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chapter 1 The Sleeping Doll, meaning The Sleeping Doll, genre The Sleeping Doll, book cover The Sleeping Doll, flies The Sleeping Doll, The Sleeping Doll 906b8a14a703f When Special Agent Kathryn Dance A Brilliant Interrogator And Kinesics Expert With The California Bureau Of Investigation Is Sent To Question The Convicted Killer Daniel Son Of Manson Pell As A Suspect In A Newly Unearthed Crime, She Feels Both Trepidation And Electrifying Intrigue Pell Is Serving A Life Sentence For The Brutal Murders Of The Wealthy Croyton Family In Carmel Years Earlier A Crime Mirroring Those Perpetrated By Charles Manson In The S But Pell And His Cult Members Were Sloppy Not Only Were They Apprehended, They Even Left Behind A Survivor The Youngest Of The Croyton Daughters, Who, Because She Was In Bed Hidden By Her Toys That Terrible Night, Was Dubbed The Sleeping DollBut The Girl Never Spoke About That Night, Nor Did The Crime S Mastermind Indeed, Pell Has Long Been Both Reticent And Unrepentant About The Crime And So With The Murderer Transported From The Capitola Superprison To An Interrogation Room In The Monterey County Courthouse, Dance Sees An Opportunity To Pry A Confession From Him For The Recent Murder And To Learn About The Depraved Mind Of This Career Criminal Who Considers Himself A Master Of Control, A Dark Svengali, Forcing People To Do What They Otherwise Would Never Conceive Of Doing In An Electrifying Psychological Jousting Match, Dance Calls Up All Her Skills As An Interrogator And Kinesics Body Language Expert To Get To The Truth Behind Daniel PellBut When Dance S Plan Goes Terribly Wrong And Pell Escapes, Leaving Behind A Trail Of Dead And Injured, She Finds Herself In Charge Of Her First Ever Manhunt But Far From Simply Fleeing, Pell Turns On His Pursuers And Other Innocents For Reasons Dance And Her Colleagues Can T Discern As The Idyllic Monterey Peninsula Is Paralyzed By The Elusive Killer, Dance Turns To The Past To Find The Truth About What Daniel Pell Is Really Up To She Tracks Down The Now Teenage Sleeping Doll To Learn What Really Happened That Night, And She Arranges A Reunion Of Three Women Who Were In His Cult At The Time Of The Killings The Lies Of The Past And The Evasions Of The Present Boil Up Under The Relentless Probing Of Kathryn Dance, But Will The Truth About Daniel Pell Emerge In Time To Stop Him From Killing Again

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    This book introduces us to Special Agent Katherine Dance of California Bureau of Investigation She is an expert on interrogation and kinesics the study of the way in which certain body movements and gestures serve as a form of non verbal communication.The book starts with an interrogation scene where Dance is interrogating Daniel Pell cult leader, master manipulator and cold blooded murderer Pell is serving a life sentence for murdering an entire family Only a little girl asleep in her bed and hidden by her dolls survived the massacre Anyway, some new evidence has come to light which can implicate Pell in another murder Thus, the interrogation But Pell has other tricks up his sleeves and flees, not before killing or grievously injuring some cops And thus begins the battle of wits between Pell and Dance.The characters are pretty fleshed out Katherine Dance is not a super agent, she is also a widow who is raising two kids on her own She misses her late husband, struggles with her loneliness and also grapples with her son s hostility towards any man who the kid fears will take the place of his father.Daniel Pell is a very chilling character control freak, ruthless and knows how to fight What makes him dangerous is his intelligence, attention to details and meticulous planning The author has done a good job of portraying how Pell manipulates vulnerable people, especially young women, and moulds them into ideal followers The interaction between Pell s previous family members was also nicely portrayed.I liked the fact that a few characters in the novel were book lovers and collectors.The story has plenty of action, suspense, excitement and tension Be prepared for Deaver s trademark twists How devious the human mind can be Can you really trust someone Oh I forgot to mention Deaver s other creation Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs would play a cameo in the novel.Overall it is a very enjoyable read I have read and enjoyed quite a few of the author s Lincoln Rhyme and stand alone novels his books usually never disappointment But you need to keep in mind that this book is just a thriller which promises to entertain Do not expect anything and you won t be disappointed.I would recommend it to all thriller lovers By the way, I had read the second book in the series a long time back It is pretty good too.

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    This was my first book by Jeffery Deaver and I enjoyed it very much I really liked his main character, Kathryn Dance She is strong and smart and able to out think all the baddies including the ones who were supposed to be on her own side Most crime novels finish straight after the death or capture of the main criminal This one went on for a couple very interesting chapters as ends were tied up and twist followed twist to the story A great incentive to read of his books.

