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txt Shadow Prey (Lucas Davenport, #2) , text ebook Shadow Prey (Lucas Davenport, #2) , adobe reader Shadow Prey (Lucas Davenport, #2) , chapter 2 Shadow Prey (Lucas Davenport, #2) , Shadow Prey (Lucas Davenport, #2) 5cfebb TheNew York Times Bestselling Series Lucas Davenport Goes On A City To City Search For A Bizarre Ritualistic KillerA Slumlord And A Welfare Supervisor Butchered In Minneapolis A Rising Political Star Executed In Manhattan An Influential Judge Taken In Oklahoma City All The Homicides Have The Same Grisly Method The Victim S Throat Is Slashed With An Indian Ceremonial Knife And In Every Case The Twisted Trail Leads Back Through The Minnesota Native American Community To An Embodiment Of Primal Evil Known As Shadow Love Once Unleashed, Shadow Love S Need To Kill Cannot Be Checked, Even By Those Who Think They Control Him Soon He Will Be Stalking Lucas Davenport And The Woman He LovesNever Get Involved With A Cop Lieutenant Lucas Davenport Has Been Warning Women For Years, But Now He Finds Himself On Dangerous Ground With A Policewoman Named Lily Rothenburg, On Assignment From New York To Help Investigate The Murders Both Have Previous Commitments, But Neither Can Stop, And As Their Affair Grows Intense, So Too Does The Mayhem Surrounding Them, Until The Combined Passion And Violence Threaten To Spin Out Of Control And Engulf Them Both Together, Lucas And Lily Must Stalk The Drugged Out, Desperate World Of The City S Meanest Streets To Flush Out Shadow Love Not Knowing They Are Now The Objects Of His Deadliest Desires

About the Author: John Sandford

John CampJohn Sandford was born John Roswell Camp on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa He attended the public schools in Cedar Rapids, graduating from Washington High School in 1962 He then spent four years at the University of Iowa, graduating with a bachelor s degree in American Studies in 1966 In 1966, he married Susan Lee Jones of Cedar Rapids, a fellow student at the University of Iowa He was in the U.S Army from 1966 68, worked as a reporter for the Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian from 1968 1970, and went back to the University of Iowa from 1970 1971, where he received a master s degree in journalism He was a reporter for The Miami Herald from 1971 78, and then a reporter for the St Paul Pioneer Press from 1978 1990 in 1980, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Pulitzer in 1986 for a series of stories about a midwestern farm crisis From 1990 to the present he has written thriller novels He s also the author of two non fiction books, one on plastic surgery and one on art He is the principal financial backer of a major archeological project in the Jordan Valley of Israel, with a website at

