a bildungsroman As for Binabik the troll he has to be read to be believed There is some truth to the dynamite in small packages saying The Miriamele Aspitis sequence frustrated me to the point of orthostatic hypotension, but I have a niggling feeling that this was exactly the author s intention I could go on and on the characters in here are as real as it gets in genre fiction, and there are many of them.At times touching, at times amusing, but always rousingly epic this is the series to read if you re into high fantasy I don t have the next book close at hand it is still in the mail , which is a pity, since this one also ends on such a fever pitch that I would have loved to launch straight into To Green Angel Tower, Part 1, without losing momentum Alas Note Jumping into a river to attack a crocodile is probably the second stupidest thing you can do I m reserving judgement about the first It didn t affect my rating, but you might want to bear it in mind.

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    A bit too long even for my taste, although, if you ask me, I don t know what could have been cut from it We follow our heroes quest throughout Osten Ard, but now we have threads The remaining good guys are scattered throughout the land, each trying to reach the Stone of Farewell, the last safe bastion from the Storm King.There is a single wow moment, for me at least, and it was at 96% However, there isn t a single dull moment in the whole book It s just that their journeys are taking too long and I m tired and frustrated that nothing good happens to them Just like in LOTR, where the chain of misfortunes doesn t seem to end for Frodo and Sam.Anyway, I thought I would take a break but given the revelation at the end my curiosity was piqued even than it was so here I go on the last part of the adventure.

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    Such a great second book in a series Plenty of characters, great characters, challenges which showed of the main characters reactions and humanity Amazing plot, properly written and developed Just the right amount of cliffhangers Also, great female characters, stronger than average and annoyed by being contained in a stereotype I felt completely immersed in the story and invested in the characters.

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    As I look back on the reading experience for Stone of Farewell, I wonder exactly why I enjoyed it so much I mean, not an awful lot happens Simon returns to being a pouty, immature boy often than not There s an awful lot of walking, while keeping a look out for the bad guys In fact, you could probably sum up the whole book in one sentence Most of the good guys get to the Stone of Farewell.I guess what made it worthwhile for me was learning quite a bit about the Sithi Williams version of Elves Plus getting some back story for Ineluki, the Storm King, to find out what turned him into the vengeful creature that is threatening all of Osten Ard There s also a peek into Troll culture and a love interest for poor, patient old Binibik The character who really gets left in the lurch in this volume is Miriamele, King Elias daughter I would be reading book three regardless, but it is her fate that really is pulling me along at this point I must know what happens This is pretty standard fantasy fare and if you enjoy high fantasy, you are likely to enjoy the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series Those who don t like elves, trolls, and magic swords should definitely pass this series by Book 250 of my Science Fiction and Fantasy reading project.

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    This is book 2 in the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series and it s a pretty classic fantasy series I find that classic fantasy often tends to fall into some of the tropes I don t love very much sloooooow pacing and not so developed characters were the two major complaints with this book but when I am in the mood to read a classic fantasy series I do enjoy a good one and I think this one is that Simon is the main character for a lot of the first book but I feel like in book two we start to branch off into a few different plot threads and follow people in detail Simon is our young chosen one The boy who used to sleep in the kitchens, until he was sent off on the most important quest of all timeto find Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 3 magic swords and hopefully fix THE WORLD We also have Binabik who is a personal favourite of the series for me He s a troll, and he lives in a land full of trolls well, normally he would but up until now he s been on a quest with Simon I loved getting to see him with his people even though they re pretty mean to him and seeing ALL the trolls They re kind of like cute little trolls rather than big scary ones Jirki is a Sitha, one of the ancient magical races of the world who might be able to help if only they would stir themselves into action and actually worry about the destinies of mortals can you tell I ve read a few books where this happens Prince Josua is an exiled Prince by this book and he s on the run and in hiding from the evil Norns and the others who would seek to do him harm that s most people He s the land s best noble chance for redemption so must be protected at all costs.Miriamele was the worst developed character in my opinion, she s the daughter of the crazy King he s the reason so much of the world is an issue or one of them and yet ALL she seems to do is be scared, flirty, weak or whiney I have to say from experience there s a lot than that to a lady and she s just not a convincing character A lot of her plot felt forced and anti climatic to me in this book which was a shame as I think she could be great when used properlyMaegwin is probably one of the most far off from the rest of the characters and the most intriguing to me Her plot just keeps picking at me and making me wonder where it s going and how she fits into everything She s a princess who s in hiding as the last of her line with the last of her loyal followersThe plot of this book certainly had some wonderful moments but equally it suffers from the slow pacing that this sort of book is known for I don t mind a slow read when I am audio booking which is what I did with this one but sometimes this felt like a lot could have been shortened cut In terms of the book as a whole I did enjoy it even though I have issues with it It s one of the better classic fantasies I ve read and I have fun being in the world, I just think it doesn t hold up alongside some of the other modern books It s a good adventure and I m committed to seeing where it goes, so I am diving straight into book 3 and will report back 3 s for this one.

