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chapter 1 The Doll's House, meaning The Doll's House, genre The Doll's House, book cover The Doll's House, flies The Doll's House, The Doll's House 8793753d9630c A Being Who Has Existed Since The Beginning Of The Universe, Dream Of The Endless Rules Over The Realm Of Dreams In The Doll S House, After A Decades Long Imprisonment, The Sandman Has Returned To Find That A Few Dreams And Nightmares Have Escaped To Reality Looking To Recapture His Lost Possessions, Morpheus Ventures To The Human Plane Only To Learn That A Woman Named Rose Walker Has Inadvertently Become A Dream Vortex And Threatens To Rip Apart His World Now As Morpheus Takes On The Last Escaped Nightmare At A Serial Killers Convention, The Lord Of Dreams Must Mercilessly Murder Rose Or Risk The Destruction Of His Entire KingdomCollecting Issues, This New Edition Of The Doll S House Features The Improved Production Values And Coloring From The Absolute Edition

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    Every time I try to write a review for a Sandman comic, it just sounds like an outpouring of positive emotions and generic statements about what makes a good story good I literally love this series, and to try and review it in a conventional way is rather difficult So instead I m going to show you some images and do my best to explain why this comic is so incredible Morpheus, Dream of the endless night Dream is a character, a concept and a force of nature He is one of the defining pillars of the human psyche, and this is his story This is the story of how, after he was restored to his full power in Sandman volume one, he regains the control of the remainder of his weird minions that went rogue And I say weird because his creations are very strange He has created them from the dreamscape with the sole purpose of being a means of creating dreams for a human sleeper They are ideals and entities both It s hard to explain if you haven t read it, but in Gaiman s world dreaming is a powerful tool And the creatures involved are dangerous if not controlled properly by their lord and master The Corinthian And this is one of the creatures in question He was specifically designed to combat nightmares, to use fear against fear itself however, in Morpheus absence he has been doing whatever he pleases And what pleases him is eyes, eating them and biting them out with his own teeth socket eyes So Morpheus actual presence in his own realm is vital in controlling such evil things so he may do some good with them Indeed, because what the Corinthian does here is inspire an entire generation of serial killers to go and collect the body parts of other humans Shakespeare Now this image isn t in this volume, I couldn t find the scene online for this one, but it works nonetheless Dream meets Shakespeare who is dreaming of becoming a wonderful playwright He is in awe of Christopher Marlowe s work, and wants to be able to write with the same degree of artistry He makes a deal with Morpheus, a dream in exchange for something yet to be revealed And for me this becomes one of the best things about this comic It sits oddly at place with the real world It s almost like Gaiman has cleverly devised these characters that could actually exist It may sound slightly irrational, but the point is the real world has been used to demonstrate that there are concepts and powers that will always be beyond human recognition Despite advances in science, we will never be able to define such vague and ungraspable ideas such as emotions and dreams Instead we have art, and in this case a comic, to attempt to express such things so eloquently.I feel ill equipped to review this in such a way that demonstrates the sheer intelligence of this story It s like I m trying to talk about a masterful piece of music, but I know nothing about the formalities of music so I can t put my feelings into precise language Perhaps that s a poor allegory because I do know a fair bit about books and stories, though trying to capture how creative and innovative this is still rather difficult All I can suggest is that you go read this series and see it for yourself.

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    The first volume of the Sandman was a fascinating experiment that enlarged the borders of the comic book world this second volume is a fulfillment, a wildly imaginative narrative which is also a disciplined example of the story teller s art.In an excellent introduction by Clive Barker one of the masters of modern horror the author distinguishes between two types of fantastic fiction 1 the most common form, in which a reality that resembles our own is invaded by the fantastic, which is eventually accommodated or exiled, and 2 the less frequent form in which there is no solid status quo, only a series of relative realities Barker suggests that this second variety of which Poe is an acknowledged master is the interesting of the two, and poses a question is it perhaps freedom from critical and academic scrutiny that has made the medium of the comic book so rich an earth in which to nurture this second kind of fiction I answer yes, along with Mr Barker, and believe Neil Gaiman s The Doll s House to be one of the finest exotic plants produced by this rich soil The plot is based on the premise that occasionally a dream vortex is born who may unite the dreams of others into herself, becoming in the process a danger not only to our shared and our separate realities but even to the existence of the great Lord of Dreams After a prologue, in which an old man of a desert aboriginal cultural tells a young initiate a story about the dire consequences of the love between Dream and the dream vortex Queen Nada, we are introduced to New Jersey girl Rose Walker who is flying to England to meet her grandmother for the first time During her week in London, and later, when she moves into her new rooming house, peopled with eccentrics, near her Florida campus, we begin to suspect that she may be one of those dream vortices too, and we fear for her, and for our world also.My favorite things about this narrative were the folk tale purity of the old man s initiation story Tales in the Sand, Prologue , the interlude which chronicles Dream s periodic meetings with a man who cannot die Men of Good Fortune, Part 4 , and the exciting and surprising conclusion in which an endearing fat Englishman with a sword cane who is called Gilbert and looks suspiciously like G.K Chesterton does his utmost to save Rose Walker from what seems an inevitable fate.This is a masterpiece of the genre It is self contained, and can be read with pleasure without knowing anything of the first volume Then again, the first volume is very good too Perhaps you should do what I am doing start at the beginning, and read them all.

