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    4 stars Worthwhile read about a woman escaping a physically abusive husband Fulfilling feeling at the end.I saw the movie years ago The book is better One part of the movie annoyed me stupid frustrating act of the mother In the movie Martin visits the mother in a nursing home pretending to be a cop He tells her that he needs to contact Sara to warn her about something with Martin The mother stupidly tells him where Sara is The book is different and better on this part Sara does smart things But Martin also does smart things to find her.This book does not have much suspense until the end But I liked it the way it was If you want suspense and terror, read Stephen King s Rose Madder which I loved.I did not like what happened with Martin at the end It was too convenient I wish the author did something different to achieve the same end But the ending was happy.At times I felt like the author s mind was wandering A character is thinking about the environment, the smells, the sights, the feelings Some of that was good, but some could have been cut Some of Martin s thoughts were too repetitive.I love the plot of Sara taking action to change her situation I was surprised that she nearly starved while waiting for her first paycheck Weren t there any food pantries or shelters Was there a reason she avoided them I liked that Sara initially loved Martin, but after they married he changed That happened to me twice.Something I enjoyed, but it had very little to do with the plot were conversations about literature with happy vs unhappy endings A couple of those follow Fellini says he never wants to make a film with a happy ending, because then people will go home and never change their lives On a subconscious level, happy endings fool us We think our lives will turn out nicely without our help, like the movie Mrs Eaker said I like easy books escape in them, you know Murder mysteries Historical romances Do you really escape into them Sara asked Or are you just watching the characters do this or that, but when you re through the world hasn t changed at all for you Me, I m like Mrs Eaker, I want happy endings I wonder how many other readers make changes in their lives or the world after every book with an unhappy ending DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 322 pages Swearing language moderate including religious swear words, but rarely used Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 3 Setting current day New York, Massachusetts, Iowa, and Nebraska Copyright 1987 Genre relationship fiction with a little romance.

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    For the first time in my life I have to say the film is better than the book I was really looking forward to a real psychological thriller like Sliver or Single White Female, but I was very disappointed The characters are all a bit cringe worthy, and I was surprised that a book written by a woman made so many allusions to the heroine s round breasts I think that phrase is used at least once a chapter The bad guy isn t bad enough and the love interest is a sap The writing is good in parts, especially when dealing with the issues at the heart of the book, but the ending is a bit dragged out and unclear I m still not sure what the point is This book was originally released around the same time as Stephen King s Rose Madder, which deals with a similar setting and story and leaves this book drowning in its shadow Bit of a letdown all round.

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    This was one of those sickening but compelling books that I just could not put down I keep very few of the books that I read because while I have a book case in every room of my house, there s only so much room that I have, so I only keep the books that effect me deeply or that I think are very good and they are not always one and the same This book is on my shelf and will stay there.The really creepy thing to me, though, is that the man she ends up with the good guy the guy who is not her husband and is supposedly not out to beat the living crap out of her whenever he feels like it is still physcially abusive to her There s than one scene where he s manhandling her and physically abusing her when she doesn t do something he wants or he s frustrated with her I could only think Wow Well that definitely shows that there s a cycle going on here she leaves one jerk and takes up with another and yet the author never seems to catch on that a man who physically abuses a woman is not a good guy.

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    To everyone else Laura Burney has a perfect life except that her charming husband Martin is a cruel abuser He purposely takes her on boating outings knowing that she is afraid of the water The reader discovers that as a little girl she fails to save her brother from drowning while they are swimming She decides to take swimming lessons in order to fake her death the next time Martin takes her out in the boat in a storm She makes it to a small town where a drama teacher named Ben becomes obsessed with her but he cannot be her savior Ultimately her husband tracks her down and Laura has to defend herself or be killed by him The story has a lot of detail and is believable even though it is fiction Price effectively creates suspense and a sympathetic character in Laura I would like to be able to write clever fiction.

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    Although initially excited to read this, I started to feel quite let down the I read The writing wasn t especially groundbreaking, and much of the book was filler in my opinion, it could ve been a lot shorter I think the story itself is great, but on this occasion I would have to say that the film is far superior I was simply relieved when I turned the last page.

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    One of those rare ocassions where the movie was better than the book I m not even sure why I finished it, perhaps to see how the ending differed from the movie.So, I have a few complaints The writing was so choppy and juvenile The paragraphs would have 2 differen topics in them with no relation And what was wrong with Ben, every sentence was about him being angry and mad And what grown man thinks in terms of trying to score and doing it So juvenile and embarassing He also kept thinking how if he had a wife he wouldn t be saddled with mundane chores of every day life and he could write his book, yes what a wonderful catch he would be.And why were both men so angry all the time So unlikeable and angry and mean and they both absolutely hated women Not once did either of them have nice thoughts about the whole race of women, it was horrible.But possibly the most horrible thing about this book was her use of catsup instead of ketchup What normal person says catsup

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    Having seen the film a long time ago, I knew about this novel going in However, the title is used in the novel to describe relationships than Sara Burney and her abusive husband, Martin I really enjoyed how Nancy Price switched from one character s perspective to another s with such ease and very little if any confusion It was refreshing to know exactly where one character was in relation to anotherbe it the hunter or the prey In a time before cell phones and the internet it may have been easier to disappearcould you do the same today I also enjoyed character discussions of Henry James and other literature A great, suspenseful novelmakes me want to see the film again But the novel was better, I m certain Read Sleeping with the Enemy by Nancy Price

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    Forget the movie The book is genius I read it every few years For the story, the writing And for the food Really The food is awesome Read about that here

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    The first time I read this book, I was horrified at the story, while being enchanted with the beauty of the storytelling This time a single exchange stood out You want respect, the young man said Your own job, your own house, your own money Yes That s what I want first Larry put one ankle on his knee, lifted his bearded chin, and fixed blue eyes on Ben under heavy black brows Respect Not the kind we give women I want the kind men get.

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    This book is just great It s about a woman s stuggle to get free of her abusive husband It s shows how much strength a person can have This book is amazing

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