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files The Key, read online The Key, free The Key, free The Key, The Key d8563e25d In The Thrilling, Final Installment Of The Guardians Of Time Trilogy, Tentative Guard Members Matt And Rochelle Have Emerged As Crucial Players In Fulfilling The Prophecy Of The Named Matt Has Learned That He Is The Son Of An Immortal, While Rochelle Is Struggling With Her Newfound Powers And Her Fear That The Group Doesn T Trust Her In Fact, Their Leader Is Certain That Someone In The Close Knit Circle Is A Traitor But Who As Suspicions Mount, Friction Threatens To Tear Apart The Guard Will The Members Of The Named Be Able To Overcome Their Fears And Unite The Guardians Of Time In Their Last Stand Against Evil And Chaos

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    First of all, I have to say I am not a native english speaker so, please, I prefer to not be attacked, if I made any mistakes Instead of do that, it would be nice if you corrected me, thank you Here we go with the final installment of The Guardians of Time series Don t know if you guys know this, but Marianne Curley said she was writing another book to this series, still untitled and still with no release date But hey, we will have an another book We can only hope for the best and keep fingers crossed.Anyway, let s proceed with the review, shall we As I said before, The Key is, unluckly, the final book of this underrated but great series Our heroes have to find this key that will open a box that contains useful weapons to fight the war against The Order Because we are finally brought to the last battle Betrayal, blood and jorneys to the past included. The peculiarity of this series is that in every book points of view change and we can know extensively characters that are, for example, in the first book not talked about as they deserve to be In the first book we have Ethan and Isabel, in the second Arkarian and Isabel and in the third Rochelle and Matt Besides it is a clever writing choice itself, I am glad the author decided to put these characters points of view All we know about Rochelle is that she pretended to love Matt, was part of The Order, then betrayed Marduke and ran away From all of this, we could assume she is no trusty worthy and certaintly not a good person The reader, like I did, don t surely love Rochelle, but this book will change all readers minds mind Rochelle is an emotional, strong but also delicate girl who will, chapter by chapter, be part of your heart Is shocking how an incomplete knowledge of a person can influence your judgment about him or her and make it so wrong and unfair That is what happened to me when I read Richelle s chapters, I was completely surprised by her, I changed my opinion about this girl. The other main character is Matt, Isabel s big brother, that we know only as an overprotective and impulsive guy The author let we know about this character too and I found him interesting than I did in the first two books He still isn t one of my favourite, but now I see him in an another light The Key is sadly my least favourite book of this series because I was expecting plot twists, since it s a Marianne Curley book, but I found few ones I wanted to feel shocked, that s all I am not saying there are none, there are, but not a lot as I predicted. Another thing I found myself disliking, actually the thing is a person, was Dillon Ethan and Matt s friend, he previously joined The Order and then, like Rochelle, betrayed it and took part in The Guard The thing that irritated me the most was his beviour, rude and irrational view spoiler To be specific, these episodes brought me to this conclution the first is about Neriah We all know he had a crush on her and was not corresponded, remember I am not demanding on he has to be okay the right he discovered that, but firstly he treated Neriah like she was a thing, not a person In fact, he claimed and attacked Matt for that, without his interruption , Neriah would have chosen to be with him How about no She has the capability of making choices for herself, you jerk She is not a thing to win Matt and Dillon even fight for her Ew, no, please Enough is enough The thing that let me down was the fact the writer is a woman and that is not good Fighting over girls is disgusting and pointless, okay Is not something romantic or to be happy of The other episode is about all the times he and Rochelle speak and he is rude to her for nothing That is the thing Besides, I have never understood why Dillon is trusted so much by The Guard and Rochelle is hated This has no sense, I mean, they were both part of The Order, so why does Rochelle have to be hated like that hide spoiler

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    Okay, so based on the ending, I d love to give this book one star, because I can t possibly think of a worse ending Firt of all, I didn t really like getting Matt and Rochelle s perspectivesEthan and Isabel s and even Arkarians POV s were much interesting I also felt like Isabel and Ethan s parts in this last book were too small, and Matt s transition from a clueless no one to the leader who knew everything and had every power in the world..was way over the top The story in itself was entertaining and full of action, but I despise this book with all my heart because of the ending Ethan is my absolute favorite character, and he is the only one without a happy ending Isabel and Arkarian will be together forever Matt and Neriah will be together forever Ethan will die alone How is that not disgusting After all he d been through, it just isn t right for it to have worked out like that for him Rochelle dying no, not working for me On top of that, the ending was so abrupt, it was if there WAS no ending, and Curley just randomly stopped writing There was no closure whatsoever, and I am appalled that a trilogy could possibly end like this without an ending, and with the most most amazing of characters Ethan in a suicidal stupor Really THERE WAS NO ENDING