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    Ok first review of 2018 and what do you know its 5 stars out of 5 Anyway this book is a huge improvement on the previous book which was already fantastic, I think what stood out for me in this book was the pace and tension kept building as it wasn t like in the great hunt where it starts all over again for each book I felt the story moved much here than in Dragonbone chair and I was invested into what the characters were up to as they got on with there tasks set for them in Osten Ard That is another thing I loved about this book the number of characters is just amazing and it was such a joy to revisit some Rachel and I was invested in all of the POV s as not only did I feel attached to the characters I was fascinated because I was learning of the huge world that is Osten Ard whether it is the mythical sites our heroes visit or the history behind certain places I loved learning about this world and being a part of it along with the characters Simon still has a way to go but he has definitely evolved from the mooncalf back in Hayholt and I can t wait to see what he will do next because I see great things for him as he begins to mature to the Snowlock he is especially in the ultimate 1600 pages split into 2 books of course finale that is green angel towerI love this series so much the writing is exquisite, the details are so fascinating and matching it with its pace is probably the main reason why I love this book much better than the first 2 books of the wheel of time as I personally rank Osten Ard as one of my favourite fantasy world along with Roshar I m so glad I finally returned to this series after 9 10 months and getting into it felt like a breath of fresh air or like cold air for this case.I would recommend everyone to give this series a try with The Dragonbone Chair, if you want a classical fantasy story with great worldbuilding and fine details I would start here and like I said earlier I personally enjoyed this series than the first 2 books of the Wheel of Time series.

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    The apocalypse that has befallen the world of Osten Ard is fully unveiled It might be a slow unravelling but it is a very satisfying one The worldbuilding is tremendous Our view of the world expands and its full of magnificent places, people and their stories Especially the various subraces of the elvenkind are awesome Apart from the Middle Earth this is the only place that I can say that I love the Elves They share the grandeur and the drama of their Tolkien counterparts but they are at the same time very original and unique I also liked a lot the horror and darker elements that appeared in bigger numbers The enemy is spreading like a plague and the world is turning fast to a menacing and dangerous place I dont know if that kind of storytelling would appeal to everyone Especially to people who prefer faster and action oriented stories but if you like a romantic and adventurous approach u ll probably appreciate these books a lot.

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    I hate this book Here, let me sum it up for you so you don t waste all the time I did hoping this monstrosity would get better.Some people walk through a forest A fight happens Someone falls down and has a prophetic dream that they never tell anyone about More walking through the forest Repeat ad nauseum.Yes, that was the entire book People falling senseless or whatever the heck every ten pages, a lot of whining, and the occasional anticlimactic pointless battle followed by passing out and walking through the forest What a waste of time and space.

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    It has been about 7 years since I read the first book and it took me quite a while to get back into the story Once I remembered the multitude of characters, I was quickly sucked in again.On the one hand I really enjoyed the story on the other hand it was veeeery long in places A lot of description, that didn t feel entirely necessary in some scenes while at other places it felt perfectly balanced, even though it had some minute details.What bugged me as everyone knowing me will expect was that there was quite some being in love in this one Thankfully not a full love story, but a princess in love with someone, a prince in love with someone, and a mooncalf boy in love with someone Or other It wasn t overly much but mentioned quite often, and I simply hate romance in my fantasy especially if it doesn t really feel like a natural part of the story.I very much enjoyed the different characters I liked how the different races and cultures actually felt different to each other, and not just like Smaller human , human with magic and such Special Kudos to the audible narrator who manages to give them different accents, and ways of speaking who fit perfectly I also liked the richness of the world and the way you don t feel like if you look behind a tree there would be a blank wall, but as if you were in the world, and the world was real And yes, I think that would still have been possible with some less flowery descriptions here and there I thought some of the characters actions overly naive, and it had quite an episodic feel to it in places also the fight scenes were a bit predictable and I had a deja vu of LOTR and they are walking or sometimes riding in this one and walking, and still walking, and walking and how surprising even walking All in all definitely still a good series, and I will try my best not to wait 7 years again before I will pick up book three

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    SPOILERS Whereas the first book was a nice comfort read, this one gave me anxiety through much of it.Lots of stuff going on, a bit conflict but few resolutions, which I expect will come in the last book.There is alot of back and fourth with different characters POV s as they all strive to their own purposes.I have grown to dislike Mirabele, who in the first book seemed strong but has now turned to a stupid shallow child I hate that she gave herself to the earl..little whore. I also hated the slut sithi who kept hanging all over Simon..but at least he turned her away.Men just have no clue how to write romance This author also seems to have a low opinion of women for all the women characters are dreadful They all seem pitiful, shallow and weak.I am hoping this changes in the next book.I do still love Simon, and it is his character that keeps me going.The pace in this book is a little faster, but the author still over does it with flowery descriptions and I found myself skimming at times, I just wanted to scream..get on with it It also seemed there is alot of writing about crap that doesn t reveal much I can t really explain it but I read paragraphs and paragraphs and find the characters don t learn anything new or go anywhere.I know this sound negative considering I gave 4 stars, in truth it was a good book, but perhaps it is just that the writing style is a little outdated The story itsself is good so I will continue.Safety Blood, violence No cursing Sex implied for Mirabele.Romance peeps Mirabele who is supposed to end up with Simon, sleeps with another Simon is tempted by another but resists Josua still doesn t love his woman but she loves him They marry because she is pregnant Binabik marries his love but has to leave her behind.

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