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chapter 1 Lioness Rampant, meaning Lioness Rampant, genre Lioness Rampant, book cover Lioness Rampant, flies Lioness Rampant, Lioness Rampant 7701562c463e2 From Tamora Pierce, The Final Book In The Song Of The Lioness Quartet, Honored With The Margaret A Edwards AwardHaving Achieved Her Dream Of Becoming The First Female Knight Errant, Alanna Of Trebond Is Not Sure What To Do Next She Has Triumphed In Countless Bloody Battles, And Her Adventures Are Already Legendary Perhaps Being A Knight Errant Is Not All That Alanna Needs But Alanna Must Push Her Uncertainty Aside When She Is Challenged With The Impossible She Must Recover The Dominion Jewel, A Legendary Gem With Enormous Power For Good But Only In The Right Hands And She Must Work Fast Tortall Is In Terrible Danger From All Directions, With Enemies Great And Small Plotting To Destroy Everyone And Everything Alanna Loves

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    After adoring the first, liking the second and hating the third, the fourth came somewhere in between The first half of this book was a bit of struggle for me, but honestly once the adventure for the jewel was over, the story picks up a bit.I didn t like how Alanna s brother Thom was practically non existent throughout the entire series, and has a small or rather large part in this book and no, just no The author made it seem like just because they were twins, they knew everything about each other and were each other s other half, but really they had only sent a few letters to each other throughout their lives and never even visited each other The end of the book just didn t touch me like I suppose the author meant This is a story that can be stopped at the first book if you d like to skip all the frustration, rambling and whining and just imagine the rest For honestly, not much happens in the last three books worth mentioning Oh and also, this would have had only 1 star, but I liked who she wound up with, and he was the only character I ve loved whole heartedly the entire time.

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    Having reached the end of the Alanna books, I m really sad to be done with the series Not just because Alanna is a fantastic heroine seriously, I m currently drafting legislation to make these books required reading for sixth grade girls everywhere but also because this is one of those rare occasions where I feel like a book could have been longer, and should have been longer The entire Alanna series has felt very rushed, since Book One when we sped through two years of knight training in about two hundred pages, and I wish that these books had been published at a time when children s series were allowed to contain 700 page epics At the very least, it feels like there should be one book in the Alanna series As always, Pierce is racing through her plot points as quickly as possible, but in this book it s especially obvious that there are two major plotlines that each deserved their own book first, Alanna goes on a quest to retrieve the Dominion Jewel, a super powerful magical item that will make Jonathan a super powerful king and unite the kingdom somehow and while she s doing this she also meets a fugitive princess and her scrappy teen bodyguard, and we re introduced to of this universe s complex socio political climate Then, once Alanna gets the jewel, she goes back to the capital city and lives at court for a while, where we have two intersecting plotlines of George Cooper trying to hold onto his role as King of the Thieves and Prince Jonathan trying to uncover whatever plot the only mostly dead Duke Roger is cooking up.That s a lot of plot to cram into 300 pages, and both storylines have to fight for space, and both suffer for it I really, really wish this last book had been split into two books the first one could be all about the quest for the Dominion Jewel and the people Alanna meets on said quest, and the next and final book would be about her time at court, the struggle with Duke Roger, and the conclusion to the Dominion Jewel plotline I wish this had happened, not just because it would have meant that these stories would have been better developed and fleshed out, but also because, at the end of Alanna s series, I still have a lot of questions The biggest one is the question of what, exactly, the Goddess has had in mind for Alanna this whole time She gave Alanna the magic sword, the magic jewel, the magic catfor what So Alanna could fight Duke Roger It feels almost like there was supposed to be something bigger, something epic, at the end of this book, and it was scrapped to make room for a classic Boss Fight between Alanna and Roger There just wasn t enough time to learn what Alanna s exact connection to the Goddess was, for minor villains like Alex and Delia to be properly developed as human beings, to find out just what Faithful s deal was view spoiler Like, we re pretty sure Faithful was some kind of demigod in disguise or something, right hide spoiler

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    I m just posting this to say that I was thoroughly impressed by Tamora Pierce s fight scenes Like it s obvious that she thought about how Alanna could win fights against people who are physically stronger without any magic short cuts Most of the time when I read action scenes in books I have no idea what the fuck happened or the author takes a cop out and writes something like and then everything happened at once and then skips to the aftermath but in these I always had a vivid mental pic of everything that went down and it was rad The last few action sequences were especially amazing and I wasn t expecting that.I kind of wish that the last two books of this series had been cut down into one, because I feel like there was a lot of filler that I could ve done without.

