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    I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity Before reading this book, I had a misconception that Edger Allen Poe was a horror writer Oh, how wrong I was Yes, Poe might be known for his stories of macabre and gothic horror But it was his versatility that I found attractive in his writings Without much further ado, let s see what this collection holds Macabre Horror TRUE nervous very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am but why will you say that I AM MAD Most of the stories in this collection are Gothic horror I found his work on this genre not scary, but thoroughly enjoyable Poe presents some of his signature stories in a unique way Through the eyes of the killer mad man The most famous one being Tell Tale Heart which features an unreliable madman as the narrator Likewise, Poe s The Cask of Amontillado is narrated by a reliable killer Another tale, The black cat borrows its plot elements from Tell tale heart and delivers a wicked little tale The Pit and the Pendulum is about a prisoner of Spanish Inquisition and presents a unique imagery in the minds of the reader Gasps While I was reading Fall of House Usher, I understood that Poe had a thing for the burial of bodies Seriously, he was in love with that plot element.Even though all of the above were excellent stories, my favourite in this genre, no, scratch that, in this book is The Masque of Red death which oddly had something Shakespearian about it I loved the allusion and the imagery it invoked Adventure The very memorable The Descent into Maelstrom is a ride like no other It tells a tale of a man who survived a terrible maelstrom at sea with the help of reasoning skills Manuscript found in a bottle is yet another nautical adventure which tells a tale of a man who got stuck in a ghost ship I was a bit confused with the story and apparently, so is the good people of Internet The story is even analysed as a satire by certain pundits Sci Fi The Balloon Hoax Even though this story could give Jules Verne run for his money, the science is too outdated to enjoy this one Yet this story is unique because of its publication history This was written by Poe as an actual news report which was published in the newspaper in the year of 1844 People got so excited about the whole thing until it turned out to be a hoax Hence the name Detective fiction C Auguste Dupin Anyone know who that is Because I had no idea From Wikipedia Seriously, if Poe were not to write these stories, we might have ended up not having a Sherlock Holmes Holmes character resembles Poe s Dupin in terms of method and style The first story, The Murders in the Rue Morgue introduces us to this character and his methods Even though this was the pioneer detective story, it is bogged down by lengthy narrative and a well weird reveal Everything associated with this story is weird Have you listened to the song, Murders in Rue Morgue by Iron Maiden Weird The second story, The Purloined Letter featuring Dupin clearly shows that he is Sherlock Holmes The story features incriminating documents being used for blackmailing and police s struggle to retrieve it I remember reading an exact replica of this story featuring Holmes written by Doyle I can t remember the name Satire The man who was used up is a pretty funny satire Yes, SATIRE He even writes satire.There were also two other stories Diddling and Assignation which were quite boring and forgettable Ahoy, A Novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket is the only novel written by Poe and it is a mixed bag in terms of storytelling Opening with a sea voyage that went wrong, the narrative presents some excellent chapters But it falls flat in the second half as the story changes its direction.For a detailed review of the novel Here Overall, Poe is a legend He is a pioneer and a brilliant writer Don t believe me Read these stories

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    I wrote this review a while ago What was I thinking Now I ll have to explain myself Anyway, here it isI go through phases where I think Poe was the greatest writer that ever lived They usually pass in 2 3 weeks or so, once I ve had time to read and re read his best stuff and be appalled by his worst For the most part, this collection sticks to the best There s not much of it 200 pages would probably do it Maybe 12 stories, some poems The Raven , Annabel Lee But page for page I don t think anything exceeds the beauty, craftsmanship, and visionary intensity of MS Found in a Bottle , The Tell Tale Heart or The Fall of the House of Usher Poe is a writer who collects disciples He is revered as the inventor of the detective story, an accomplishment he himself shrugged off You just write it in reverse, he is supposed to have said, or words to that effect For me he is the inventor of whatever it is that we find next in Borges, in Kafka A method of narration, of making the unreal real It may even be the trick Gabriel Garcia Marquez said he learnt from his grandmother I would hate for Poe to collect another label the father of magic realism but for me he is the writer I go to when I want to learn how to suspend the reader s disbelief in a big way I still remember my first reading of The Facts in the Case of M.Valdemar The plot is ridiculous, the stuff of B movies, but through some sleight of hand the story is almost totally convincing Appalling, horrifying Sublime Consider me a disciple Father of magic realism Damn right I d hate to hear him called that, cos it s bullshit Was I mocking those who believe that anything supernatural is magic realist, or was I driving at something else some alternate history of magic realism Cos when you think about it, while Poe may be anything but realistic on most levels, there s one way in which he s utterly realistic psychologically He really thinks , feels his way into these stories I mean, anyone can put on a poker face and talk about magic, but to take on the voice of a man in the throes of breakdown that s hard Add to that the icy precision of his punctuation which like a musical score maps every minute shift in tempo, pitch, intensity and you have the means for the most direct transfer of emotion possible via prose It s awe inspiring And that the subjects are so frequently absurd only makes it sublime People talk about genres horror, crime, sci fi Poe proves the speciousness of such arbitrary definitions, not because he has written in all of those genres, but because he transcends them And he proves the lie in any assessment of literature based on subject matter To those who think only weighty topics war, the Holocaust, epoch changing politics and no less weighty tomes make for great art, the stories of Edgar Allan Poe are an eternal middle finger salute This is as vital as it gets, poseurs One page equals your ouvre to the power infinity 10,000 years from now, only cockroaches and Poe will survive.

