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pdf Cherry Cheesecake Murder, ebook Cherry Cheesecake Murder, epub Cherry Cheesecake Murder, doc Cherry Cheesecake Murder, e-pub Cherry Cheesecake Murder, Cherry Cheesecake Murder 969ec955554 When Main Street In Lake Eden Becomes A Movie Set, A Clever Killer Rewrites The Script And Bakery Owner Hannah Swenson, While Trying To Decide Which Marriage Proposal To Accept, Must Sift Through A Cast Of Suspects Before The Film Wraps With An Even Deadlier Ending

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    With the eighth installment of the Hannah Swensen series, Cherry Cheesecake Murder delivers strong I was very excited by the story, characters and forward motion in this book.The introduction of Ross as a new suitor for Hannah could have gone the wrong direction, but Ross combines the great attributes of Mike and Norman into a single man I m rooting for Ross to win Hannah s love and let s get real, she needs to make a choice soon I m only saying so because the story dictates her to choose or abandon the current options I love both Mike and Norman, but to keep dragging them along is painful and also holds Hannah back I d be fine if she was perfectly single the entire series, or stopped started several relationships, but she can t linger and hold multiple all at the same time for the entire length of the series I believe it would be too repetitive.The characters really continue to grow as evidenced by the whole town starting to support Hannah s investigations especially her younger sister Michelle getting involved.I am excited to read the next installment

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    In this 8th book in the Hannah Swensen series, the baker amateur sleuth investigates when an actor is murdered with a prop gun The book can be read as a standalone Hannah Swensen on the television series The star of this series is Hannah Swenson amateur sleuth and entrepreneur who owns a cookie bakery and loves to create new cookies for her shop and prepare treats for her friends and relatives Luckily for readers who d like to try the sweets, recipes are provided In this story some scenes for a Hollywood movie are slated to be shot in Hannah s home town of Lake Eden, Minnesota The producer, director, actors and supporting staff flood into town, and to the delight of the townsfolk local citizens will be involved as advisors and bit players The murder in this book involves a character dying from a bullet wound from what was supposed to be a prop gun This doesn t occur until about page 200, however, and until then we visit with the characters and follow Hannah s apparently eternal romantic triangle with Norman the dentist and Mike the detective In fact, this book has an additional boyfriend Hannah s attractive friend Ross who s on the movie staff It s hard to believe Hannah s beaus would put up with her indecisiveness forever, but it s a book not real life.Once the murder occurs Hannah and her sisters are on the job not investigating which is frowned on by Mike the detective but rather snooping to help find the killer As usual with amateur detectives in these kinds of stories, they withhold information from the police, go where they shouldn t, etc This isn t a complex mystery but rather an entertaining cozy with fun characters that are staples of the series and lots of good pastries These are some of the recipes in the book.CocalattasPeanut butter and jam cookiesFruit pocket French toastCherry cheesecakeMini cherry cheesecakesChocolate trufflesCream cheese puffsLemon cream torteAngel kissesOoey gooey chewy cookie barsYou can follow my reviews at

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    Why were you smiling like that Smiling like what Like the cat that got into the cream pot Lake Eden, a small cozy town in Minnesota, has been chosen by a famous director to be the set for a movie, and of course everyone is head over heels and trying their best to be chosen for a small part Everything is going as smooth as a cheesecake, until the fake revolver used in a suicide scene turns out to be not so fake after all the director gets killed on the spot and, guess what Hannah Swensen, owner of the local cookie shop and amateur investigator, is around and will stick around till the end.Hannah is either very lucky or very unlucky I mean, after all she met seven killers and she s still alive On the other end, if you are not a cop nor a mortician, being in contact with so many dead bodies must certainly be a case of very bad luck Unless, of course, you enjoy itBut it looks like it s never enough for Hannah seven investigations and almost double the bodies, seven murderers and, oh yes, two men to date at the same time can t possibly satisfy her greed She needs yet another body, another killer and another potential husband it s never enough for cunning, manipulative, back stabber Hannah Swensen.

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    Come on, Joanne Mike is a slut, Norman is everything a woman could possibly want, and this is what you do Sigh I give up You make Hannah look like some kind of nasty tease Norman needs to go find a woman who won t lead him around by the nose and then go chasing off after some pretty boy who has told her than once that his job is important than her No , Joanne I didn t finish this one and I am really disappointed Not only is Hannah such a screw up that she not only teases two men, but then decides that maybe she wants to try someone new What You were afraid if you put her in a stable, loving relationship, we wouldn t read any BUZZZZZ Wrong. I give up here And it is a shame, I was really enjoying seeing Hannah as a strong, thoughtful, considerate and loving woman, well able to make her decisions knowing that she could rely on her own heart Point me at Norman I will take him if she doesn t want him

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    This book really makes me dislike Hannah She s a pompous ass There is apparently nothing she can t cook and even though she is constantly described as being plump with frizzy red hair, she is the femme fatale of her sleepy little Minnesotan town.This book, Hannah decides which marriage proposal she will accept Being the condescending twit that she is, she is put out that someone had the audacity to propose to her and actually expect a response Sheesh seriously In the ultimate fence sitting move, Hannah turns down both guys with the statement that she will decide where, when and whom she marries but hey guys, please keep taking me out, spending money on me and showering me with attention even though I just made a public spectacle out of you and shown that I could care less about your feelings.Seriously Unfortunately yes What guy puts up with that Hannah gets put out every time Norman or Mike show interest in another woman but she thinks that she can date a whole football team and it s okay.The real question is why do I keep reading these

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    I love the Hannah Swensen series and all the recipes in the books Another great installment

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    Such a fantastic series It never gets old for me Whenever I am in a book slump I dive into a Hanna Swensen novel because she always seems to save the day Now, I may be way behind in the series but I am going to try and finish them up within the next year Fingers crossed.Highly recommended cozy series Just make sure to read them in order of publication.

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    Another great Hannah Swensen murder mystery As usual I enjoyed the characters and the plot This murder made a lot of sense in the end and I enjoyed reading it

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    This book was picked up after reading book three of A Song of Ice and Fire and it did its job in being something completely different It was light, it was fluffy, but to be honest, I was very disappointed in a lot of the book Fluke tried to change things up at the end of the last book by having both of Hannah s regular suitors propose so I was expecting something to come from that but the status quo is quickly reestablished in the beginning of the book And don t even get me started on Hannah being so upset that Mike might possibly be seeing someone else the last book while she is actively dating both Norman and Mike and then, in this book, a possible third is introduced The mystery was incredibly obvious, reading the murder scene you know exactly who did it Attempts to throw you off the scent are not effective Also a bit tired of the whole Hannah is a better investigator than actual cops routine As for the scene where Andrea distracts a bull with cookies while Hannah sneaks into its pen, after which they find out the bull was sick and ornery made me cry bullshit If that had been done with any sort of realism both Hannah and Andrea would have been gored or at the very least, kicked quite a bit.

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    This book was okay Not the same charm as the previous ones I m really staring to tire of the Mike Hannah Norman triangle and was really incensed she added Ross to the mix I really dislike love triangles and this one is really ridiculous It s far fetched the two men would get along so well and be okay with the woman they love dating others The love triangle seriously detracts from the mystery which was again somewhat predictable Hannah is also very much becoming a Mary Sue character s perfect in everything she does and she s smarter than the police Her only flaw is eating too many of her incredibly perfect cookies Though I have to admit the recipes do look good with all of that butter she uses This also detracts from the series.And honestly Until this point Hannah had never encountered mini cherry cheesecakes before

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