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pdf The Cat Who Lived High, ebook The Cat Who Lived High, epub The Cat Who Lived High, doc The Cat Who Lived High, e-pub The Cat Who Lived High, The Cat Who Lived High 44e9704b7c7 Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN The Colorful Casablanca Apartment Building Is In Danger Of Demolition But Not If Jim Qwilleran Can Help It He S Determined To Restore The Building To Its Original Grandeur So He Moves In With Koko And Yum Yum And Discovers That The Casablanca Is Steeped In Historyand Mystery In Qwill S Very Apartment, A Glamorous Art Dealer Met An Untimely Fate, And The Veteran Journalist And His Crime Solving Cats Are About To Reach New Heights In Detection As The Evidence Builds Upand The Casablanca Threatens To Crumble Down Around Them

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    Book Review 4 of 5 stars to The Cat Who Lived High, the 11th book in the Cat Who cozy mystery series written by Lilian Jackson Braun in 1990 For fans of the series, this one s a real treat Qwill heads back Down Below to investigate something back in Junktown, where he formerly resided sort of prior to the Pickax Klingenschoen inheritance It s a good cross between the two places but Braun takes it a step further, tricking fans into believing she s killed off Qwill in this book It s a bit of a nightmare for us fans, but in the end, the spoiler is, he s alive which is not a spoiler at this point because you know the series goes on for at least another 15 books But the fun and humor associated with the whole situation is quite amusing It s a fun change of pace that should delight readers with a little sarcasm to pickup the pace in the books About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    I like when Qwilleran goes away from the home base to have an adventure.

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    In this 11th book in the series, the nomadic Qwill accepts an offer to spend the winter in a fully furnished penthouse apartment Down Below The penthouse is at the top of the historic Casablanca hotel, now gone to seed, and the purpose of this residency is to determine whether the K fund will underwrite the restoration of the once elegant and famous building.The mystery involves the previous tenant of the penthouse who was apparently the victim of a murder suicide But it isn t long before Koko unearths clues that make Qwill question that conclusion, and wonder if he himself is in danger It seems that someone wants to make sure the Casablanca restoration project doesn t go through.One of the fun things about The Cat Who books is revisiting characters, events and places from previous novels, and this one is no exception For example, the Casablanca is right at the edge of Junktown and lots of the characters make an appearance here, including Robert Maus, who has given up law to open a restaurant and Mary Duckworth, who is spearheading the Save the Casablanca movement When packing for his trip Down Below, Qwill packs a suit that he wore only twice one to a wedding, and once to a funeral Those of us who have read the books in order know exactly which two events he is referring to.This was an enjoyable outing in the series Qwill was once again likeable, and the cast of characters was varied and interesting, especially the residents of the Casablanca hotel Qwill opens up to one of them about how he overcame his drinking problem I liked the way this sojourn to his old stomping ground Down Below made Qwill realize that he didn t belong there any, and just how much Moose County had become his home I wonder if at this point Ms Jackson Braun went through the same body count analysis I did in my previous review, and determined that 29 deaths somehow related to Qwill in 10 books was a bit much and that was humans only, there was also a murdered cat and some unfortunate goats So this one had an extremely low body count only one not counting the murder suicide which happened before he entered the picture and couldn t be blamed on him Originally published 1990Body Count 1 view spoiler a maid at the Casablanca food poisoning hide spoiler