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    This selection of short stories reveals Edgar Allan Poe in all his moods All the stories have been reviewed, but some have their own separate reviews and star rating These are indicated with links at the end This review and star rating is for the remainder of this selection The Fall of the House of Usher published in 1839 is the title story of the collection It may well be one of the stories which started the current interest in the gothic genre, although Ann Radcliffe s The Mysteries of Udolpho , for instance, had been published much earlier in 1794 Apart from its parody in Jane Austen s Northanger Abbey , Radcliffe s work has now largely been forgotten along with other great gothic works from the time Yet The Fall of the House of Usher remains perennially popular and influential Poe regarded it as his most successful example of totality , in that every detail and event in the story is relevant to the plot.The viewpoint character has been invited to the house of a childhood friend, Roderick Usher, in order to cheer him as he is weak, ill and depressed view spoiler Once there, Usher is found to be a hypochondriac, suffering greatly with nervous agitation He and his sister Madeline, who also has the similar ghastly affliction, are the last of the line hide spoiler

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    Read for Class So, I guess Poe is pretty cool He s still not my favorite author and probably never will be , but I m learning to appreciate his writing style and uncanny stories.

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    The Balloon Hoax Wow That was really boring.Ms Found in a Bottle Good suspense, but the ending confused me.A Descent into the Maelstrom Not too memorable.The Murders in the Rue Morgue A rather silly Holmes esque mystery tale.The Purloined Letter Not bad, but far too wordy.The Black Cat Deliciously disturbing.The Fall of the House of Usher Not as interesting as his others, but good atmosphere.The Pit and the Pendulum A delightful tale of suspense.The Masque of the Red Death Meh Weird for no reason and kind of boring.The Cask of Amontillado I think makes Poe so memorable is his vivid first person accounts from the point of view of a killer.The Assignation I couldn t follow this one What did the drowning child and the art aficionado have to do with one another The Tell Tale Heart Funnier than I d remembered One of my all time favorites.Diddling A random essay on swindling.The Man That was Used Up Silly, amusing, but ends a bit too abruptly.Narrative of A Gordon Pym Some good bits, but I think I just don t like maritime fiction.

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    This was my first ever collection i have read of mr Poe and I enjoyed most of the stories in this collection The collection was my pick for all hallow s read to read for Halloween this year I also hosted a readalong of this collection online on facebook andat the all about books book club on goodreads This month from october 20th through tonight we read and discussed the stories by poe that was in this collection along with the novel A narrative of A Gordon Pym It also included my favorite poe story The Masque of the Red Death which I first read in middle school It is still a favorite to this day The only stories I did not enjoy were diddling and the man that was used up I would definitely reccomend this colle ction to others Go to the all about books book club on goodreads to see my comments on these stories at this link and enjoy

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    I ve been slowly working my way through this over the past six months, reading a story here and there Initially I was quite daunted by the idea of Edgar Allan Poe, but as I progressed through the collection I found myself relaxing into it and just enjoying the writing There were many standout stories in this collection, but I did especially enjoy The Fall of the House of Usher, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Premature Burial, The Black Cat, The Masque of the Red Death, The Tell tale Heart and The Spectacles which was a rather funny story The Domain of Arnheim and Landor s Cottage, were the only two stories that I found myself having to make an effort to maintain my focus they were beautifully written though, and not too long I m glad I read this and intend to read Poe soon.

