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    4.5 starsAn amazing surprise.Finished in almost one sitting This should give an idea about how surprising it was.This is a middle grade but an adult can enjoy as well.The Crystal of Yggdrasil is quick, fast paced and often humorous narration.Aki Achille Chiorri his name believes he is a normal twelve year old like everyone else until he discovers he is an Heir of the Superior Beings and he has the power to travel to the distant worlds of the Parallel Crystals in which ancient civilizations are crystallized and where gods and mythological creatures are alive and real In this first journey through the realms of the Crystal of Yggdrasil, Aki finds himself catapulted into the world of the Norse mythology and together with the daughter of the goddess Freyja, a special cat called Timoteo and Skap, a Liosalfar, an elf of the light, he travels through the realms and he meets incredible creatures, gods, troll, elves and to return home he must embark on a dangerous mission that leads to a series of exciting adventures.I had such a fun time reading this book and I m looking forward to continuing on with the series.Recommended

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    Aki knows he has the strange ability to communicate with animals by reading their minds, but he is about to discover that he has many amazing abilities as an Heir to the Superior Beings The Sphere of Time will take him on exciting travels to parallel worlds that are stuck in ancient times At first it seems like lots of fun, but being an Heir is also a grave responsibility and Aki will have to face many cruel gods and fearsome creatures The story is compelling and fast paced, hard to put down because at the end of every chapter you want to know what happens next Aki is a very likable and realistic protagonist who narrates, with much spirit and humor, his gruesome encounters and life threatening adventures.

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    Il primo libro dell autore nel mondo della lettura per ragazzi non delude Tutt altro Gli spunti mitologici sono interessanti, la storia scorrevole e alla fine di ogni capitolo si ha sempre il desiderio di continuare per vedere cosa accadr Aki, il protagonista, simpatico e divertente Per ragazzi ma anche gli adulti la troveranno una lettura fresca e piacevole.

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    I read this book in Italian and English.I really loved it.I enjoyed so much the story.The adventure was awesome, thrilling and addicting I just couldn t put the book down Please don t let me wait long for the second installment

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