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    4 starsI don t even know how to start this review without saying how much I LOVED this reading Damn, what a nice surprise When I first got my hands on Drift Heat I never expected to like it so much and end up giving priority to other books on my list because my hopes weren t high with this one If only regret could kill you There s just so many things I love in this book the cars, the speed, the danger, the drift competition, the alpha male, feisty heroine and the sweet love story There s not many good books out there about racers, so when I found this one I just couldn t get enough Griffin McGregor is a drift driver and kind of an asshole when we first meet him He s the cocky, full of himself bad boy all the good ladies should stay the hell alway from When Shelby Elise Jensen starts working with the same team as Griffin, their interactions couldn t be any hostile She won t take his crap and sure as hell will call him on it Griffin finds himself at a loss of what to do Shelby is beautiful, intelligent and just knocked him on his ass on the parking lot I ll warn you though that in the first 50% of the book the romance between them is pretty slow build up , the story centers pretty much on the drift competition at the same time that you get the chance to figure the characters out But once Griffin finds himself tired of the bullshit Shelby is pulling, their relationship sparks That s when I found myself head over heels in love with Griffin, we start to get to know the person he really is, the one he hides behind the confident asshole exterior At this point I want to kill Shelby myself, promise you that My own personality is so alike Shelby s that I have to hope that if someday if find my Griffin I won t be so blind about my feelings as she was about hers The only thing about this book that left me a little on edge was Wyatt I don t know about you guys but I m not into love triangles So when I thought that s were the story was headed I almost dropped it Glad I didn t cause at the end of the day everything was fine and there were no triangles Thank God.I really enjoyed this book Would certainly recommend it if you are into sports involving cars I d say it s important that you do because of the detailed way in which it was written, in case you re not into it you d probably be bored to death , also if you love alpha heroes and feisty heroines this ride is for you Just make sure to drive it like you mean it Xo

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    I love racer reads so was super stoked to read this romance by new to me author, Adrian Hale What a rush Drift Heat revved up my heartbeat, heated up my engine, and sent my soul soaring around the track with my emotions whirling around at lightning speed An adrenaline rush of a roller coaster of a romance that is heart pounding and humorous, Drift Heat is pure satisfaction Tired of living in her legendary NASCAR driver daddy s shadow, Shelby Jensen is ready to leave her family s auto shop and soar with her own wings by being the face of the emerging IT team in racing She didn t count on her new promotions job at Smoke Mirrors as the face of the drift racing team involving a hot, cocky, and callous driver for the Smoke Mirrors Drift Team who infuriates her yet ignites her from head to toe Griffin McGregor From the first few pages, my pulse was pounding as the banter between the hero and heroine was off the charts hot and humorous That initial meeting when Shelby collides like crashes with Griffith is full of anger, angst, and anticipation, and I love their tense and tantalizing word and body language dance Get that b ch the f k off my car His eyes dip to my boobs, and I cross my arms to hide my hardened nipples Oh, hell f king no This caveman is not going to think about sex while he yells in my face Over six feet of sizzle with brown hair, crystal blue eyes, muscles, and tattoos, Griffith is the bad boy of the track with a temper that erupts like a volcano Griffin what a devastatingly hot douche I want to kiss Gorgeous Griff I want to throat punch Drift Douche too Keep your ass off the cars and stay out of my way, got it, Goldilocks I love how Shelby rocks Marilyn Monroe on the outside, but is totally badass like the rocker, Pink, on the inside She dishes it right back to Grouchy Griff, and it s awesome Oh, please Come up with something original next time you call me a name, dipshit Their banter is fire hot and funny as they trade choice names that bounce between them like fire balls Adolf Titler Score one for Griff Weapons grade douchebag Score one for Shelby Thundercunt Two for Griff Cock jockey Two for Shelby.When Griffin gets in her face, Shelby pushes him away and threatens his precious jewels Step off or I ll knee you in the nuts I like my space without assholes all up in it Griffith may scare most with his act of arrogance and intimidation, but Shelby is not intimated by him Her lady balls are just as big as his Shelby and Griffin continue to collide the chemistry inflames as the heat between them turns into a raging inferno Admit it, Shelby You ve fantasized about me making your pretty little mouth ache from the bad language you re so prone to You know I would give you exactly what you need Holy hot How can Shelby resist that hot though heavily annoying package of man candy Shelby wants to keep it professional between Griffin and her, but the chemistry that ignites between them will not stop burning Maybe a one night stand is what she needs to get the alluring alpha out of her mind and convince him that it s just sexual feelings between them Nothing One night with Mr Cocky Hottie will prove that it s nothing but a cure for all the sexual tension between them Afterwards, Shelby can finally focus on promoting his racing without him consuming her mind and gaining entry into her heart I want sex with you, as much and often as we want But we leave it at that It stays here, between us, and doesn t interfere with our work It can t We have a mutually beneficial sexual relationship We don t hurt anyone in the process Sex with no strings should be easy with a playboy and hot headed racer, right Lines are blurring as this physical thing starts morphing into Feelings wave around like a checkered flag, threatening to spoil this simple sex with strings thing When you play with fire, someone will get burned This relationship may crash before it ever reaches the finish line I need out I messed up by letting my attraction to the hotheaded, cocky, foul mouthed driver of my team get out of hand I can t handle it I have to find a way to get out of this before it blows up and ruins the rest of the season for the entire team Drift Heat sent me racing to the finish line while my heart pumped full of adrenaline and I felt that sweet ache down below Racy, riveting, and a roller coaster of a romance, this story is a must read that will quench your alpha addiction and leave you panting for Heat and heart the best combination My only wish for this story is for it to have been penned in dual Point of View POV as I think Griffin s voice would have made this story even sensational with the male perspective I can t wait to read the next book in this scorching and soul searing series 4.5 scorching and sensational stars

