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pdf Behind Bars , ebook Behind Bars , epub Behind Bars , doc Behind Bars , e-pub Behind Bars , Behind Bars bc3fe5c69ee A Judge Hands Down A Stretch In A Local, State, Or Federal Prison It S Time For Some Serious Life Lessons With The Crime Rates Soaring In The United States And The Prison Population Growing Faster Than At Any Other Time In American History, Staying Alive And Well Both Mentally And Physically Is Tougher Than Ever

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    How to behave when the police invade your home Polite, don t mention they ve just mashed up the front door.How to behave when being arrested Extremely politely Kiss ass What to say when being interviewed No comment or similar, a defence lawyer will find their job easier if you haven t actually said anything at all.Dealing with bail, lawyers, and how to fake it with the boss to keep your job.Being locked up What to do, not to do, who you need to be respectful to and who you should show strength in front of One of the main tenets is neither a borrower or a lender be Both are likely to get you into serious problems.How to deal with the appalling conditions of jail and eventually, if everything goes wrong, prison.What to do or say in court You have a lawyer, listen to their advice.Serving time How to make it pass without getting brain dead from lack of stimulation or being beaten up, how to make and keep friends who will be your buddies when the inevitable trouble starts Prison is full of violent psychopaths with nothing to do all day but look for disrespect or something you have they want.Family They will often move on There you go Re entering the world with a criminal record and possibly no friends, family or money.It s all enough to make you stay on the right side of the law Almost I mean it s impossible to keep all laws and still have a life No speeding, no illegal parking even for a minute, no getting drunk, no having a puff depends on where you live , no sex with minors even if you are a minor yourself How do you keep two 15 year olds in love from having sex There are just too many prohibitions and not enough anarchy, but wer must respect that Still, the book is a good one for slightly anarchic teenagers who might think of doing naughty things or even very bad ones and will not give officers the overwheening respect too many of them think they deserve, especially from Black kids Which is what concerns me being as two of mine are kings in their own country but automatically suspected of being criminals, probably drug users, in the US Something happened to me not that long ago that made me think, is this how Black people feel I was in Marco Island, Florida, and my boyfriend had gone off to California as his daughter was in one of the semi finals of Jeopardy and taking the keys of the beamer with him So I had to walk the 3 4 mile to Publix There I am in my black pants and top and Betsey Johnson backpack going home walking slowly in the 94 degree heat backpack stuffed with French bread, sangria, salads, that sort of thing, when a police car swerves onto the sidewalk so I can t proceed and the cop gets out and in a not too pleasant manner wants to know who I am, see my ID I don t usually carry any, it s not necessary where I live and what I am doing walking Because I can t drive in the US and the bf has carefully taken the car keys in case I should decide to When he has established I am who I say I am he gives me a ride back to the yacht in the marina and explains that he had a report of a woman walking oddly, a vagrant, and since I was the only person walking, it must be me Well gee, vagrants walk around with designer backpacks with a baguette sticking out In other words if for some reason people don t like the look of you, it doesn t matter who you are if you are different ie walking in a rich area where everyone drives and there is no public transport or just by being Black That s it Your guilty until you prove your innocence.So the book is good, it might have happened to me, now I ll know exactly what to do for the next time which hopefully will never come.

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    This book isn t very long I managed to finish it within a 24 hour time period , but it packs volumes into its 240 pages, a great primer for anyone looking at any time in a state or federal pokey Written by two criminologists one of whom is himself an ex con , Behind Bars offers advice on how to conduct yourself from the moment of your arrest to re entering society after your release It covers legal pitfalls don t pay your lawyer everything up front , survival on the inside mind your own business, but if anyone messes with you, let it be known that you WILL retaliate with force and finding a job afterward be honest on your application and try to talk face to face with HR immediately With the government forever adding to the number of offenses listed as federal crimes not to mention the vast number of draconian drug laws this could be a valuable tool for you in the near future.but let s hope not In any case, read it Its advice could, lierally, save your life.