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    I don t like these kind of genres, that much But Poe is a beautiful exception He is brilliant at creating weird atmospheres, although sometimes it seems those descriptions are too long, with women dying all over the place However, it is not difficult to get into the stories and feel real emotion.I really liked William Wilson, I liked Ms Found in a Bottle , The Oval Portrait , the art of losing a wife by gaining a painting Ligeia , I don t quite get it yet, but it has a frightening beauty That one and others are creepily fine Death, terror, murders, madness, vulnerability, loneliness A nice journey in a truly interesting writing style I need some Seinfeld now.July 17, 13 Also on my blog.

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    3.5 stars I did not read or listen to all of the books in this collection so this review is for the books listed below I will periodically update as I listen to of the stories The Pit and the Pendulum 2.5 to 3.0 stars The best way I can think of to describe Poe s writing is atmospheric and he certainly does a good job creating atmosphere in this short story A good, solid story but not the classic I was hoping for The Tell Tale Heart 4.0 stars My favorite Poe story Of the ones listed here A short, well written and powerful story about guilt The Masque of the Red Death 3.0 stars Another good, solid short story by Poe and one that I think I liked better for not having overly high expectatons for it going in.

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    Inspired MadnessA Book Review of Edgar Allan Poe s The Fall of the House of Usher and Other TalesThere s no denying that much of modern horror fiction as we know it anyway grew out of the gloomy, chaotic depth of the 19th century when a few demented souls were churning out tales of things that go bump in the night These were writers who were dubbed freaks during their time and, as if the patina of age hasn t wore off, are still considered as such today They broke taboos, infringed established rules, attacked the sensibilities of their era, and twisted genres to the breaking point Sure thing, they died broke, scorned or both, yet in the process gave birth to some of the great works of literature, became a pioneer and initiated many of the conventions that are now considered commonplace in much of today s horror fiction.Thus, in my exploration and bid to become the most annoying know it all in matters concerning the horror genre, I looked back and was lead on this dark alleyway, in the hall of one of the most venerable Old Masters of Horror Edgar Allan Poe.Looking at Poe s life, one gets a fair idea that the man led a tragic, if not a horrific life He was a poet at heart, aching for personal losses and hopping from job to job in the publishing world while he tried to find something fulfilling amid alcoholism and depression To help pay the bills, like so many writers before and after him, he turned to sensationalism.Lucky for us, he was good at it, and the results were among the most vivid and chilling horror tales ever written You ve got your buried alive tale The Premature Burial , your revenge tale The Cask of Amontillado , your torture tale The Pit and the Pendulum , your plague tale The Masque of the Red Death , your haunted house tale The Fall of the House of Usher and perhaps the most vivid of all, the internalized ghost story The Tell Tale Heart It is the last of these that always struck me as the most effective, at least among Poe s work All of these stories are important to the genre Many of them are flat out revolutionary, and have been imitated ever since.But there s something about The Tell Tale Heart, on the relentless psychological hell it seems to hurl into the reader s head, that makes it stand out as a masterwork among masterworks It speaks to the fear that we might lose control of the one thing we always thought we could manage ourselves We all have our own little bodies under the floorboards, and even if we re not murderers, it s a story that suggests we could be which, in my opinion, might be among the scariest feelings of all Poe was a master at conveying this kind of internal torture, and for all the unapologetic sensationalism of his work, it s that internalized agony that makes it all too real for us.The reader of an Edgar Allan Poe story we could also throw in his splendid poems, I presume may expect to encounter characters in the grip of extreme experience Murder is common, as is madness, and life at times can seem a horror Reading his stories is a retreat from humanity into a ghastly realm where as much as possible of the human is left out, where our weaknesses became wobbling strengths and our trembling gasping cries But what we forever owe to Poe is he dared to look, when others have no guts even to take peek, at the door where horror lurks opening a worm of possibilities that slithered in and out of the genre to which he may have the bloody hand of creating More than anything else, it is Poe who sculpted, with such fine craftsmanship, a form out of our very own fears and nightmares._________________________Book Details Published by Signet Classics Mass Market Paperback, 1980 Edition 383 pagesStarted October 6, 2010Finished October 23, 2010My Rating

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