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    The second entry in John Sandford s Prey series barrels along at the same breakneck pace as the first, Rules of Prey It opens with the ritualistic murder of a Minneapolis slumlord by one of his Indian tenants That is quickly followed by the similar slaying of three other men known for their prejudicial treatment of American Indians Lucas Davenport is assigned to lead the investigation, but he s hampered by the fact that he has few contacts in the Indian community.The killings are being orchestrated by two elderly Indian men known as the Crows, who have developed a plan to settle some long standing scores, particularly with a high level government official whom they are attempting to lure into their trap But can Davenport and his colleagues foil the scheme before it comes to fruition The investigation pits Davenport against the Crows and their son, a particularly twisted man named Shadow Love Both of the Crows were sleeping with his mother when Shadow Love was conceived and so they both act as his father But Shadow Love has an agenda of his own and even the Crows may not be able to deal with him.This is a high energy novel with a lot of great scenes as well as the particular brand of humor that would come to mark this series Davenport s character is still taking shape, but his love life is front and center here He s still involved with Jennifer Carey, the mother of his infant daughter, but he s also enormously attracted to Lily Rothenberg, a New York cop who comes out to Minnestota to assist in the investigation Complications will ensue.The plot moves very swiftly, and the plot of Indians redressing their legitimate grievances in this fashion is unique and interesting Rereading the book, it s also great fun to go back and see Lucas Davenport in the early stages of his development It s hard to imagine that there s a fan of crime fiction out there somewhere who still has not stumbled across this series, but if you are that rare creature, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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    Two aging radical Sioux named Sam and Aaron Crow have planned a murderous terror campaign in which they ve sent their followers to several locations across the country to kill various government officials and other people they consider enemies of Native Americans When throats start getting cut from Minnesota to New York, Lucas Davenport and the other Minneapolis cops find themselves in the middle of a national crisis.While John Sandford greatly expanded the scale from the first book to the second, he doesn t skimp on adding new dimensions to his main character Lucas is often frustrated in this one because he doesn t have good contacts in the Native American community of Minneapolis Feeling useless pushes him in reckless directions and prompts him to try a fairly ugly and shady scheme to work people for information.In addition to the work, Lucas is dealing with being a new father with his semi regular girlfriend but he s also a chronic womanizer so a visiting NYPD detective named Lily Rothenberg catches his eye and the feeling is mutual Fortunately, Sandford spices up the trope of having the hero hook up with someone in an action story by putting some weight and consequences to the relationship between Lily and Lucas Davenport cares about his girlfriend but that doesn t stop him from seeing other women Lily is in a supposedly happy marriage, but can t help feeling attracted to Lucas Their relationship highlights their flaws and makes this whole romantic sub plot a lot easier to take than the usual cliche of the main characters in a thriller falling for each other instantly and tumbling into bed.Sandford displays another aspect he d continue to give us throughout the series memorable villains The Crows actually seem like good and honorable guys in their own way, and the plan they ve come up with is fiendishly clever with a definite goal in mind There s another level of evil added with the man they consider their son, Shadow Love Shadow is such a psycho that the Crows are hesitant to use him in a rampage that s designed to kill multiple people When people think that a guy is too crazy to be used in a killing spree, that s when you know he s nuts.Sandford also showed off his knack for creating tense scenarios that imagine large scale manhunts amidst media freakouts This was written in 1990, but Sandford foreshadowed some elements that would become all too familiar When one character refers to the killings as the first large scale and organized acts of terror on American soil, it s chilling Even creepier is when one of the murders takes place in the Oklahoma City federal building which would become infamous just a few years later.It s another action packed and smart thriller which showed that Davenport would be doing than just chasing serial killers in every book.Next Lucas beats up a pimp and tracks a couple of serial killers in Eyes of Prey.

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    Not quite as good as book one but still a great read There were an awful lot of dead bodies, some excellent police work and a great story.Problematically the author gives us a main character who is at once charming and talented and morally bereft I wanted to like him, in fact I did like him, but I was frequently uncomfortable with his actions Actually I coped with his attitude to women which is basically self serving but did not like some of his policing methods which included planting drugs on a youth in order to blackmail information from the mother Not worthy of you Lucas Nevertheless this is an exciting, fast paced and intelligent police procedural The story is interesting and the characters well defined I enjoyed it and look forward to moving on to book three.

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    I ve read this book before In fact, I ve read many of the books in this series and I don t remember them being quite sosomisogynistic There, I said it At first while I was listening to this I was appalled thinking, and I wrote that I was really liking this series I told people Sandford was writing a police procedural book that was fun too Yikes This second book reads like a primer for how to have an affair Our hero, Lucas Davenport, feels a little bad about his behavior, but as he keeps telling us over and over again, I just love women Mind you, that s okay, because his idea of women come in all shapes and sizes and even though he moves back and forth from one to another, he just LOVES them.Oh, oh, and it s okay because the married woman in this case finds her faithful husband boring She decides she can t leave him but she is going to lie to him Davenport says, just don t tell him for the first five minutes and then you ll be able to get over it Something like that See, a primer for how to have an affair.T.S Eliot s saying came to me 2 3rds of the way through the novel We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time Wow Remembering that saying brought me an epiphany You see, I read this book during the first years of my marriage, right after we d moved clear across country and I didn t know anyone and I had a small child And I can t help but feel like this book did not help me feel secure in my stay at home, watching the baby life Tonight I m going to tell my husband it wasn t my fault I was such a.rhymes with witch It was Lucas Davenport s fault The creep 0 So Now we ve got that out of the way Yes, the writing is still fun This one isn t as strong as the first Will I go on I don t know Let me think Do I feel my husband is out there having an affair because he can t help it because he just LOVES women

