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    This is a short, 30 page story about a young Irish immigrant family in New York City in the 1870s 1880s A time and place that is unique in it s own ways It depicts the relationship between characters, between ethnicities and between races in the savage underbelly Tenement life was not living Abject poor scraping by literally hour to hour in a fight for survival, and those conditions were better than what they left in Ireland Shocking To say this was a good story would not right, because it s filled with sadness, but it does take the reader back in time to a city that was brutal yet on the cusp of greatness.

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    This was a very interesting short story The story line is one which not many authors could handle and keep the reader to the last page To say that I enjoyed it would be wrong, but to say that I was amazed with it would be just right The heart felt sadness, discouragement and death in one family is unbelieveable These are the stories that no one has really written like this before I look forward to of Mr O Connors books You will to after you read this one 4 22 12

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    This was a well written portrait of an immigrant family in America in the 19th century Parts of the story were very moving While I know it is meant to be a short story, I do feel the story was too rushed I didn t need to read a novel of the family s whole life, but I do think there were parts that could have been better fleshed out A nice free read.

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    This was a free book from BN.com, and it comes with an exceprt from Joseph O Connor s 1 best seller in Ireland, Ghost Light.This story of Irish immigrants who live in New York City, and he makes each word count in a memorable way I recommend it to all for those who don t think they have enough time it can be read in one sitting.

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    Lovely written novella capturing a time and period we mostly have forgotten about The depictions of the families and the people of the time comes across as being so true and so real that you can almost smell the air and feel the dirt beneath their boots.

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    This was a very short read It is about a couple who have come from overseas to live in the 1800 s They have the basic struggles of immigrated people and find that the family that they wanted so bad might not be able to happen.

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    Heartbreaking and sad but beautifully written.

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