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  • Paperback
  • 724 pages
  • The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy
  • A.N. Roquelaure
  • English
  • 21 December 2019
  • 9780452156616

10 thoughts on “The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

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    ah, anne rice s beauty series i was fourteen when i asked for this series for christmas my family knew i loved to read and the only description i gave of the books was that they were just another anne rice goth trilogy luckily, the box set i unwrapped christmas morning was still sealed in shrinkwrap I think they would have had a heart attack if they knew they had bought their little catholic school girl bookworm a complete box set of graphic SM erotica oh it was the best christmas ever I ran up to my room, locked the door, and didn t come out again until the next day.

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    I love dirty books I thought the Happy Hooker books were pretty naughty, but these 3 are some of the dirtiest I ve ever read I d say it is a must read for anyone interested in bdsm Note 50 Shades Of Grey is tame in comparison Kink aside, it is actually kind of a romantic tale I definitely got turned on, which is great, but I also felt like I just had to know what happened to Beauty and her, erm, associates next, which is even better I usually don t read a book than once, but I keep coming back to these, so that s really saying something They are nothing like the novels typically associated with Anne Rice If erotica offends you or doesn t interest you, pass this by These are well written, but certainly not for everyone

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    I love Anne Rice, but half way into book one, I was tired of all the spanking I read the whole series because I cannot start reading books and put them down I have to finish And it was a chore Not hot Unless your fetish is spanking Mine s not Don t get me wrong I was not offended or disgusted I was bored.

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    This is pure erotica Not a romance There is a lot of BDSM, servitude, Punishment, f m, m m, f f, and multiple partners in various forms Not for the faint of heart.

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    Pardon me, but even in porn I want to like, or identify with, at least one character I went into this expecting a sexy version of a fairytale that, let s face it, has always begged to be presented in an X rated version Awakened with a kiss, or How disappointing The opening showed promise he scales the castle wall and finds the cursed princess in her bower, powerless to stop him from doing Whatever but it quickly became clear that neither the prince or his newly claimed princess slave would be developed beyond one dimensional cardboard archtypes She s so spineless, no seduction is necessary He s a mamma s boy with a sadistic streak, which renders unbelievable the notion that he would so much as cross the street to awaken Sleeping Beauty, much less scale the walls of a cursed castle Also, he still lives with his mom That would be a deal breaker for me, even if he didn t share his sex slaves with her after he gets bored with them, which happens asap In a word, Eww.

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    I read it so long ago Well If you are over 18 and want to know how a erotic novel must be you MUST start with this one I was so incredible my personal experience read about so many stupid taboos that I couldn t stop She is marvelous great book Enjoy really, I mean, enjoy in all senses the reading.

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    These books were recommended to me, as research for the book I am writing I was told that it would help me understand what total submission meant And that it delivered Anne Rice put such a twist on this fairy tale, that it is hard to look at my nieces Sleeping Beauty dolls The story is perverse Hunger Games of sorts Princes and Princesses are sent as tributes to serve as sex slaves to the Crowned Queen, in order to maintain an alliance The first book Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, followed Beauty after she had been awakened from her long sleep Immediately, she is thoroughly sexed by the Crowned Prince and marched naked to his castle to be his BDSM slave Beauty is treated to a variety of punishments but still can t seem to comprehend the meaning of submission One night, handsome Prince Alexi, seeks her out to tell her his story of submission It was one of gang raping, and having foreign objects shoved into him Shortly after that night, Beauty sees that Prince Tristan was being sent to the village for punishment For reasons unknown to Beauty, she ran in order to be punished as well.The second book, Beauty s Punishment, was told in two POV s, Tristan and Beauty I found it weird that one was told in the 3rd person and the other in 1st The punished princes and princesses were put on the auction block and sold to the highest bidder Beauty to an Inn owner and Tristan to a man that works for the queen Both end up gaining some sort of affection for their masters and their firm discipline Just when they were becoming content, they were captured along with Prince Laurent, and taken to a foreign land.The final book, Beauty s Release, was again told in two POV s, Laurent and Beauty They arrive in the foreign land, and were decorated with gold paint and jewels The Sultan s steward Lexius, was their master, instructing them to please the sultan to please him Laurent s love for punishment turned into a love to punish and he decided to show Lexius what it was like to be a love slave After a short while there, the three of them along with Lexius were rescued All returned to the castle, but Beauty She was sent home to choose a suitor After all that happens, Beauty decides that she loves the life of a submissive and refuses to choose a suitor Laurent continues to dominate, when he is placed in the pony stalls for a year Laurent gets discharged from service due to his father s death and decides to claim beauty as his Everyone lived happily ever after the end.After reading the first book, especially Prince Alexi s story, I didn t think I could stomach the other two books It seemed to me that gang rape was, one harmful to a human being and two, I am just not into man on man erotica However, I gave the second book a chance and liked it enough to read the third I liked the overall story, I did thoroughly learn about the extreme D s relationships One critique would be the overuse of my sex as an anatomical description The other thought that came to my head, is there is no off time for menstruation and if they are having that much sex, how do they not get pregnant Other than that, less man on man would ve gained another star.