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    Sandford s 2nd offering in the Lucas Davenport police procedural series is disjointed There are great action scenes that foretell Sandford s ability to write engaging thrillers But Sandford flounders when handling the Native American aspect his characters became caricatures that reflect poorly on the social commentary that Sandford is presumably trying to include Plus, Sandford continues to have the lieutenant pursue other women despite the fact that he has a serious relationship with the mother of his infant daughter Yuck This good ole boy aspect feels dated and I can t wait until his character evolves to have a mature moral compass.

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    Three stars is quite optimistic, but there I find JS s books mediocre so far, not sure whether I will go on reading the series.

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    6.5 10Not as enjoyable as the first one in the series, the main antagonist here just isn t as compelling as the first outing The main character is still a massive ass and that is what makes this series stand out for me where the drunk loner cop routine has been done to death it s not often I read about a cop who is sober, a game creator, rich and openly a dick and doesn t apologise for it.This book concentrates around the Native American or whatever the PC term is, forgive me I m not au faux with the culture tribes who are wrongly treated so take matters into their own hands by slaying a few people of varying importance This sets a nationwide hunt and low and behold, Davenport is dragged into it.There is a new love interest in this outing rivalling with the main woman who Davenport is with from the last book He makes no apologies for the way he is and what he does and just gets on with it, like in his coppering sure that s a term he gets his girl as he would get his perp Whereas the main lead not being likeable could put people off from the series I m enjoying it, rooting for a man with a certain code who will get his bad guy and make sure he gets got entering a very grey area It makes it slightly different and a bit of an angle to keep me hooked in what could be another cop series Whilst not as good as the previous book there is plenty here which will make me pick up the next one in the not too distant future Worth a read.