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    Whoa Adrian Hale has written a hot, romance that will have you fanning yourself while you read this one I love how Adrian used scenes in the book for her romance that was not your typical sexual scenes Her use of descriptive words left me open mouthed and wondering how she could do it This story is hot and very unique Shelby is a young lady that has been around the racing scene all her life Her dad is a famous racer, but has had little time for Shelby Everything she learned was from someone else Shelby is trying to get away from her dad s business to make a name for herself without relying on his reputation When Shelby sees an opportunity at Smoke and Mirrors, she jumps on it Even if it is just their show girl and to help in their promotional department Shelby takes her job seriously and even though Griffin is the only one on the team to give her a hard time when he meets her, she stands her ground to him She is not some girls that has no clue about cars and will stand by and let Griffin talk to her like he does I love that Shelby could hold her own and that she was not afraid to speak her mind I also loved that she was a girl that could drift and knew just abut everything that the guys did about cars Wyatt was so nice to Shelby and helped her get to know everyone on the team better Wyatt also helped her when Griffin was being his usual self and talking bad to Shelby I thought it was neat how Wyatt and Shelby had that instant connection Once the guys figured out who Shelby was, and who her father was, they treated her a little differently, of course.Griffin s character is stubborn and rude There were times in the story where I really did not like him and then there were times when I really liked him I was wondering if Griffin would ever come around and treat Shelby with a little respect than he did at their first meeting, and I wondered too if he was acting like that because he liked her, but I could not tell from the beginning Griffin was just very rude and short with Shelby and with his reputation of being not so even tempered off the track, it made you wonder Shelby is working her magic with the social media and getting sponsors for the team, but will Griffin ruin their chances at getting some good sponsors with his temper After Shelby and Griffin sort of break the ice at some after party events, Griffin starts to show another side of himself Shelby is surprised to see that there is a nice side to him after all, but will it last If you enjoy racing of any kind, you will love this story with Shelby and Griffin as you follow the team on their racing journey I really hope that we get to see of the Smoke and Mirror s team Thanks for a great read Adrian Hale Can t wait for