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    I have never hated a final book in a series as much as I hated this one I was truly loving this light, romantic, and adventurous, multi award winning fantasy trilogy Finally I was onto book three, the last one It was heartwrenching, main characters die all over the place, the romance is piling up, the blood is every freakin whereit s beyond fabulous It is soap opera galore, you have no clue what is going to happen next You have hunches but damnit if the book doesn t stab you in the ass and throw the complete opposite of what you suspected in your face Love it And then the ending Now I won t give anything away but.wow I flipped the page to see if there was but the next page was simply the author s acknowledgements I kid you not that I really and truly thought that there were pages missing I located another copy of the book from another library to see if that honestly was the ending Turns out it was The author stopped Her mind went on empty and she suddenly decided to just say fuck it and not actually complete the novel This is the excuse I am saying to myself because I am so dismally unhappy I start looking up reviews for this final book in the trilogy to see what others think because this ending is so obviously flawed that I cannot be the only one to think this I am not truly satisfied until I see what others think.Many love the final installment, they rave about it Clearly they are off their rockers and their taste is flawed so I dismiss them But there are so many that enjoyed this book I am now deeply perplexed Praise the sexy lord I found people that were on the same page as me.The ending truly does suck An extra chapter That s all it needed.It ruined everything else that happened in the book Left me completely unsatisfied.

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    I enjoyed reading the series Although I felt there was some sadness assosiated in the end and even though in every book there was a different POV and it might be confusing sometimes because u need to remind yourself who is talking and thinking right now you got to know every character well at least 5 pretty close.I had a bitter taste regarding Ethan after finishing the books He was this sweet boy, who was suffering his hole life from the effects of what happened to his family, especially to his sister And despite all this he had such strenght and confidence at what he was doing His loyalty to the guard never seemed to fade no matter what Sadly I felt his character kinda got lost in The key I didn t mind reading from Matts and Rochelles POV but I would have loved to lern about Ethan It was such a cruel ending for him finding and loosing Rochelle at the same time Also he was the only one left except Dillon not having the gift beeing immortal

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    This was an entertaining end to the trilogy The two POVs offered in this book are Matt and Rochelle They aren t my favorite narrators out of the lot I kind of missed the characters from the two previous books, but I can see why the focus shifted to these two There s not a lot of time travel since the conflict comes to a head in the present I didn t really miss it that much, though, since this series has never really spent much time on the actual time travel I tried not to get hung up on a couple of things insta love abounds in this one even than the second book, and the big question of who the traitor is gets out of hand I felt like the various suspicions, while creating suspense and drama, were also unrealistic and caused a lot of unnecessary grief All they would have had to do was remember the actual prophecy to help them narrow the field just saying But I suppose you have to have a story, right And it did keep me guessing.Just a quick heads up for those of you who think you re on a lighthearted adventure where all ends well This ended up being tragic than I expected not everyone survives But I was ok with the ending for the most part, probably because the POV shift made me not care so much There was plenty of suspense and danger throughout, and it was a lot of fun to read.

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    God even after all this time, the ending always destroys my soul.You would think, having read it a dozen times and being well aware of what s coming, I would be prepared But no No, no The pain is real.Imagine my sheer f kng delight that after ten years there is a book four Yes, I m sure it will break my heart to start but maybe, just maybe, it will put it back together again Zooms away