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    Book two starts off at least a year or so after the events in book one Lucas and his sometimes girlfriend when he s not looking for other women to sleep with had a daughter together Lucas still does something for the police department It absolutely makes no sense that he kind of drifts around and is called in to help with cases Lucas is called in once again when it appears that Native Americans are murdering those in the local community that have done them wrong When a rising politician is murdered in New York, the NYPD, and the FBI come to Minnesota in order to track the murderers down It would have been a good book if John Sandford had actually kept in some of the historical notes he wanted to I had a special copy of Shadow Prey that actually had a short introduction by Sanford explaining how he re wrote the book Frankly, I wish that book had made it into the final cut Told in the third person we once again get to read how Lucas and his band of merry men go about trying to track down these killers Or I should say, how other people do it, and Lucas gets one good idea that helps wrap everything up We also already know early on who the killers are and why they are doing what they do I wish that I could arouse some sympathy for these characters which I think that Sandford wanted us to but I don t agree with murdering innocent people to get to your own ends of justice I wish that we had as readers been put into a moral dilemma of wanting the killers to get away with what they were doing Instead, I was pretty much disgusted with them the whole book Lucas is rich, not handsome, but still has something that draws women in Still thinks with his penis the entire case even though people are dying around him The whole aspect of Lucas being into gaming is just a joke at this point I don t know if Sanford gets gaming, or gets how games are created, how coding works, etc but he makes it sound like Lucas is writing games at his computer i.e just writing down how it will work, players, etc and is not actually involved with the coding, graphics, etc I know that you don t need these things to create a game in this time and place However, this book takes place in 1990 and every time we have a scene with Lucas talking about gaming or working on one I just kind of roll my eyes It all sounds pretty vague I guess he didn t want to just make Lucas independently wealthy to explain his money He had to make him a genius in gaming He pretty much sucks at being a cop so I guess this is one way to go Lily Rothenberg is just so aggravating I don t mind reading about affairs in books I just hate it when the characters involved are such cliches Though frankly I would argue having an affair is just one big cliche anyway Lily is drawn to Davenport because he is not safe or kind like her husband He just takes what he wants and does what he wants And even though Lily knows all about Davenport s baby mama and how he will happily go back to her when things are over and oh by the way sleeps with other women, you get the feeling that she wishes she could mean or thinks she means than she does A good 60 percent of this book is taken up by Davenport examining Lily and deciding that he would totally still sleep with her though she s not in shape like his other women Yes that happened Yes my head momentarily exploded And then after that we have them playing a cat and mouse game with each other in about every scene because you know they are horny and just want to have sex I mean screw all these people dying and who have died Sex is most important When the deed is finally done we just read about it over and over again and I just rolled my eyes There is a lot of angst going on from Lily for having an affair, Lucas coaches her through that and then they have sex again The only bright spot that I saw was that Lucas s girlfriend Jennifer finally has enough I wanted her to kick him in his balls myself, but you know she had bigger fish to fry I was just out and out appalled by the entire direction of this book.I think that if Sanford had kept it to Lucas wrestling with the fact he is only human he almost is murdered in this one and his flashbacks to what happened I would have liked him Lucas initial reactions wanting to see Jennifer and his daughter were normal Then he just seemed to roll it off and get obsessed with Lily again and then goes back to having PTSD when Jennifer is finally done with him The writing was gritty and often times gross and too much The flow was all over the place Jumping back to the masterminds of this plot, the one crazy they have in their midst, to Lucas, Jennifer, Lily, etc was too much I think that first person would have been a better fit and you just stay in Lucas s head If you do third person you cannot do all of these characters It becomes a jumbled mess Also it s not that much of a thriller to me if I know who the murderers are and why The setting of Minnesota was not as well done in this book either The last book there was care to describe the cold, the trees, lake, etc This book really doesn t do that It could have occurred in a town anywhere in the Midwest of the United States It jumps to New York and also to Oklahoma City and once again there are no really good descriptions to make one believe that the action is taking place there so to speak.The ending was blah I just rolled my eyes again at that point If every book is going to end this way I am not sure that I can make them through any A friend told me after book three the series improves in leaps and bounds I don t know if that is true or not He did say that even Sanford realized the way he was writing Lucas was problematic so he started to change him from being a total psycho who is only thinking of getting laid.

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    4.5 StarsSandford s writing has gained assurance in this, his second novel The pacing is mostly very good, at least in the first half, and the main characters are well developed There is a superb action scene about half way through, followed by detective work and a romance that could have been good The ending is satisfying, but perhaps a bit too familiar although avoiding clich.The strongest and most poignant aspect of the book is the plight of native Americans today, and in the past Social abuse continues, theft and trespass of land, poverty and cruelty that made my heart ache.The detective, Lucas Davenport, is expanded somewhat, and not always in positive ways He is shown to make some selfish and even cruel decisions here, perhaps to harden his character If this was Sandford s intention, it has misfired a bit.On the negative 4 star , the pacing does lag for short periods in the second half of the book, but to compensate 5 star the motives and character development of the villains is a great surprise.There is some poetry in the book the first time I have encountered Sandford opening his heart to express life so beautifully She s old Sixty, anyway Two years younger than he was He remembered her from the early fifties, the Ojibway bohemian student of French existentialists, her dark hair pulled back in a bun, her fresh heart shaped face without makeup, her books in a green cloth sack carried over her shoulder Her beret She wore a crimson beret, pulled down over one eye, smoked Gauloises and Gitanes and sometimes Players, and talked about Camus Barbara Gow had grown up on the Iron Range, the product of an Ojibway father and a Serbian mother Her father worked in the open pit mines during the day and for the union at night Her mother s Bible sat in a small bookcase in the living room Next to it was her father s Das Kapital As a teenager, she had done clerical work for the union After her mother died, leaving a small insurance policy, she d moved to Minneapolis and started at the university She liked the university and the talk, the theory She liked it better when she heard the news from existential France Sam could still see all of that in her, behind the wrinkled face and slumping shoulders She shivered nude in the cold air and pulled on a housecoat, then turned and smiled at him, the smile lighting his heart.Barbara said I look at myself in the mirror, on the door and I see this old woman, shriveled up like last year s potato A clerk at the historical society, all gray and bent over But I feel like I m eighteen I want to go out and run in the park with the wind in my hair, and I want to roll around on the grass with you and Aaron