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    Drift Heat is the first book that I ve read by Adrian R Hale, and boy did I LOVE it Shelby is the daughter of a NASCAR legend, but she is dying to be known as something than that blonde, beautiful daughter So she sets out on to make a name for herself on her own When she has the chance to be the face of the hottest racing drift team, she jumps at the opportunity That is until she came face to face with a rude, arrogant driver that called her terrible names Griffin McGregor is the bad boy star of the team On the track he s awesome, off the track his temper is legendary What she can t deny is the spark between them that just keeps getting hotter, although she tries to Will Shelby be able to get past Griffin s high walls to the man with a heart of gold I was captivated from the very first page of this story, and I never looked back The character development is fantastic, with awesome secondaries that rocked as well A fast paced, emotional, and well written story line flows perfectly Adrian R Hale s talented writing style had me from the beginning, kept my heart racing cover to cover, and made me want to cry when I finished because I didn t want it to end Flammable chemistry leads to EXPLOSIVELY HOT HOT HOT sexy scene goodness that had me turning on the AC to cool off Emotions were pulled out of me that had my eyes leaking a bit like it was happening to me, and I CANNOT WAIT to read by this author in the very near future I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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    I ve sat here writing, deleting, rewriting, and contemplating my review for Drift Heat In the end, it s really simple to review in a single word AWESOME I loved Drift Heat I fell head over heels for Griffin McGregor He is self righteous, arrogant, cocky, rude, angry, sexy, hot, loving, tender, supportive, and sexy Whoops, did I say that twice You get where I m going with this Griffin embraces his role of bad boy and runs with it As we all know, it takes the right woman to not only accept the bad boy but help him find the man beneath the boy That woman is Shelby Jensen.Shelby has grown up in racing and wants to be than the daughter of a famous racer and than just a beautiful woman When Shelby takes the newly created position with Smoke Mirrors Racing, she quickly finds not only a career but a family Of course, Griffin is a complete jackass and insults her at every turn And, of course, Shelby is instantly attracted to him Drift Heat is a great story of friendships, romance, family and what happens when two people that have their own plans for the future come together to create greatness.A 5 star read for me I cannot wait for from the SM Team

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    I received an ARC of book 2 in this series from a blogger, so I thought I should pick up book 1 to start at the beginning I am a lover of baseball first and football second I have no love for any other sports, and even less when it comes to cars If you couldn t care less about sports, PLEASE do not let that hinder your decision to read a romance book that involves sports There are so many good ones out there, and this is definitely one of them Shelby is a smart, sexy, young woman with plans for her life Griffin is a cocky, sexy, drift driver who only wants to win They have an instant dislike for each other when Griff finds Shelby posing on top of his beloved car, but that certainly changes over time The main characters in this story aren t the only reason this book is as good as it is The secondary characters are just as important, and I hope they all get their own books This story brings all the elements in brains, brawn, beauty, loyalty, adventure, and second chances I can t wait to get to book 2.

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    This is the first I have read by Adrian R Hale and just Wow I loved how Griffin is and the feelings towards Shelby was crazy The love hate relationship have to say is what made me love them and of course the whole Smoke and Mirrors team Never thought I would be into racing but Adrian R Hale has a way of bringing the smell of fuel, aduience clapping and the thrill of it to life This is the first book and boy definitely keeping an eye on this author Loved it I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own.

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    4.5 adrenaline pumping starsI m a sucker for a few things, allow me to name a couplecars, a smoking hot alpha male, and an author that writes a feisty, tough as nails female lead Therefore, I have officially fallen in love with Adrian Hale.Shelby Jensen grew up in the shadow of her Nascar legend father and after deciding she wants something of her own, she agrees to be a promo model for a drift racing team This team has the potential to be the best but they re stifled by financial woes and the immature antics of their star driver, Griffin MacGregor.Griffin s cocky attitude and immature outbursts have run off the attention of would be sponsors, which Smoke Mirrors Racing needs desperately The owner of the team thinks bringing a promo model will help Griffin disagrees and solidifies his position as Captain Asshole by telling her she s just tits and ass, repeatedly In spite of his Neanderthal ways, Shelby finds herself impossibly attracted to him With her genuine love of cars, deep work ethic and some great ideas, she quickly becomes part of the team in a real way and thankfully, she has no qualms about putting Griffin in his place, even if that place is on his ass in the dirt This book was great, full of complex characters and some fun The author also knows how to bring the heat After this book, this white girl might take up dancing Wowsers LolGriffin really ground my gears for the better part of the book and I wanted to slap Shelby than a few times but I was deeply drawn into their story, as I ve found myself hopelessly attracted to a bad boy times than I care to admit I absolutely fell in love with the racing family the author createdvery Fast and the Furious esque, which just happens to be one of my favorite movie franchises I can t wait to see Wyatt, Ryan, and the other guys find their badass counterparts To the author, you ve driven right onto my must read author list so I m begging you, don t forget Henry, Shelby s brother, I love him Lol Review by AnnMarie