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    The authors, professors of criminology one of whom worked at a prison, and one of whom was incarcerated for 11 years , lay out in simple terms the hard realities of prison life They tell what the potential perp can expect, from the first arrest, to surviving gang violence in the penitentiary, all the way how to readjust to life on the streets after you re released.It s a well written and easy to follow book It s most interesting at the beginning, when the authors reveal some of the draconian arrest laws arrests like burn laws where the state can convict you of just the intent to sell drugs even if you never actually had any drugs and those scary, error filled no knock warrants , and at the end, when they make an argument for the return of rehabilitation as a philosophy of incarceration.

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    This was an eye opening and informative book I think it may be helpful, which is its purpose I believe, for someone who is about to start a period of incarceration to let them know what they may be up against and how to survive with their skin It is definitely educational for those who have no prison experience The authors closed with their thoughts on the need for a redemptive and rehabilitative system, and gave ideas on how to work some of these things out to provide successful transitions and reduce recidivism It gave an insiders look w o the Hollywood glamor I am glad I read it.

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    Good book Hope I NEVER NEED it I have a relative that was recently sentenced to 16 18 years in prison Since no one else I know well has ever been to prison, I got this book before I even write them a letter Having heard if I write the wrong thing or something that could be misunderstood or taken out of context, this book was a great investment Now, from what I learned, I do NOT know if it is worth the trouble an innocent person can get into just contacting an inmate If you even think you or anyone you know could end up in the U.S prison system, read it Remembering it Worth every penny.

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    I picked up this book because my husband had been friends with one of the authors when they were in their 20 s and recently reconnected with him I m in no position to vouch for the accuracy of the book but it has the ring of truth to it The language is straight forward and clear This book tells what prison is like from the point of view of an inmate and has good tips for making a stay in prison less awful Both the authors are men with experience in men s prisons so the focus is on that There is a short 7 page chapter on women s prisons but that is clearly not their strong point.

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    I ve always thought I would end up in prison unjustly I was excited to read about a survival guide to my worst nightmare Although it acts as a good primer to the major prison gangs and day to day life, it unfortunately concludes that in order to survive, you have to a join the aryan brotherhood if you are white and b become someones b or be willing to face death and or mutilation constantly trying to stop sexual assault.

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    Well, I owe Ian my sincere thanks for finding this gem at a Value Village somewhere in the wasteland of Southern Ontario Like many middle class women, I am deathly afraid of going to the pokey as my mom calls it and getting shivved in the kidney during role call Thankfully I now know how to avoid this fate and much all thanks to these formerly incarcerated sociology profs.

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    This is the book recommended to convicts rich enough to hire prison adjustment counselors And anyone else who does any research on the subject So far, I haven t seen any better behind the scene frank discussion of prison realities Crim majors criminals must read However, note that it only applies to male institutions Female institutions are VERY different.

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    Years ago I read a book titled You Got Nothing Coming by Jimmy Lerner It was about a regular guy with a bit of an alcohol problem who got sentenced to prison for manslaughter He wanted to fight the charges because it was self defense but his lawyer advised him to take a plea deal and not roll the dice with a jury that sees a lot of blood and thinks murder In this book he details his life in prison in Nevada I ve been hooked on the drama of prison life ever since Behind Bars is written by two men intimately familiar with life in prison One worked nearly four years inside a correctional institution and the other spent 11 years between jail, prison, and parole Are they the most experienced guys that could write this book No, but they have enough experience to guide a layman like myself.The book is written almost like a manual for someone on his her way up the river It takes the reader from the arrest, to sentencing, to prison time, up to even release Much of it sounds like good advice to keep a person alive and out of trouble while there are also some good statistics in there to give the reader a solid impression of the make up of prisons in the U.S Behind Bars is written simple enough and is a fairly quick read Hopefully I won t ever truly need any of this information

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