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chapter 1 Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Selected Stories, meaning Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Selected Stories, genre Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Selected Stories, book cover Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Selected Stories, flies Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Selected Stories, Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Selected Stories 45aa96db868b9 There Was A Contagion In The Very Air That Blew From That Haunted Region It Breathed Forth An Atmosphere Of Dreams And Fancies Infecting All The Land Featuring The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow And Rip Van Winkle , This Collection Of Inspired Essays, Stories And Sketches Established Washington Irving S Reputation As One Of America S Foremost Authors Irving S Timeless Characters, Including Ichabod Crane, Rip Van Winkle And The Headless Hessian Trooper, Jostle For Space Alongside Equally Atmospheric And Lyrical Works In This Haunting Anthology From One Of America S Most Distinctive Literary Voices

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    Prose writers are voluminous and unwieldy their pages crowded with commonplaces, and their thoughts expanded into tediousness. I am a child of Sleepy Hollow, New York, and I have lived in Irving s shadow almost as long as I can remember.Every Halloween, this town is inundated with tourists, who come to wander around the lovely old cemetery where the legend is set, and where Irving himself is buried Behind my house is where they put on the haunted hayride I went every year as a kid A pickup truck drags groups of twenty in a trailer through a stretch of forest, where volunteers dressed in masks jumped out and scare the kids half to death And of course no hayride was complete without the headless horseman himself, riding out of the shadows on a black horse with a jack o lantern on his knee.The town nextdoor is called Irvington in Washington Irving s honor, and it is there that his old house, Sunnyside, is situated The house is a delightful little dwelling, a small jumble of architectural styles gothic, Dutch, Spanish overlooking the Hudson River Irving was an amateur architect and landscaper, very much of the Romantic school, and re made the old farm he bought into a charming park, with a little pond, a babbling brook, and paths that wind through the forest nearby On the property is a syca tree that has been growing since 1776, seven years before Irving himself was born.When Irving bought the property, he had unimpeded access to the river but that changed when, ten years later, the Hudson Line railroad was built at the river s edge Nowadays, trains rattle by every ten minutes or so All the old train cars have names printed on their sides and as I sat there on a recent visit, I saw that one of the cars on the passing Amtrak was named Washington Irving He is simply everywhere There is a statue of Rip Van Winkle outside the Irvington Town Hall Theater On the walk back to my house I passed by the Washington Irving Middle School, which I attended, the Tarrytown High School, where our football team is the Horsemen, and the Christ Episcopal Church, where Irving himself worshiped, and where his pew is still preserved Outside Philipsburg Manor an old colonial farm that now serves as a historical site is an ugly metal sculpture of the Headless Horseman Right next to it is where the old bridge stood where Ichabod Crane met his fate There is not much to see now, just a modern concrete construction But if you keep walking into the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery you can see the Old Dutch Church, and, a little farther on, you will come across the man s tombstone Like his house, his grave is neither ostentatious nor grandiose, just a simple stone that lays in a family plot.The man s influence is inescapable It was Washington Irving who originated the nickname Knickerbockers after an imaginary Dutch historian he used as a nom de plume for the denizens of New York The New York Knicks owe their name to Irving, and the word knickers also derives, through devious channels, to this writer It was Irving who popularized the myth that Christopher Columbus disproved that the earth was flat, which Irving included in a biography of Columbus he wrote while living in Spain It was Irving, too, who originated the nickname Gotham for New York City.We even owe our holiday celebrations to Irving, since it was he, along with Charles Dickens, who helped to make Christmas into the secular holiday of gift giving and merry making that it is today Irving played a hand in the creation of Santa Claus, too, with a story about St Nicholas in his first book With his love of ghost stories, Irving is also one of the architects of Halloween and thousands still make the pilgrimage to visit his tombstone in that ghoulish time of the year I cannot even escape his influence in Spain, since it was Irving who helped to spread the exotic, enchanted image of Andalusia, and who thus helped make Spain a tourist destination and it was partly thanks to his book of stories about the Alhambra that people began taking an interest in restoring that old ruin.Washington Irving was named after George Washington, and was born just a few weeks before the Revolutionary War was officially concluded He was a new man for a new land An often told story difficult to verify has it that he was taken by his maid to visit George Washington when he was just six years old there s a watercolor drawing, still hanging in Irving s hold house, of the old general patting the young boy on the head Whether it happened or not, the story seems symbolic of the role that Irving would play in American literature exactly analogous to George Washington in politics as a pioneering leader For it was Washington Irving who was the first American writer to be respected by his English peers He showed that these unruly savages overseas could aspire to eloquence too.This book is often marketed as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories but its original title is The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., and was published under that pseudonym rather than Irving s own name The book, often merely called The Sketchbook, is a sort of parody of the sketchbooks that other wealthy American travelers made on their visits to Europe It is framed as a travel book, and contains many vignettes about places Irving visited But Irving does not stick to this theme very diligently The book also contains some short pieces about Native Americans and the two most famous stories, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, are both set in New York, and purport to be found among the old papers of Diedrich Knickerbocker.Although the collection is miscellaneous, Irving was not a writer of great breadth, and his distinctive style is consistent throughout Thematically, Irving was a purebred Romantic He has a taste for quaint customs, forgotten ruins, exotic places, and old yarns in short, everything antique, out of the way, and foreign, everything that allows his imagination to run wild with conjecture These preoccupations lead him to investigate old English Christmas customs in the country, and to rail against their disappearance It also leads him to treat the Native Americans as noble savages, the pure emblems of a disappearing culture, as well as to focus his eye on the old Dutch lore lingering about his native New York.In truth there is not much substance to his writing The closest he ever gets to philosophy is the Romantic, Ozymandian sentiment that all things yield to time Rather, Irving is a stylist His prose is fluent and easygoing indeed, remarkably easy to read considering its age so effortless that the prose practically reads itself The subject matter is usually a description of some kind of what someone is wearing, of a farm or a tavern, of a funeral or a wedding and he steers clear of all argument and dialogue, maintaining the fluid rhythm of his pen as it flies forward When he is not describing a gothic ruin, an old curiosity, or a picturesque landscape, he is involved in some ghost story or traveler s anecdote Some of these, indeed many, involve love affairs between gallant soldiers and young women who possess that mysterious but impassive charm of virgin purity in whose hallowed sphere no guilty thought can live it s quite revolting But if Irving nowadays strikes one as lightweight and Romantic to the point of silliness, one should remember that he was a pioneer and an innovator the first American man of letters, and one of the champions of Romanticism when that movement had hardly reached this country And if he seems style than substance, one should also remember that Irving wrote to amuse, not to instruct and it is by that goal that he should be measured Even now, Irving is a champion amuser and even if he has some unfashionable tastes, he it still fresh and good natured after all these years If, however, I can by any lucky chance, in these days of evil, rub out one wrinkle from the brow of care or beguile the heavy heart of one moment of sorrow if I can now and then penetrate through the gathering film of misanthropy, prompt a benevolent view of human nature, and make my reader in good humor with his fellow beings and himself surely, surely, I shall not then have written entirely in vain. Surely, surely, he has not.________________________________ I recently went to visit this church As luck would have it, I was about to knock on the door just as the rector, Susan, was on her way out of the building When I asked about Irving s pew, she very kindly gave me a quick tour The old pew sits in a corner now, set aside to preserve it The church also has Irving s bible and prayer book tattered old things in a glass case as well as a copy of the 1859 issue of Harper s Magazine that carried a front page story about Irving s funeral So many people came in, they were worried the floorboards would break, Susan said.