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    There are so many things wrong with this book, right from page one I have read and enjoyed Ms Rice s other works including Exit to Eden and Belinda and was very excited to read this trilogy I understood that it would be risque than her other books, including Exit to Eden but I was cool with that However, I was dismayed to find that this was a book about contrived and unneccessary punishment with a ridiculous premise.Beauty s parents let her go with a prince when they knew she was going to be abused and degraded keep in mind that Beauty is also fifteen here, if I remember correctly I can t help but wonder why nobody ever ended up pregnant from all the sex that went on And 99 percent of this sex is not even consensual, and some of the things they engage in were actually dangerous like being suspended from a beam, or never being allowed to walk and forced to crawl on hard stone floors, which would leave their knees in ruin at the end of their tenure.According to the story, hundreds of Princes and Princesses are captive at the Queen s palace, while children of lords and ladies become slaves at noble houses This is illogical, there never was that many kingdoms let alone princes and princesses at any given time, this would mean an huge expanse of kingdoms all who could unite against the Queen and end her wicked practice.I find it hard to believe that the parents of these teenagers would all just hand over their children, fully aware of what happens to them since they themselves had to go through the same ordeal What kind of parent would allow that a really, really, REALLY bad one This slavery is supposed to make these captive tributes better, and their tenures are supposed to be temporary But apparently, some slaves can get sent to the Village indefinitely revealed in Book 2 such as Prince Roger who was there for YEARS and could stay for even longer because he is the younger sibling in a royal family and thus isn t needed back home, so he could even become old and still be a naked slave What is that honestly This slavery, according to the book several times, is supposed to teach the slaves patience, humility, etc There are far better ways to teach that than strip these poor TEENAGERS of their dignity ever heard of boot camp There is no mention at all of giving these slaves a real education reading, arithmetic, literature, diplomacy, etiquette, whatever This experience has shattered Beauty We know nothing of her character to start with whether she was modest, chaste, loving, kind, whatever, so it s hard to see her as a person to begin with since her character is so cardboard But we do know that her character takes a downward spiral through the series as she is subjected to one weird humiliation after another.After her release, she is unable to interact with people normally and slavery rape degradation is supposed to be good for these kids, huh Instead of a Prince who truly is a Charming and will heal her from the trauma she has suffered, she is instead taken by a Prince who will only further degrade her No happy ending for Beauty, alas.

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    First, I took this book by mistake. Its not what i normally read, And I wish I could undo that mistake,, I was barely 16 when I read it. And it was too much for me,, sex, sex,sex and sex. And twisted sex. I was horrified, with all respect I think this book is mentally, psychologically, twisted,, there s no romance, there is almost no feelings to it whatsoever I would no why it was banned, it is waaaay bad It was almost as if I lost my virginity reading it To me no sane person would write such things without being insane and sexually twisted, I have goosebumps just thinking how she managed to imagine and write all of these thingsugh,, excuse me but this was the first book I ever read novel I mean. You can see why i can t forget about it, now every time I hear the words sleeping beauty I remember this book, I didn t even read the second or the third,, I believe I would have had a heart attack,, LooL, anyway I don t think I would recommend any body to read it, you will gain nothing but erotically twisted imagination, no emotions and bad feelings, if I could give it less or no stars I would

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    Sizzling hot series The first time I read this collection by Anne Rice was many, many years ago and it absolutely blew me away I loved how creative and imaginative the stories were as well as unbelievably rough, raunchy, and sizzling hot They definitely inspired me years later when I started to write my own erotica The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is still one of my favourite erotic novels even years later.

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