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    I was really intrigued by the character of Kathryn Dance in Cold Moon Having a character that uses kinesics in order to get witnesses and suspects to open up and or confess.In The Sleeping Doll we get information on the character of Kathryn Dance She works at the California Bureau of Investigation think of a state office set up like the FBI and is about to interrogate a man who murdered a family decades earlier Daniel Pell Pell is seen as similar to Charles Manson due to having his own family teenage girls who he commanded to steal from stores and homes in order to support the family When new information comes up linking Pell to a murder Dance is set in to break him and get him to confess Too late Dance realizes that Pell is up to something and then he escapes This books follows Dance s efforts to track down and stop Pell as well as following Pell as he continues to wreck havoc.There are multiple POVs in this book per usual for a Deaver book We get Dance, Pell, and some of the teens now older women who came under Pell s spell decades earlier We also get a POV from a writer who is going to write about the family that was murdered and the lone survivor of that murder the so called Sleeping Doll Deaver manages to do a good job shifting from each POV I was honestly surprised since I thought it be too much.I can say I wanted of Dance though Deaver was slow to reveal details about Dance, but at least I had questions answered about her from Cold Moon Due to Dance being a widow she has a lot of trouble trying to establish a new relationship without dealing with her kids disapproval And because of Dance s special abilities she does a lot of analysis of her friends and family It s kind of like being around a human version of a Vulcan.Deaver gets a bit too in depth at times when explaining Dance s methods when interrogating cooperative and uncooperative witnesses We also get to see how Pell manipulates people around him And we definitely focus on people s motivations, thought processes, and even body movements I found this whole thing pretty fascinating.The flow worked nicely in this one and of course we get typical Deaver twists, though they work in this one Unlike with the Rhyme books I didn t feel like these were meant to shock If you re paying attention you realize that Deaver was giving clues all along the way.The setting of this one takes place in California What I wish we had gotten details about is the areas near Dance Deaver provides details on Dance s home and her deck which features prominently in this book but I would have liked the same attention of detail regarding the history of the state and town they are in like he does in the Rhyme books.The ending left me with some questions regarding Dance, her romantic relationships, and her family I can t wait for the next one.

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    I am not all that familiar with Deaver s work, but one thing I liked most about this book is the way that is flowed There was none of that long drawn out unnecessary hoopla I love that Deaver is very good at stringing his readers along to feel as though a mystery has finally been solved But when the reader gets comfortable with that, they discover that one mystery runs straight into another keeping the reader constantly guessing and constantly turning the pages I also love that as well When I read a mystery, I want there to be A LOT of mystery going on Deaver gave me that in large doses with this book.The premise of the story was great It was a constant race to figure out what was going to happen, and who was gonna be involved, and who would come out on top And then right when I would say oh that is what is happening I would be proved wrong time and time again And something totally different would come from it The twists in the book were amazing Some of them really got to me, and Deaver included them at just the right moments I absolutely loved the way this story unfolded and came to life.The sleeping doll part of the story was not anything that I expected it to be From the start you come to find out that she is a survivor of Daniel Pell s work She is a teenager and she was apparently sleeping while her family was murdered Hence the name of the book When it finally came into play in its totality it turned out to much than I expected I loved that because it opened yet mystery to the story.I really enjoy the Kathryn Dance character I like her strength, determination, and the fact that she does not let anyone push her around I think her job as a kinesics expert is quite interesting and I love that she was referred to as a walking lie detector I did however feel that her ability to deduce what is going to happen next is a little unrealistic at times, but not enough to take away from the plot of the story.Our antagonist was very well developed as well The reader gets to learn just about everything about Daniel Pell, the expert controller, and what makes him tick You figure he is the normal serial killer who has to be in control of every situation, but to me there was so much to him than that, which truly unfolds near the end of the book He was also very determined and very smart And he always seemed to be one step ahead almost every step of the way There is one part of the book near the end that I hope gets addressed in the next book Roadside Crosses, having to do with Juan Miller I think it was Deaver s way of keeping us interested and hooked I look forward to the next book and I will probably read XO again as well.