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    BIG SPOILER ALERT I wish with all my heart that I could give this a 5 but I just can t If this didn t have one of the most abrupt endings in all of the books I ve ever read in my life, than this would definitely be 5 stars.This third and final installment had the fast paced action from the second book along with the romance from the second book, but after I finished the last sentence, I literally said outloud what the f There was definitely a last chapter missing somehow there had to be because you can t just end a thrilling and exciting series that way Here s what I would have put in the last chapter The funeral The whole chapter would have taken place in Athens where they bury the immortals and Rochelle Dartemis, the third of the immortal twins, would finally come out of hiding for this Matt and Neriah not much to complain about here Just that maybe there would be instances being together and their cuteness Isabel and Arakarian AND Matt This whole thing between them would be resolved Matt would apologize for being an overprotective jerk and tell Arkarian that he trusts his sister with him, meaning they make up and can move on blah blah blah Matt He is promised to have a seat among the Tribunal after he has perfected the full potential of his powers, likely with training with his real father, Dartemis Ethan There s really not much you can do with Ethan in this last chapter Maybe a conversation between him and Isabel or him and Matt and what he s feeling Everyone is gathered together at a grand feast at the very end, finally able to laugh a little and rest.Is this so much to ask for I guess so because Curley completely leaves you hanging without the promise of another book Everything just felt completely unfinished If the whole book had been about Ethan s revenge, then I can understand why it would have been that ending, but it was nothing like and that s why I was disappointed how this series ended When I first started reading this last book, I had my reserves because I flipped through it and saw that every chapter was through the POV of Rochelle or Matt and I didn t really care about either one at first I wanted to know about Arkarian and Isabel, but about halfway through I realized that it had to be through new people because things needed to be settled and we as the readers needed to witness their maturity in the first person But like I said it was hard to accept right away.Dillon was the most annoying character of the whole book Even though I somehow knew he wasn t the traitor, there were many times where I wanted him to be His attraction to Neriah was so unnatural that I couldn t really understand why he was infatuated with her in fact I still don t get it but I suppose it s not really important in the long run I can t believe Mr Carter was the traitor I mean I expected it because Ethan always had a weird feeling about him and I knew it couldn t be Lady Arabella, but it was still a shock Speaking of Lady Arabella, I was so sad when her and Lorian were unable to be together and never got the chance after he was killed by his power hungry sister Thank god her and Marduke died both of them got what they deserved It s just too bad Lorian had to die along with them.I really loved this book all the way up until the end where there has to be a missing chapter If anyone finds said chapter, please inform me because it has to be out there somewhere

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    I d actually like to give this book at 3.5 I didn t like it as much as the first two and I HATED the ending But, all in all it was an enjoyable series I want to start with the things I really liked about this book as well as the other two They are totally action packed And not in a way that sacrifices character development for action scenes see the Midnighter series by Scott Westerfeld Curley manages to weave in depth to her characters in a way that isn t bogged down with over detailed monologues see The Inheritance books by Christopher Paolini She s a very skilled writer giving away character plot points via natural flowing story line and dialogue.Now, that being said, the twist at the end was a little predictable Mr Carter was and always had been the obvious choice for the traitor and the somewhat annoying framing of Lady Arrabella felt forced.I also hated what became of Matt Really he changed and began to speak exactly like Arkarian or one of the Tribunal in old fashioned tones I realize he changed through his training, but to the point of practically being a whole new character was a bit of a leap for me to make I would have liked it if he had been a little of himself before the training.And to the final point I really feel like Curley let me down with Rochelle Her character had so much potential just to die in the end Also, for all the things Ethan did, how truly good he was, to be cheated in the end with Rochelle s death was just irritating Everyone BUT Ethan gets a happy ending And why didn t anyone EVER make an attempt to befriend Rochelle earlier The ending also felt forced to me Like Curley had to go that route to fulfill her own prophecy that the group is so tied to Not that I think everyone should have a happy ending and that having Arkarian with Isabel, Matt with Neriah AND Ethan with Rochelle would have likely been a little too happy I just wish it had ended a little happier I may read her other book Old Magic, but I ve got so many other books to read, it may be a while.While this series will definitely be interesting and identifiable for teens, I kinda wished that the characters had been older and this was an adult book I think the concepts are interesting and would have been a great adult series.

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    This book is actually like 3 3.5 stars, however I docked a star because1 Lorian s gender neutrality is treated horribly The pronoun used for Lorian is always always he and about five to seven times, it is said that there is no way for Lorian to have romantic feelings for a woman without being male As someone who identifies mainly as gender neutral, it is painful to read this sentiment over and over again2 Dillon s misogyny, while briefly addressed, isn t really called out Not only does he feel like he has the right to Neriah, demanding that because he claimed her first then Matt can t express feelings for her and she can t choose Matt, but it doesn t come to anything There is no point to the entire plotline of Dillon being ridiculously and stupidly jealous His entire character is basically uselessI love this series I ve always loved this series since I was a kid, but the first point was painful to read and the second was annoying, so I tragically have to rate this book low

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    Wow It was a common YA story at the beginning, but The feelings The tension The suspicion shifting from one to another endlessly The third book of the series is really great, even after all these years, even after I ve read all those YA series Definitely a 5 star book Marianne Curley is an amazing author indeed

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