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    Ms Braun starts off her book with a flourish Jim Qwilleran Qwill is dead Despite all the warnings, Qwill ventured down below and was involved in a horrific automobile murder accident, his body incinerated And with his death, the K Fund monies will be leaving Pickaxe County for the New Jersey shore How did this happen WellAs hinted at the end of her previous book though in a manner somewhat contradictory to the beginning of this one , Ms Braun decides to allow Qwill back down below for the winter One of the Weird Sisters Amberina , Mary Duckworth, and Robert Maus, all originally introduced in The Cat Who Turned On and Off invite Qwill to move into the penthouse suite of the Casablanca, an old apartment complex on the edge of Junktown, hoping he ll decide to buy the place and renovate it Otherwise, the owners of the Morning Rampage and the other powers that be will tear down the place to build an upscale business complex.Qwill meets with a great many of the Casablanca s residents all of whom are wonderfully depicted as usual but it s a former resident in whom Qwill becomes most interested Dianne, the woman who previously rented his current apartment She was murdered by her neighbor and lover, who then proceeded to jump from the balcony out of remorse One of Qwill s Siamese cats, Koko, is sniffing around, making odd noises and pointing out clues, letting Qwill know all is not as it seems with the apparent murder suicide And in taking up Dianne s cause of saving the Casablanca, he ll end up being targeted while driving in his car andMs Braun works in all four elements from the early city novels art, home decor, antiques, and food and, while introducing many new characters and places, also brings back persons and places from those novels as well Indeed, The Cat Who Lived High is pretty much a throwback from Ms Braun to her loyal readers, allowing us to see what happened in the lives of many personages she left down below when Qwill moved to the country I regret that she didn t involve Odd Bunsen though he was the best character from the city novels and I would have liked to have known what became of him and his family.Also of interest, in trying to help an alcoholic resident at the Casablanca, Qwill gives us a rare, honest dialog regarding his own battle with alcoholism and the reason he was able to get on the wagon prior to teaming up with Koko.While the characters are excellent as always, as is the mystery, the story will leave you wanting by design Ms Braun really wants to drive home the idea that Qwill s decision to venture to the crime infested cities down below wasn t a good one like he was never in any danger up in Pickaxe For this reason, she ll leave the reader feeling unfulfilled view spoiler Despite Qwill solving the mystery despite him apprehending one of the persons responsible for the murders, the Casablanca burns down Qwill barely escapes with Koko and Yum Yum before the top floors of the building explode The other persons responsible for the murders, as well as the destruction of the Casablanca, will end up getting away with it, and there s nothing that Qwill can do to stop it He won t even try the true villains have too much power down below he was crazy ever thinking it was a good idea to go back, so he s washing his hands of the city for good and returning to Pickaxe hide spoiler

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    One of my favorite Cat Who books.

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    Of course I liked it, having a favorite sleuth and a beloved pair of cats as characters The mystery is solved in the book to my satisfaction However, there is other story line that really isn t resolved I know there are lots of books in the series, but I don t have the feeling this is to be re addressed in a future book, just that it is left hanging.

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    Possibly one of the best in the series.

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    This time Qwill and the cats have been offered a chance to live in the top floor apartment of an old historic building A chance for them to spend the winter out of the cold and snow of Pickax Granted they will be living Down Below in Qwill s old haunts, but it will be a bit warmer So Qwill packs up Koko and Yum Yum s blue cushion and commode and away they go They arrive to find the Casablanca apartment building in serious condition, filled with a motley cast of tenants, history and mystery It is also in need of saving and restoration or it will be torn down to make room for a huge new residential and business complex.Qwill decides that it could be saved and that the Klingenshoen Foundation could foot the bill He also finds that the previous tenant of the sublet apartment was murdered and her lover committed suicide in and around the apartment When Koko discovers blood in the carpet under a piece of furniture the hunt for the real truth of the murder is under way Qwill also finds that in the three years he s been away Down Under has gone through big changes Many of his friends and colleagues have moved on and many of his old haunts have been renovated It isn t the same as he left it.Will Qwill and the cats stay the whole winter Will the Klingenshoen Foundation fund the restoration of the Casablanca Was it really murder with a side of suicide or a double homicide Another quick and fun read.

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    Another excellent book from this wonderful author While not a fan of cats, I am totally enjoying every one of these books I m reading them in succession and find her writing over time improved and the stories intriguing She has made her readers love her community of characters in the county 400 miles north of everywhere.

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    FIRST READ With this in mind, he decides to venture Down Below the local s derogatory term for the city where he moves into temporary quarters at the Casablanca , a colorful 1920 s apartment building he hopes to save from the demolition crews.But things are off to dubious beginnings when Qwill gets trapped in the elevator shaft, and is later accosted by an irate matron wielding a lethal cane SECOND READ Worse things are still to come, when Qwill discovers that his penthouse is covered with wall to wall mushrooms Yes, mushrooms Can Koko save he day, or will he find the high life to intoxicating The highhearted silliness of this popular series is in full force here, with Qwill finding himself once again totally at the mercy of his two Siamese and buddies It gets to the point to where he can hardly wait to get back to his home Okay read

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