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    Number 1 in the Kathryn Dance series.Kathryn Dance is a special agent for the CBI, California Bureau of Investigation, specialising in kinesics This is the science of reading body language, used in interrogations to discern whether a interviewee is telling the true or not Kathryn is one of the few people that can do this and so is in high demand.Nine years ago a family is callously murdered, baring the youngest child, The Sleeping Doll of the story, by a Manson like family The leader, Daniel Pell, of the family is arrested and convicted to serve a life sentence in prison New information comes to light that he may have caused an other murder and is brought from maximum security to a small detention center to be interview by Agent Dance Pell makes a successful daring escape, with the help of a female accomplice, and kills a number of police officers in the process I turns out that there was no other murder and this was a just a ruse by Pell for the purpose of escaping Pell leave a trail of death and destruction in his wake The hunt is on to apprehend Pell before he kills anybody else The CBI bring in an FBI agent, expert on cults, to help track down Pell.This a fast paced, exciting read The characters are all intriguing , especially Kathryn Dance, who comes across as a strong, independent woman who has to juggle being a single parent and a career as a law enforcer To add to the suspense there is than one ending, just when you think, that s it, it s not.Great entertainment I gave a four star recommendation.

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    An absolute let down from the stables of Jeffery Deaver In the Sleeping Doll, Mr Deaver starts off his series with Kathryn Dance, an expert in kinesics based investigation Unfortunately, Mr Deaver s depth of knowledge in kinesics falls totally short when compared to his expertise in forensics with the Lincoln Rhyme series.Having said so, Kathryn Dance is a character who turns to be to be nothing than an endearing individual, a CBI agent, a widow and a mother of two She is nowhere close to a menacing investigator or a relentless pursuer This book is of a mega mun hunt than an tight investigative journey Laced with numerous lucky breaks , this man hunt simply fails to deliver It has no pace, no looking forward to what s going to happen next and completely devoid of any OMG moments Mr Deaver does attempt to cook up a few twists towards the end of the book but it s far from the twists that we have experienced in the Lincoln Rhyme series Moreover, the twists are extremely predictable and just does not live up to the promise of a Jeffery Deaver novel.Unfortunately, I have already bought the next book in the series Roadside Crosses and therefore, have no choice but to read it But based on The Sleeping Doll , I am definitely going to take off XO , the latest Kathryn Dance novel off the list.I had picked up The Sleeping Doll based on the brief appearance made by Kathryn Dance in the Lincoln Rhyme novel The Cold Moon which was an absolute stunner and this book simply does not live up to what was promised to us by Mr Deaver in the form of Kathryn Dance.Overall this is a book you can sure miss.

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    Jeffery Deaver is a great crime novelist and the heroin in this series, Kathryn Dance, is an interesting character I think the stand out for me in this story was the villain and the mystery behind who was the true villain.

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    The Sleeping Doll was my first Jeffery Deaver read, and I was not disappointed I m on a mission now to read all of Deaver s work This book has so many twists and turns, several, OH MY GOSH moments I really enjoyed being surprised and shocked by many events which took place, but I also appreciated the fact with all of the twists and turns, they all made sense, fit together, and were well done Since this was my first Jeffery Deaver, I didn t really know what to expect Two of my best Goodreads friends, Janie and Chris, are the ones who turned me on to Deaver after expressing my interest in trying out the mystery thriller suspense genre After finishing The Sleeping Doll, I m so glad they did Deaver s writing flows so well, and has the perfect amount of description so you can see what is going on in your head, but it doesn t bog down the story You have feelings for and thoughts about the characters, and are shockingly surprised sometimes people don t turn out to be who you thought they were I love when an author can surprise me, and Deaver has so many surprises written in this novel I really like Kathryn Dance, the main character, and whom the series is named after and follows She is strong, brilliant, and is written like a real woman in her position would be presumed to be She is real, and even though the story follows a prison escapee convicted of murder, we do get to see what Kathryn s life is like outside of her law enforcement career Deaver makes her have her own life as a single mother, and her own struggles Kathryn s expertise in kinesics was fascinating I loved how she could read people and they didn t even have to say a word I actually learned a bit about reading people, and the things I learned weren t written to be educational and boring They were written in a fascinating way The main story in this first volume in the Kathryn Dance series, was really interesting Daniel Pell was interesting as a villain, and the things he did were believable and evil The manipulation, the lies, the deceit, the evil, and the sum of the whole package of Daniel Pell and the events involved in The Sleeping Doll read like something you might actually see on the news The mystery surrounding this Sleeping Doll was compelling, and what we learn about who she is and her story, was at times interesting and even shocking The events she reveals were such a surprise to me, I kept saying, Oh my gosh No way I didn t see ANY of what she revealed coming my way I loved Deaver did this to me Overall, for an almost 600 page book, The Sleeping Doll doesn t read like a 600 page novel It s fast paced, and even the down time parts were interesting because they revealed things about Kathryn and her life, so I was never left bored A very solid, four star, fantastic novel, especially for my first Jeffery Deaver

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