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    Perfect for a read aloud bedtime story, Dayle Ann Dodds The Prince Won t go to Bed is both fun and sweet and I especially appreciate that what the prince ultimately requires to be able to go to sleep and stay asleep is something as simple and as natural as a goodnight kiss And while Kyrsten Brooker s accompanying illustrations are not necessarily all that much to my liking, they do work well enough in and for this story, and most children would likely be both captivated and enchanted by their bold expressiveness Now I do not know wether most children would manage to catch the clever illustrated allusions to Hans Christian Andersen s well known, enduring Princess and the Pea story the stacked mattresses , but I thought this little touch to be ingenious and enough to make this picture book a four star read for me And finally, The Prince Won t Go to Bed is obviously first and foremost an entertaining bedtime story for younger children However, I believe that this story might also be useful for discussing problematic family situations with older children and perhaps even young teenagers , issues such as bedtime and children who do not want to go to bed, who make excuses not to go to bed, who refuse to go to bed I could actually imagine The Prince Won t Go to Bed being of use, of benefit to a young babysitter faced with a similar dilemma especially if babysitting rebellious siblings.

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    This is a really, really fun read aloud book, and because of the repetitive chorus, most likely, especially if reread, it will become a say along read along too.I doubt I d have ever read this, but it s one of six books for April s Royalty theme for the Picture Books Club, a club that s part of the Children s Books group.At first I thought this was a book I d have appreciated only as a young kid, but it grew on me The rhyme is catchy, and even the repetition works here I wasn t a huge fan of the art style of the illustrations, but I loved the Prince s stuffed animal or is it a pet And, I loved the multiple mattress pictures I thought I d easily predicted the end, but I was wrong I like my end better though a bedtime story But, the end is very sweet This is definitely a good bedtime storybook, as long as it doesn t make the kids too rowdy.3 stars

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    With its fun rhymes and sing song rhythm, this book reminds me of Bear Snores On and other books in the Bear series by Karma Wilson Of course the story itself and the illustrations are very different, but they have the same whimsical feel The story of soothing a fussy child to sleep is one that parents can relate to and for older children, the opportunity to chime in on the refrain is all but irresistible And many older siblings will like the fact that the sister is the one to come to the rescue This book was selected as one of the April 2011 Royalty themed reads for the Picture Book Club in the Children s Book group here at Goodreads.

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    A fun rhyme and a sweet ending This is a delightfully funny book about the Prince who won t go to bed and his Nanny who tries and fails to get him to go to sleep But it s not just the nanny who tries to come up with ideas on how to get the prince to sleepBy the end of the book all manner of persons in the castle have offered helpful but failing advice on how to get the prince to sleep.Who will come up with the final idea And will it work I loved the illustrations and this whimsical tale I knocked off a star only because the rhymes felt at times a little forced But overall I d definitely recommend this

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    I read the The Prince Won t Go to Bed today to my toddler It was very enjoyable for the both of us It flowed well and we both liked the storyline I was a tiny bit nervous reading to her that he cried because he did not want to go to bed However, she went to bed with ease We always do what the little prince needed before he could go to bed So that was great that the story ended that way The illustrations were colorful and different All in all a sweet bedtime story This was a monthly read of the Picture Book Club found here

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    The prince won t go to bed in this rollicking bedtime story, with its rhyming and rhythmic text The castle was in trouble Nanny scratched her head The king and queen are at the ball, and the Prince won t go to bed Lord Gerty, Squire Frat, the castle Cook, the Royal Guard, and Lady Lorali all chime in with suggestions, from a bedtime bath to a soothing lullaby, but nothing works until Princess Kate emerges from her own bedroom, and discovers what it is the Prince really wantsChosen as one of our April selections, over in the Picture Book Club to which I belong, where our theme is Royalty, The Prince Won t God to Bed is a book I would probably never have picked up on my own, but which I am glad to have encountered Although I wouldn t say that it was an outstanding example of the bedtime story genre, its combination of entertaining story and exuberant collage illustrations make it a very appealing choice.

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    I was reading this book for the Goodreads Children s Book Picture Book Club for the theme of royalty and I thought that it was pretty cute The Prince Won t Go to Bed is a children s book by Dayle Ann Dodds along with illustrations by Kyrsten Brooker and it is about a young prince who refuses to go to sleep when the king and queen went to the ball and left him at the castle The Prince Won t Go to Bed might have a simplistic plot but it is extremely cute for smaller children to enjoy When I read this book, I thought that it was a pretty unusual book about how to get a child to go to bed and it was done in such a cute way Dayle Ann Dodds has done a good job at writing this story as the story is about how a household of servants tried to get a young prince to go to sleep I liked the way that this book was written in a rhyming prose to tell the story such as this quote He needs a nice warm BATH,suggested Old Lord Gerty.It s clear to me a prince can t sleepif he s soiled and dirty I also loved the hilarious antics that followed the servants trying to get the young prince to fall asleep as one servant s attempts to get the prince to go to bed fails, another servant steps in to suggest another idea, which leads to the whole royal court being involved in trying to get the prince to fall to sleep I really loved the ending of this book which I will not spoil for you which was extremely sweet and simple, that any parent could think of such an idea to put their child to sleep Kyrsten Brooker s illustrations are extremely creative as the small prince is shown in a blue royal robe and he wears a small golden crown that makes him look adorable It was also hilarious seeing the young prince s mouth go slightly wide whenever he screams out that he does not want to go to bed I loved the way that Kyrsten Brooker used pastel painting to illustrate the pictures, while at the same time pasting items that seem cut out of magazines onto the pastel painted characters which really bring out the creativity in the illustrations.The reason why I gave this book a four star rating instead of a five star rating was because I personally found the story to be a little bit too simplistic as it is just simply about the servants trying to put the prince to sleep Even though children will easily love this book because of the hilarious way that the servants tried to put the prince to bed, I just personally wanted a little from the story, like a little action, but this book was meant to be aimed at small children, so some adults might be a little bored with reading this book to their child.Overall, The Prince Won t Go To Bed is a really cute book that will be vastly enjoyed by small children who also have trouble falling asleep I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.

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    Nice easy read book for mums with only so much time or great for first readers The rhyme schemes of the book is well done and the each illustrated page is full of wonder.The prince simply won t go to sleep while the king and queen are away Chaos ensues as everyone in the castle with names that rhyme with their occupations offer up various remedies As expected, sometimes the simplest answer is the best one.

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    Copyright Dayle Ann DoddsNumber of Pages 32Book Format PrintReading Level Ages 3 6Genre FictionLit Requirement Picture StorybookSummary Royalty expects a lot, but maybe all this prince needs is something simple Response This book is a fun book to read If using this as a read aloud, the students will catch on to the use of the wording making it fun for them to help you read This book allows for predictions to be made several time throughout the story, making it a fun book to get the creative juices running

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    I actually read this some time ago Actually, the first time I experienced the book, a fellow librarian was reading it to a group of children She did both the but then and WAA WAA WAA really dramatically and had the audience say I will not go to bed with her I try to read it like her now, with the addition of speaking for everyone with a British accent.

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