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    Note This is part two of a rambling multi volume re read of the series It will probably make better sense in context of other reviews In this volume, we get several cool stand alone stories and our first longer story arc with a non sandman character It s good stuff Clever and fun and smart Everything you d expect from Gaiman When I first read it, it wowed me It was cool and real and mythic all at once Reading it now, I look back on my first read through self and smile fondly, thinking Oh you sweet boy, you have no idea what cool is yet Just wait just wait.

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    I m sorry Neil Gaiman..That first book in this series was kinda bland I think you way stepped it up in this book Yes, I know..you has some fangirls..err Kelly and Synesthesia..might want to send those to some fan mail..they got your back.This one featured Dream guy but it actually made some sense..or did I drink the kool aid Am I dreaming now..Now I m paranoid.I hate to give much away because these books aren t very long So you gonna have to read these suckers Oh Wait I will tell you If you check into a hotel with a Cereal Convention going on..you might just want to keep chucking on down the road.

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    An extraorDinary masterpiece Creative Team Writer Neil GaimanIllustrators Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Michael Zulli, Steve Parkhouse Chris BachaloLetterer Todd Klein dOLLS dREAMS So, this is no man, no god, but something else. You know that this TPB is something else when Clive Barker does the introduction While I only read so far four of the first TPBs of The Sandman, at least in this moment I have to say that this is the strongest storyline.The first time that I started to read it, when I reach the part of the cereal convention , I had an odd D j vu I knew that I have heard about this concept before An instant later, I realized where I thought I had heard it before and I couldn t believe it I had to check it out I looked into my comic book collection and I found my TPBs of Swamp Thing and there it was In one of the TPBs of the iconic run by Alan Moore in Swamp Thing there was a story developed in a single issue about a serial killer and there he did a casual mention about the intention of serial killers around the United States about organizing a convention And even the nickname of that serial killer plays a pivotal role in The Sandman s story But neither of them put any reference to the story of the other, because it s the reader who has to make the connectionPriceless Morpheus, the King of the realm of the Dreams, the very embodiment of Dream, is now back in business He already got back his tools of office and possess all his power at full Tall he was, and dressed all in black flames danced in the blackness of his robe, and his eyes were stars in deep pools of dark water. Now, he is doing a census in his realm and disturbing news are found Four of the major arcana big beings are nowhere in the realm of dreams This isn t good for anybody Those four beings are very powerful and they can do a lot of damage in other realms, specially in our realm, Earth But in the middle of that something quite inusual appears, a Dream Vortex and it s a woman For love is no part of the Dreamworld Love belongs to Desire, and Desire is always cruel. Four powerful dream creatures are in the loose on Earth.A Dream Vortex is in the rising.A family is in the process of getting reunited.A guest house has a very particular community.A convention is held like no other before.Another member of the Endless comes to stage and desires to play.And everything is interconnected since coincidences are only for those who can t see the big picture.Neil Gaiman shows his expertise as storyteller not only with the powerful story arc of The Doll s House but also in between with wonderful short stories taking us to the very beginnings of humanity showing cursed love affairs and through millennial dates of unlikely friends The Sandman at its prime, but beware because Dream is angry and this is not for the faint of heart.

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    For love is no part of the Dreamworld Love belongs to Desire, and Desire is always cruel Morpheus, the King of the Realm of the Dreams, is back to his full power following the events of Volume 1 Whilst doing a census in his realm, he learns that four of the major players are nowhere in the realm of dreams which is obviously quite dangerous And to make matters worse, a Dream Vortex is thrown into the mix This volume was a whole lot of fun I actually struggle to write these reviews, because the whole experience of reading Sandman is very ethereal It feels like these different strands of storylines are floating around in the air and it s difficult to really condense and discuss them in a way that makes sense So bear with me.Each volume seems to be comprised of contained vignettes that somehow link into the major storyline and further expand upon the Sandman canon One minute you re reading about a character who has lived for many, many years and doesn t want to die, who Dream meets up with every one hundred years in the same tavern And the next you re reading about a serial killer convention this was really the standout part of this Volume for me Obviously It s a bit all over the place at times, and is clearly very philosophical, which can make my brain hurt, but I m than willing to give the series the time and patience it deserves I really liked the introduction of Rose Walker within this volume Her search for her brother is very touching and she encounters so many interesting characters throughout her journey that I was always happy to see her pop up I also appreciate that even though Morpheus is our main protagonist throughout the series, he s not always nice He s quite terrifying at times and has to make some tough decisions for the sake of his realm It s a little different to the usual set up and I dig that.So I m enjoying my Sandman journey so far but I do worry that I m missing out on some huge intellectual narrative cos I can be a dumb dumb at times but we ll see how that progresses 4 stars.