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    3.5 Stars

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    In a lot of ways, this is my favorite of the Alanna books I love seeing Alanna come into her own I love seeing her gain confidence, throwing herself in the face of impossible odds, and accepting herself as both a woman and a knight I love, love what this series does with relationships, that Alanna s allowed to date multiple men, that it s okay that some of the relationships don t have long term potential, and that it hurts when they fall apart anyway That the relationships are ultimately about her, not about the men that it s not about choosing which man she likes best, but which man s goals and lifestyle match those she s already chosen for herself I wish modern YA authors would take a page out of Pierce s book, here, because it s one of the only portrayals of a love triangle quadrangle I can stand.I like all the new secondary characters we meet, too, and Pierce does a great job characterizing them with very little screen time I want to give it four stars But I don t think the plot and pacing quite justify them There s a real choppiness between the first and second half the book, and while view spoiler the notion of Roger back from the dead provides a chilling villain and a necessary one, I think, since it allows Alanna to face how far she s grown in a way a new villain wouldn t , there s a lot of unforgivable vagueness around why Thom thought Roger Roger, of all people would be a good target for practicing necromancy and around just what Roger is trying to accomplish I suppose the answer to the latter is, He s insane, but that s never a very satisfying piece of characterization for a villain I have similar problems with Alex s characterization hide spoiler

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    I should have stopped reading this series after the first book And I d like to dock half a star on this for the needless murder of a cat.SIGH.Maybe high fantasy isn t really my thing Maybe I needed this magic system fully explained than it was Maybe I needed something in depth than a middle grade series could provide I m not sure where this series went wrong And speaking of middle grade, Alanna sure gets laid a lot for a middle grade series I m just throwing that out there And don t try to tell me that this book isn t middle grade, because it s not written above maybe a fifth grade level I just couldn t get behind this SPOILERS There was just no doubt that things would happen the way they did Of course Alanna would be able to pass as a boy with no problems Of course she d become Jon s squire Of course she ll pass her trial and become a knight Of course they ll defeat the whatever it was in the first book OF COURSE Jon isn t offended that she s been masquerading as a boy and basically abusing his trust Of course Roger is evil, of course he isn t dead, of course he still has magic Nothing is a surprise or suspenseful and everything turns out exactly the way you assume it will.It s just boring I think if it weren t middle grade, there could have been a lot to it, a lot development, that would have made it a much better series.

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    This review will be looking at the whole series I have to admit I amazed that some how in my adolesence of female oriented fantasy reading I never picked up the Alanna Quartet The series is most definately unique in the world of fantasy directed to girls the sex is frank, the main character has the unique attributes of red hair and violet eyes but is at one point described as short and stocky, she works to callous her hands, and has chosen the road that will most definatly at the end of her life leave her with a great deal of physical scars And this still seems utterly refreshing twenty years later Although, there can be clunky bits through out this series, I must applaud Tamora Pierce for giving young women and girls a heroine that in the end holds her own I admit at times I was yelling at Alanna s insecurities for the simple fact that this character was such a strong warrior, but in the end Alanna is not a perfect character and maybe that is why the character is better for that.

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    Aw, I m all verklempt now A bittersweet ending to this series It s plain to see why the Alanna books created so many die hard Pierce fans.This could have easily been broken into two books, but I m glad it wasn t, after the weird cuts between books the series made earlier Still, it s pretty much two stories the first being the quest for the Dominion Jewel, and the second the plot against Jonathan s life While the first was fun, I liked the second half better I love Corus and things are way less interesting when George isn t around.But view spoiler THE CAT WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL THE KITTY WHYYYYY I can deal with the other two major character deaths way better than I can deal with the cat s, and I KNOW he s technically immortal I just wanted a scene with Alanna finding a new kitten during the epilogue or something FANFIC WRITERS, GIVE THIS TO ME I m sure it s already been done hide spoiler

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    3.5 Stars I don t think I enjoyed this one quite as much as the last It was wonderful read, but there is something about it that I just didn t fall in love with and I can t quite put my finger on why All in all, however, this is a fantastic series though it could use a little depth.

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    Here s my favorite thing about Lioness Rampant it s an epic story that focuses on great storytelling instead of its own legend It s aware of its importance, and it believes in its importance but it s not obsessed with its enormous future impact It s content to tell a great story, and let the legend grow naturally from there.And I think this is a great story I love that it opens with a young Alanna young despite her knighthood not knowing how to flirt with Liam I love the way Alanna is determined to be a hero for her country s sake, and that she doesn t stumble upon greatness unexpectedly but deliberately goes after it And I love the nuance I think this is the first Pierce book where I can say that Think about the scholar who tells them about the Dominion Jewel, about how it works for those who are rulers and conquerors by nature, which is why it s often used best by a commoner Think about the person Alanna believes to be king how would Roald have used the Jewel Could he have used it Alanna tells Liam, when he asks her if she s the best in Tortall, that she doesn t know, because she only fought knights There may be some commoners better than me Alanna, who s very conscious of her nobility But it doesn t make her blind.I like her relationship with Thayet I like how perceptive Thayet is, especially about Alanna She shows she s smart and diplomatic just by the way she explains to Alanna why she cannot take the Jewel for Sarain She knows to give the longer explanation so Alanna knows Thayet isn t shirking her duty, and that, than anything, is what convinces me that Thayet will be a great queen Showing, not telling good stuff.More nuance, possibly the most nuance y of all Alanna blushed Thayet, you re flattering me It was easier for me to rebel than stay and make something of myself Why didn t I go to convent school and prove ladies are than ornaments that way I CANNOT EXPRESS THE EXTENT OF MY JOY AT THAT LINE I LOVE IT SO MUCH Showing, not telling, part the second Alanna is really growing up Maybe she didn t only teach the Bazhir Maybe she learned something, too Then there s the finale Alanna thinks, He expects you to fight So stop fighting I ve never been quite clear on how that worked out for her view spoiler was the blade traveling too quickly for Roger to duck What did he think would happen when he called the sword to him hide spoiler

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