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    Emily loves to dance and she could not wait to go to dance class When she got to dance class, no one liked to dance They would rather be playing soccer, painting, or reading Emily was getting very discouraged until her mom took her to get jellybeans She shared them with her classmates and they became friends Emily and her classmates worked on their costumes and dance moves until the big dance recital When that day came, Emily almost forgot the dance moves but her and her classmates ended up having a perfect show I thought this story was so cute I loved all the illustrations and all the characters in the story I think this book could be used when showing a class how to solve a problem I think this book would be mainly for younger kids I also think this book could be used when talking about dancing.

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    Summary Emily s favorite activity is dancing Her teacher gives her an assignment of the dance, The No good Bugs which she hates bugs so she believes she will hate the dance just as much Review Such a cute book They worked together with their names to really enjoy the assignment with the awful name Classroom Dance Friendship Everyone has different interest You can be friends and get along with others who you have nothing in common

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    Good storyline

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    This series Jellybeans is a cute series Four friends with very different personalities and interests work together to make the dance recital a success.

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    Four friends learn that though they like different things, they can have fun together.

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    This book was really cute.Such a sweet idea to bring friends together.

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    Such a great picture book about different kids with different interests coming together.

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    A DRA 20 with themes of friendship and individuality.

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    It s kinda cute, the little girls like it

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    Great way to get kids into trying something that they may think they don t like I enjoyed how each one of their unique hobbies was combined to make one great performance.

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