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    The Doll s House, the second installment of Neil Gaiman s The Sandman series, is an entertaining offering of graphic novel collaboration Gaiman s imaginative storyline is brought to life by illustrators Steve Parkhouse, Chris Bachalo, Michael Zulli, Mike Dringenberg and Malcolm Jones III Taking off from the introductory The Sandman, Vol 1 Preludes and Nocturnes, this volume follows a thematic plot about a dream vortex about which Morpheus must contend Other vignettes featured continue to expand the Sandman canon and further demonstrates Gaiman s narrative skill The serial killer convention is especially noteworthy.

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    The Corinthian and the serial murderer s convention was rather special, and Rose Walker was somewhat interesting the first time reading this, but the second time I think it was much better.It s all about how we are shaped and what we shape, from feelings of listlessness Dream , making a new life the escaped dreams , or friendship with Hob, the humanity of Death, of Desire s machinations.All of which touch on something deeper than a single series of comics should ever have a chance to commit.Very impressive storytelling, and weird, full to the brim with images and sequences that go very deep indeed.

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    There are, generally speaking , two diametrically opposing views held by people who do and don t read Sandman Loyal Sandman readers tend to believe that people who don t understand the book s greatness are mouth breathing knuckledraggers, and that the world would be a better place if said knuckledraggers fathers had expelled the genetic material that resulted in their creation via a round of fellatio rather than implanting it deep within their mothers wombs Those who don t read the book tend to believe that even if loyal Sandman readers had the sticks surgically removed from their asses, they would suffer fatal accidents as a result of accidentally wandering into traffic while spending too much time spent staring down their noses at the capes and cowls crowd I m somewhere in the middle On the one hand, I appreciate Gaiman s creative genius he thinks about the concept of story on a whole other level, and he s often able to apply that thinking in very satisfying ways see, for example, the story in this book entitled, Men of Good Fortune, which was brilliant On the other hand, I have a tendency to get lost in the heavy philosophical frame narrative, which can bog down the pace of the story On the third hand, I m having a procedure soon to remove my third hand please send flowers and chocolate during my convalescence On balance, I think this is a series well worth exploring, but, for me, it s not the kind of story I can binge in the same way I can other brilliant vertigo books like Transmetropolitan, Fables, or Preacher mainly because Sandman makes my brain hurt in a way those other books don t, and it s not as bitingly satirical yet hopeful as Transmet, character driven as Fables, or viscerally compelling as Preacher Still, it s good brain pain, and I m looking forward to diving deeper into Dream s world And, no matter how much I like it or don t like it , I promise not to tell anyone that I wish they had been a blowjob or to offer a discount on ass stick removal I m totally stereotyping here for comedic effect, obviously most comic readers are wonderful people who, whether they should have been oral ejaculate or struggle with rectal rods, get along famously with each other.

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    2.5 stars possibly 3 I had forgotten why I stopped after volume 1 Now I remember.I see why everyone loves and reveres this title, I really do It s just not my cuppa It s just too dark and trippy for me, and the art isn t something that I actually enjoy looking at I m not saying it s awfulI just don t like it I really wish I could say that I got all the deep introspective stuff that Gaiman was saying, butTruth I m a few tiny steps away from being completely shallow and silly.Especially when it comes to reading material Although, I figure that it has to count for something that at least I m self aware ish enough to know it, and honest ish enough to admit it.Or that s what I tell myself.Anyway, Dream is hunting the vortex, who in turn is hunting for her little brother Her little brother is being kept in a basement by hillbilly relatives who only want to collect a check The Corinthian is a serial killer that Dreamwell, dreamed up And he s currently en route to a convention being held by like minded individuals All the while there are all of these little side stories about other crazy people things playing in the background.Death the only character I really liked wasn t in this one, so that was a bit of a downer.I already have volume 3 sitting beside me right now, and I m sort of curious to see how things progress, but I m just not sure if I ll end up reading it I have to say I didn t hate it, and I m trying really hard to step outside of my box this yearMaybe

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