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    ok be endim Washington Irving yeni d nyan n k rsallar nda eski Avrupa n n karanl k unsurlar n ok g zel sergiliyor Dilinden, kurgusundan neredeyse Poe kadar keyif ald m Gotik seviyorsan z ka rmay n

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    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Other Macabre Tales is a collection of short stories by Washington Irving I liked some stories better than others, but overall I m giving the book 4 stars The review that follows is only for the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 4 T here is a little valley, or rather lap of land, among high hills, which is one of the quietest places in the whole world A small brook glides through it, with just murmur enough to lull one to repose and the occasional whistle of a quail, or tapping of a woodpecker, is almost the only sound that ever breaks in upon the uniform tranquility This is the setting for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which involves a money hungry school teacher and a headless horseman Although not a scary read by any means, I enjoyed it I like Washington s writing style and the way he ended this story Easy to understand why this is a classic.

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    When I was about 14 years old I went to the first slumber party of my life at a school friends It was Halloween and the large living room was greatly decorated which was gloriously exotic to me since Halloween, back then, was hardly known in Germany I only remember one movie from that night it was Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp I remember lying on the carpet in front of the couch no idea why we didn t sit or lie on the couch but whatever , covered by blankets and with lots of pillows around us I remember using those pillows frequently so as not to see all of the movie because I thought it creepy as fuck lol Ah, good times DRecently, I ve seen the movie again and it was so NOT scary in any way and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why past me was so scared However, while it wasn t all that good and not scary at all, the movie had a pretty good atmosphere when portraying Sleepy Hollow, the woods around it and the fog Therefore, it was only a matter of time before I finally read the book too I had wanted to read Washington Irving for a while since he is one of THE classic American writers.The story is a classic ghost story taking place in America in 1790 Actually, what many might not know, the story is based on a German fairy tale R bezahl DAs with many classic horror stories, it s not shocking horror like we know it from modern movies Instead, it relies on conveying some sense of being remote and shut off from the world, invoking the fog to wrap the reader up and transport one into the story, calling up a sense of dread while in this particular case, there is also a fine humour threading through the pages.What stood out here was that when I compared this almost 200 years old story to other horror classics of the era, this one not only stood its ground but was actually better than some I really like Irving s writing style The story is not as elaborate as others, maybe, nor is the writing style as poetic but in its simplicity it is easily accessible and very entertaining.I listened to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow but my printed book has other tales by the author in it as well just like in the original publication in 1820 One of those stories, for example, was about a man sleeping for twenty years to wake up in a world forever changed The stories themes, therefore, are often of cultural change and of the people who are lost in that change All of the stories included in this book have the same easily accessible writing style, great descriptions of where they are taking place and a slight layer of humour to keep the mood seemingly light while actually telling a creepy tale.Below, I have included a picture of the inside of my book s cover by the way just so you can see how lovely the Word Cloud Classics editions are

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    Halloween classic Irving was a bit of a windy fellow, but I enjoyed the stories nonetheless.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories I didn t love The Devil and Tom Walker, but all the others were spooky fun that I really enjoyed reading the source material of

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    3.5 For once I actually prefer the movie over the book Don t get me wrong, the language is very lush and evocative, but the constant narration and lack of dialogue was a little hard to get behind Also, Book Ichabod is such a douchelord I much prefer Johnny Depp Ichabod.I ll include thoughts in my Ominous October wrap up video.

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