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files The Christmas Killer , read online The Christmas Killer , free The Christmas Killer , free The Christmas Killer , The Christmas Killer a158c1c53 As Christmas Approaches A Terrifying Killer Must Be StoppedAs The Snow Falls The Mutilated Body Of A Young Woman Is Discovered On A Construction Site With It, Good Will Becomes The Last Thing On Detective Jake Austin S MindThen, When The Demolition Of The Old Chase Asylum Reveals Further Human Remains It Becomes Clear That There S A Link Between The Two Deaths And To The Asylum S Old Warden Who Disappeared Decades EarlierOn The Hunt For A Clever, Twisted Killer, For Austin And His Partner, It S Going To Be Anything But A Peaceful Christmas Time Jim Gallows Lives In Chicago The Christmas Killer Is His First Novel

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    NYR2015 31.I d hoped for a very early Christmas present but it turned out only to be a pair of socks It s saved slightly by the mystery but this is a collection of just about every overused crime cliche A cop who has the almost unnatural ability to reconstruct a crime scene from a quick glance Who finds himself with a difficult boss and clueless colleagues A problematic family life A dark mysterious past and serious personal problems But it doesnt really work.

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    Easy to guess the killer prior to the reveal, and the last third was bordering on the ridiculous I have read worse though.

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    Wow, the whole book kept me on the edge of my seat I never knew who the killer was until the author revealed it in the book Also the other twist and turns amazing.

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    There is a killer on the loose Its all gotta be wrapped up excuse the pun before the New Year to catch the killer, hence, The Christmas Killer.I have a vivid imagination and I really shouldn t read these kind of books in the dark evenings nights, eyes popping out of their heads is not the last thought before you go to sleep that you should have I did enjoy this book, than I thought I would actually, but although it kept my attention, its not the best book I have read in this genre Buts its OK.Its slow to start, then winds up a bit, then slower again until the climax But its predictable Nothing that I haven t really read about before, but there is that certain something that just keeps you turning the pages, so, because of that I have give it 4 stars I didn t put it down, I had to read until the end, so that must be something right First book I have read by Jim Gallows, I would certainly give another book of his a try.

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    Okay so on the face of it, this book was right up my street a killer murdering his victims in a gory way a detective who seems to have some quirky ability to see the victims final moments Jake Austin is the said detective, he s also coping with a stroppy teenager, a young baby a mother with alzheimers at home , while at work has trouble with his boss, seems to be contemplating a fling with his psychiatrist.you get the picture, nothing new None of these characters seemed very substantial to me while the basis of the storyline was a good one it just didn t come off as very credible, by the last few chapters I was losing interest just glad to finish it.

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    There s a killer on the loose who s crushing people s heads until their eyeballs pop out Detective Jake Austin, a big city cop now living in small town America, is almost at a loss with the investigation Okay, so some parts of this were rather predictable and it was somewhat cliched at times but it was still a rattling good yarn and perfect escapism for the dark winter nights in the run up to Christmas.

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    Not for me I tried hard with it but I couldn t summon up enough interest or curiosity to persist with reading I didn t find the characters particularly sympathetic and eventually I skipped to the end.

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    Read this one while on vacations and was entertaining enough, but not a very good book, lots of cliches and could have been shorter.

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    Really enjoyed this well written

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    Definitely not one of my favourite books None of the characters in this book were either believable or likeable.The lead detective obviously has anger management problems and has only recently moved to this town due to problems in his previous post Although he assaults someone he is allowed to carry on with the case.Bodies are piling up gruesomely murdered with some kind of torture device Our detective meanwhile spends time chasing after his mother who keeps wandering from the home she shares with him and his family His daughter is causing problems at home, his wife is finding it difficult to cope with her a new baby and mother in law who appears to be suffering from some form of dementia.It is obvious from the beginning that he is somehow involved with the murderer, but how even he does not know.At the end of the book we still are not sure, it is so involved, maybe there is going to be another story to tell us all, but if so I will not be reading it.

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