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files A Tale of Two Fairies , read online A Tale of Two Fairies , free A Tale of Two Fairies , free A Tale of Two Fairies , A Tale of Two Fairies e9c506d83 There Is A Great Panic When The Villainous Spider Hex And Her Army Somehow Penetrate The Magical Protective Barrier And Attack The Peaceful Fairy Village Mushroom Circle Normally, The Elite Fairy Rangers Would Drive Her Away And Burn Her Web But This Time, Hex Caught The Rangers By Surprise The Village Elders Choose Young Fairies Sam And Max Bantam To Travel Into The Wild And Find Her Hidden Web Though They Haven T Gone Through Puberty And Sprouted Wings Yet, The Brothers Accept This Charge And Embark On This First Of Many Adventures They Meet Many Creatures Along The Way, Such As A Highwaymouse, A World Weary Swordsrabbit, And Even A Legendary Wizard Said To Be As Old As The Forest Itself But In The Wild, There Are No Care Free Lives Filled With Precious Moments The Bantam Brothers Learn That The Wild Can Be A Very Dangerous Place, With Everything From Army Ants On The Warpath To Raindrops Almost As Big As They Are They Learn That The Wild Is Much Larger And Much Older Than Either Of Them Suspected Most Importantly, They Learn That Adventures Aren T Always Fun, And That Being A Hero Isn T As Wonderful As They Thought It Would Be The Secret Of The Spider S Web Is The First Volume In The Multi Volume A Tale Of Two Fairies Series By C S Ferguson

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