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    Drift Heat had me engrossed from the beginning, and I begrudgingly had to put it down just so I could start another book that was due for tour the same day as this one From the beginning, Griffin and Shelby drew me in with their sparing ways and hot chemistry.Modeling for Smoke Mirrors racing gives Shelby the in she needs to move on from the garage she ran with her father and brother Doing so, though, semi estranged her from her overprotective, former NASCAR racer, father Shelby has respect for cars than she probably does for herself, something that comes across loud and clear as she s modeling on the team s prize Supra and the photographer is directing her to do poses that have her questioning how to execute said poses without hurting the car beneath her That is, until that car s driver comes barreling on the scene.Griffin and Shelby start out rocky, to say the least They re all harsh words and claws, but if there s anything Griffin needs in a woman, it s that she ll go toe to toe with him something Shelby will do time and time again throughout their story He keeps giving me shit even if he loves me to pieces I loved watching as Griffin thawed toward the woman he assumed was only a pretty face, just as much as I loved watching Shelby find a place in this team This story was so much than just a racer and a model Shelby gets everything she wants and , and Griffin does as well The end of this story had me cheering for them both I am hopeful that this is not the beginning and end for this racing team I hope to see a series out of it received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review.

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    If I had to sum up Drift Heat into one word I would say it is Phenomenal This is my first read by Adrian and I can see myself reading of what she has in the future Her characters are the ones you can see yourself being friends with and just hanging around with Griffin That guy starts off as a self righteous arrogant prick, that is cocky and rude especially to Shelby as the book goes you do eventually see a tender supportive side of him but you still get the cockiness.Shelby has grown up in the racing scene being the daughter of a NASCAR racer When she joins Smoke Mirrors she hides who she really is from them because she wants them to see her potential and not just like her because of who her father is She soon finds that SM is a family and she fits in perfectly with them well all except Griffin. The chemistry between them could be felt just pouring out of the book but OOH the banter and attitude they throw back and forth towards each other i freaking loved it But at one point in the book I was literally yelling at the characters like they could hear me To just get it on and get it over with then another time i was yelling for Shelby to just get the stick out of her behind and admit that what she feels for Griffin is than just a sexual relationshipBut does she realize it in time What happens when one of her carefully laid plans blows up in her face Will Smoke Mirrors as well as Griffin be able to get past it Or does she burn all her bridges Adrian I need to know can we expect a story for all Smoke and Mirror characters I would love to hear Wyatt and Ryans story.

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download Drift Heat, read online Drift Heat, kindle ebook Drift Heat, Drift Heat 414c1e8647cc I Didn T Want To Only Be Known As The Pretty, Blonde Daughter Of A Famous Race Car Driver I Wanted To Make A Name For Myself And I Wasn T Going To Let Anyone Get In My Way So When I Saw The Opportunity Of A Lifetime, I Jumped Being The Face Of The Hottest New Racing Team In The Business Was A Dream Come TrueUntil He Showed UpGriffin McGregor Bad Boy Star Driver On The Track, He S Gold Off The Track He S Everything My Daddy Ever Warned Me About Infuriatingly Egotistical, Explosive Temper, Argumentative Know It Allwhy Does He Have To Be So Freaking Hot It Ll Be A Miracle If We Can Get This Team To The Championship Title Without Killing Each Other Or Worse Because The Last Thing I M Going To Do Is Wreck My Career By Jumping In Bed With A Race Car Driver