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    People die all the time Now some folks are dying who were hurting the Indian people That s too bad for them and it s a crime, but I can t get too upset about it We re right on the borderline between four and five stars here, and I m holding back only because I have it on good authority that the series gets even better later Shadow Prey takes place roughly a year after Rules of Prey Lucas Davenport has a new infant daughter and an affectionate but tenuous relationship with Jennifer, the girl s mother He s called to assist in investigating a carefully planned, nationwide series of murders obsidian knife executions of men who went out of their way to do harm to the American Indian population There s a slum lord who doesn t hesitate to drop kick people out onto the street, a parole officer who takes special vindictive pleasure in sending Indian offenders back to jail, a politician with interesting views on welfare, and so on No one can miss that it s all leading up to something big, but Minnesota law enforcement doesn t have many connections in the Indian community Even Lucas, king of the informant network, only has a handful, and he s not sure they ll be too helpful After all, most of them don t mind seeing these guys drop off the face of the earth, and it s hard to blame them for that.The murders are organized by the Crows, two cousins who understand themselves as one soul split between two bodies They ve been at the forefront of radical Indian politics for decades, and now they re ready to end their work and their lives in open, if unusual, warfare Their planned conclusion is the execution of an FBI Director and future presidential candidate who has gone out of his way over the years to hit Indians as hard as he can every way he can ever since the Crows beat him half to death for his rape of a twelve year old Indian girl The rape is part of a general and much indulged predilection for very young girls, so all in all, fuck this guy, I m rooting for the Crows on that one Lucas, don t rush.Lucas has a very particular distraction on this case, too Lily Rothenberg, an NYPD cop who has come out to assist with the case She s not his usual type, but he quickly finds himself enthralled with her Sometimes the romance subplots of thrillers are unconvincing or featherweight, but Sandford makes this one matter Lucas and Lily have terrific chemistry and rapport and are incredibly drawn to each other, but they re also already with other people Lily s married to a smart, loving, virtually flawless man whose niceness is beginning to feel like a weight she can t deal with Lucas is still ostensibly trying to get Jennifer to marry him There s no way to get into or out of this romance without getting people hurt They say he does dope, he does vice, he does intelligence work with violent criminals I say he s a gunman, and I don t hold with that Except for Davenport, we don t have the death penalty in Minnesota He s a gunman, plain and simple I said in my review of Rules of Prey that I liked that Sandford doesn t go out of his way to get you to approve of Lucas, and that streak continues here as Lucas, among other things, cheats on Jennifer and effectively frames a teenager for possession with intent to distribute to leverage him for information.The wild card in the book is Shadow Love, the Crows son they were both sleeping with his mother at the same time and so he considers them his fathers Angry, isolated, and possibly schizophrenic, Shadow Love is, by his fathers way of thinking, a killer first and a warrior second They can t trust him to draw the same lines they would, and when he ricochets around like a pinball, leaving bodies in his wake, he mucks up their political point The Crows are sympathetic and complex however extreme their actions are, they re coming from a place of principle, while Shadow Love is driven much by rage Interestingly, though, as part of the book s overall moral complexity, he s still of a tragic figure than Rules of Prey s maddog killer He s ruthless and relentless, but he s not a complete sadist and there s a logic to his actions the people he s killing are view spoiler people who betrayed or interfered with the Crows plan He has loyalty to specific people, just not to ideas, and he has no love and no pity His execution of Hart, the Indian social worker who had cooperated with the police, is just heartbreaking hide spoiler

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