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    The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle is a wonderful short story about a young little cricket who wants to interact with the creatures around him, but he can t figure out how Good Morning whizzed a locust,spinning through the air.The little cricket wanted to answer,so he rubbed his wings together.But nothing happened Not a sound. The text repeats the same message repeatedly, until the end when the cricket surprises himself with a sweet chirp Our book actually makes a chirping sound at the end Carle s illustrations, as usual, are bright and beautiful and the story is very simple to read It s no wonder Eric Carle s books are so cherished by young children This is positively one of our favorites.5

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    I can t stand the sound of cricket s So at the start of the book when the cricket was quiet, I thought that was wonderful The sound machine in the book didn t work so I didn t get to hear that I love the art work It is fantastic I think the story is fun even if it is about a nasty cricket The nephew did have fun with this book He gave it 5 stars as well Eric is quite the artist.

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    A chirpy read for the toddlers A small cricket finds himself in a situation where he can t interact with the elder crickets The kids will love this one.

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    The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle, published 1990.Fiction.Picture book.Pre K to grade 1.Found via School Library Journal, reviewed by Starr LaTronica.One day, a cricket is born, and he goes out into the world, meeting new insects who all make noises in greeting to him Unfortunately, when he rubs his wings together, he doesn t make a sound This continues throughout the book, every time the cricket meets a new insect, until he meets a lovely female cricket at the end When the final page is turned, the cricket aided through technology chirps The sound box in the book may seem like a gimmick, as reviewer LaTronica notes The sound produced is not so much enhancement for the plot as it is essential to the resolution Without it, the final outcome is flat and anticlimactic, and the text becomes tediously repetitive However, Carle s book does seem complete, even if the book has ceased to make the required noise, since the readers can supply it themselves This is a delightful book about waiting to grow up, and the illustrations, the simple story, and the conclusion should entertain young readers This book is acceptable for all audiences.

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    The pictures very much tell you that thesis an Eric Carle book and the writing follows the same paths as his other books.Its a light feel good book for your baby toddler My twins certainly like the bright colours used in the pictures.

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    A maioria dos livros de Eric Carle cont m hist rias simples e atrav s da repeti o de palavras ou ac es que o ilustre ilustrador d realce s mensagens que atrav s das obras quer transmitir aos seus leitores Este lbum publicado no romper da d cada de 1990, e agora apresentado ao p blico portugu s, numa tradu o de Ana M Noronha, n o foge ao seu modus operandi Num dia de calor, de um ovo min sculo nasceu um pequeno grilo Assim tem in cio esta hist ria, de um rec m nascido grilo que dada a sua fragilidade n o consegue ainda cricrilar, e assim, fica impedido de interagir com outros insectos Opini o completa

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    I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to my son when he was between the ages of 2 4 years old This book is no different in the fact it has depth, even a philosophical atmosphere and is relatable, it s especially very relatable to my son living with autism He could relate to the cricket struggling inside to socialize with others, wanting to say something in response, but no sound coming out, a silent outcry, an experience my son knows all too well But at the end his voice is heard and there finally you can hear it not necessarily with your ears, but with your heart and right there is progress in humanity s resilience and effortlessness to connect Something we all can relate to.

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    Kids loved the ending, though this may be due to how repetitious it got there Perhaps this would be a good book to encourage the children to respond with Nothing Happened not a sound page after page after page.Also different voices for each of the insects might shake things up a bit.

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    Like all of Eric Carle s books, the illustrations are immediately recognizable as his, while the text builds in the familiar, repetitive style that he often uses I m not sure if this one has a broader message that some of the others do i.e., The Ouchy Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Busy Spider but maybe I m missing something.

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    All of Eric Carle s books are PERFECT reads for all kids

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download The Very Quiet Cricket, read online The Very Quiet Cricket, kindle ebook The Very Quiet Cricket, The Very Quiet Cricket 67bc2672f5c1 A VERY Classic From Eric Carle, Creator OfThe Very Hungry Caterpillar One Day A Tiny Cricket Is Born And Meets A Big Cricket Who Chirps His Welcome The Tiny Cricket Tries To Respond, But There Is No Sound The Quiet Cricket Then Makes His Way Into The World, Meeting One Insect After Another, Each Of Whom Greets The Little Cricket With A Cheery Hello The Hum Of A Bee, The Whirr Of A Dragonfly, The Whisper Of A Praying Mantis The Cricket Rubs His Wings Together Each Time, But Nothing Happens, Not A Sound Until The Day He Meets Another Cricket, A Female, And Something Different HappensAs Children Turn The Page On This Wonderful Moment, They Are Greeted With A Surprise An Actual Chirp Full Of Eric Carle S Gorgeous And Lush Collage Art, A Gentle Rhythmic Text For Read Alouds, And A Wonder Inducing Surprise At The End, The Very Quiet Cricket Remains An All Time Favorite From One Of The True Masters Of Picture Book Making